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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pierre Lorandini Jr & Marie Anne Fourchet

230. Pierre Lorandini Jr & 231. Marie Anne Fourchet [Italy, Fra, AL]

~1698, Pierre born in Florence, Italy, s/o §Pierre Lorandini Sr & §Marguerite Zabal. (S) Love’s Legacy, P45.
~1700, Marie born in Epernay, Archbishopric of Reims, Diocese of Chalons, France, d/o §Pierre Fourchet & §Jeanne Brestune. (S) Love’s Legacy, P45.
Pierre married 1st Marie Francoise Coquerelle/Criolet. [See 1719/1735.] (S) Love’s Legacy, P45.
5/28/1719, Pierre “Laurendicq” – a “deserter” sent by order of the King, “Marie Francoise Coquerelle” – his wife, and “Francois Laurendicq” – his daughter, embarked for Louisiana on the flute “The Marie” commanded by M. Tapic from Chef de Baye [La Rochelle], France. [Pierre is considered one of 27 Founder’s of Old Mobile.]
1719, Marie Anne arrives in LA Terr. as a “casket girl” on the ship Mutine. (S) First Families of LA, Conrad, 1970.
~1720, Marie married 1st Jean Lacasse dit La Douceur, born ~1686 in Bearn, France. He was a soldier in Marchand’s Company. (S) Love’s Legacy, P45. (S) GCC, P43.
1/19/1721, “On 18 January 1721 was born Jean Pierre of the legitimate marriage of Jean La Case and Marianne Fourche. On the 19th he was baptized by me, the undersigned Apostolic Missionary Religious Priest in my function of Cure of Fort Louis of Louisiana. Godparents were Pierre Guedon and Marie Marguerite Dufresne. Charlotte Vanhille, wife of La Grandeur.” /s/ Rev. Jean Mathieu, Cure of Mobile. (S) SRAoM, #317.
(S) 1721 Census, MobCo., AL. Mobile. n: “Marianne Fourchet”.
10/8/1721 Marie Fourchet was the godmother to a “Marchand” child. (S) SRAoM, #319.
9/23/1722, “On 23 September 1722, I, the undersigned, certify to have administered holy baptism with its ceremonies to a boy born the same day of the legitimate marriage of Jean LaCase and Marie Anne Fourche. He was given the name Jacques. Godparents were Jacques Brandu and Marie Frederic. Done at Mobile on the day and year as above.” /s/ Father Mathieu, Vic. Ap., Cure. (S) SRAoM, #371.
11/13/1725, “On 13 November 1725, I, the undersigned, certify having administered the sacrament of baptism to a girl [Catherine] born of legitimate marriage between Mr. Lorandine, soldier of Marchand’s Company, and Marie Francoise [Criolet]. Godparents were Mr. de Nolant, Squire, Officer in the garrison at Mobile, and Marthe Chouin, who have signed with me the same day and year as above.” /s/ Father Claude, Cure at Mobile. (S) SRAoM, #443.
11/1725–5/1726, Marie Francoise Coquerelle/Criolet died.
3/20/1726, “On 20 March 1726, I, a Capuchin Apostolic Missionary Priest, Cure, have baptized Marie Jeanne, born the same day, daughter of Jean Case, soldier in Mr Marchand’s Company, and Marie Anne Fourchet, her parents in legitimate marriage. Godparents were Mr Le Roy, resident and Marie Clere Le Clerc, who have signed with me on the day and year as above.” /s/ Father Mathias de Sedan, Cure. (S) SRAoM, #457.
6/21/1726, Jean LaCase died, buried the next day in Mobile.
6/6/1727, Pierre, a Soldier in Marchand’s Company in Mobile, married 2nd Marie Fourchet in MobCo., AL. (S) Love’s Legacy, P45. There 1st child would be baptized in late 1728. [Note that the years given are different, but the timeline of events requires some adjustments, probably due to transcript errors. As documented in other research, Marie would have had a child by Pierre before Jean died – which is possible if there is some undocumented divorce.]
1/18/1735, Pierre witnessed his daughter Catherine’s wedding. Pierre’s wife is recorded as Anne Marie Criolet. (S) Love’s Legacy, P79.
7/11/1735, Pierre witness a wedding. (S) Love’s Legacy, P97.
2/16/1736, “On 16 February 1736, I, a Capuchin priest, have baptize with the ordinary ceremonies of the Church a boy born of Pierre Lorandine, a Corporal of Lusser’s Company, and Marianne Fourchat, on 10 February 1736. Godparents were Jean Baptiste Rillset de Bourbon, Surgeon-Major of this Post, and Marianne Hachet, who gave him the name of Jean Baptiste. In faith whereof I have signed on the day and year as above.” /s/ Lorandini, /s/ Father Mathias, Cure. (S) SRAoM, #765..
3/11/1737, Pierre, “Sergeant”, was the godfather to an Appalache Indian boy. (S) SRAoM, #790.
11/21/1737, Pierre signed as a witness at his step-daughter’s wedding. (S) Family notes.
1738, Pierre witnessed a marriage on Dauphine Island, identified as Commandant of Lisle Dauphine. (S) Love’s Legacy, P157.
1745, Pierre a Corporal and fusilier in Le Sueurs’s Company at Fort Toulouse.
9/15/1763 Pierre discharged from military service. (S) Louisiana Troops, P75.
10/2/1764, Pierre took the Oaths of Allegiance and Fidelity to His Brittanick Majesty King George. (S) 1764 British Census of Mobile, West Florida.
8/18/1768 Pierre died in Mobile, AL. (S) CIC, S4, Burials, 1760–1769, P26, A79.
(S) A Compendium of Colonial Families of Central AL, 1717-1823 by Johnnie Andrews Jr, published by Bienville Historical Society 1987.
(S) Conrad, First Families, Vol. I, p. 52.

Family notes:
• 11/21/1737, “Marriage by the Capucin Priest and curate of Fort Conde de la Mobile, after the publication of banns, Groom: Joseph Estamier dit Chateauneuf, ldier of the company of Mr. Le Sueur, legitimate son of Joseph Estamier and Marie Francois Crespe. Bride: Marie Jeanne Lacasse, legitimate daughter of Jean la Casse, soldier of the company of Mr. Marchand, and Marianne Fourchet of the parish of Perne, diocese of Chalons. /s/ … M J la Casse [note that she signed the wedding agreement], … Lorandini, … (S) MAA, MB–1, P19.

Children of Marie Fourchet and Jean La Casse:

i. Jean Pierre Lacasse, born 1/18/1721 in MobCo., AL.

ii. Jacques Lacasse, born 9/23/1722 in MobCo., AL.
Jacques married Marianne Perinne Colon, d/o Jean Colon dit LaViolette & Marguerite Prau dit LaBoulonais.
Marianne Lacasse, born 1753.
She married Louis Lavergne.
6/21/1803 she died in Opelousas, LA.

iii. Marie Jeanne Lacasse, born 3/20/1726 in MobCo., AL.
11/21/1737, Marie married 1st Joseph Estamier dit Chateauneuf. (S) Family notes.
Joseph died within 10 months of the wedding.
8/20/1739, Marie married Joseph Gregorie Guillory. (S) Bourquard, P50.
4/29/1764 Marie died at age 38. (S) Mobile Funerals, 1726-1764, P42.
After Marie’s death, Joseph had multiple children by a Negro woman named Marguerite. Their emancipation by Joseph became the source of a famous case with implications 200 years later in LA. It is known as “The Margarita Case”.
They had 8 children.

Children of Pierre Lorandini and Marie Coquerelle/Criolet:

iv. Francoise Lorendine, born bef. 5/28/11719 in France.
5/28/1719, Francoise traveled to LA on the ship with her parents.

v. Catherine Lorendine, baptized 11/13/1725 in Biloxi, MS.
(S) Family notes.
21/31/1732 Catherine was the godmother to a Negro boy. (S) SRAoM, #671.
1/18/1735 Catherine, ~10 years old, married Pierre Couleret, a master butcher. (S) Love’s Legacy, P79.
Lucie Couleret, born ?.
11/6/1764, she married Jean Lorendine, her mother’s half-brother. (S) Love’s Legacy, P329.

Children of Pierre Lorandini and Marie Fourchet:

vi. Marie Louise Lorendine ( 115), born 3/10/1732.
(S) GCC, P47.

vii. Jean Baptiste Lorandine, born 2/10/1736 in MobCo., AL.
2/16/1736 Jean baptized. (S) Family notes.
10/2/1764, Jean took the Oaths of Allegiance and Fidelity to His Brittanick Majesty King George. (S) 1764 British Census of Mobile, West Florida.
11/6/1764, Jean married Lucie Couleret, d/o his half-sister Catherine. (S) Love’s Legacy, P329. “Dispensation of consanguinity” required due to relationship.
1/1/1786, (S) 1786 Spanish Census of Mobile. Ages 51 & 40, 1 freed slave, 8 slaves, 1 house, 8 children, 150 acres of corn, 10 acres of rice.
(S) 1/1/1787 “Favrot Census” of Mobile, Bay St. Louis & Pascagoula, Bauta. Lorendiny 52, wife 41, 7 children, free mulatto Catherine.
3/15/1789, (S) 1789 Census of Mobile, West Florida. Jean.
4/30/1791 Spanish Census, Plantation Pescado. Bautista Lorendin 55, wife 44, 8 children, 12 slaves. (S) MCH&GS, V37, 2001, P94.
1799 Jean died. (S) AL Supreme Court Cases, Jan. Term, 1846, Bk14, Part1, P261.
Children: (All of the children are identified in this same source).
Louisa Lorandine, born ?.
2/8/1796, she married Daniel Juzan, died 1825.
1812, she died. [Daniel remarried in 1813.]
Jean Baptiste Lorandine Jr.
1807, he purchased the “St Louis Planatation” near Mobile, then sold it to Joseph Chastang. (S) Col. Mobile, P159.
Harry Lorandine.
Peter Lorandine.
Edward Lorandine.
He married Marie Theresa David, illigetimate d/o William Mitchell & Marie Anne Dufey.
Barbury Lorandine.
Victor Lorandine.