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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jean Baptiste Fayard dit Lancette & Angelique Ladner

246. Jean Baptiste Fayard dit Lancette & 247. Angelique Ladner [LA, MS]

2/20/1752 Jean baptized in New Orleans, LA, s/o 492. Jean Fayard dit Lancette and 493. Marie Francoise Fisseau.
2/14/1753 Angelique born in Pascagoula, d/o 80. Maturin Christian Ladner and 81. Marie Catherine Anne Berda dit Picard. (S) Bourquard, P47.
1770, they married.
Bef. 4/28/1784 they settled in Biloxi, MS. Their land grant was for 485.43 acres in S27,T7,R9W. (S) 4/25/1812 “Angelique Fasiar” Grant #144, General Land Office, Washington. [Jean’s brother Louis had a land grant next to his.]
(S) 1/1/1787 “Favrot Census” of Mobile, Bay St. Louis & Pascagoula. Juan La Lancette 38, wife 34, 3 children, free mulatto Honnore, free black Franco Mimi.
1793, The family is living in Biloxi. (S) American State Papers, V3, P33–34. [from 1793 land claim of “Angelique Fasiar”, bounded on the west by Porter Ave, bounded east by Lameuse St. (S) L.O., P523.]
1804, Jean and his brother Louis accompanied Pierre Misonet while he surveyed the Gulfport-Biloxi coastal area. (S) MCH&GS, V37, 2001, P19.
1815, Jean died in HancCo., MS.
12/20/1819, Angelique attended the wedding of her son Augustin. (S) Family notes.
11/17/1829, “Widow Jean Baptiste Fayard” sold some of her property in Biloxi to her granddaughter Adele122vi. The deed was written in French by her son-in-law L A Caillavet. (S) L.O., P527.
11/5/1830, Angelique provided sworn testimony about the 11/17/1829 land deal. (S) L.O., P527.
Bef. 9/28/1833 Angelique died. (S) 9/28/1833 mortgage payment of granddaughter Adele122vi.

Family notes:
• “On this 18th day of December 1819, I, Fr. Antonio de Sedella, Religious Capuchin, Cure of this Church parish of St louis of New Orleans, having fulfilled the ordinary formalities and the publication of the three banns at the solemn Mases on three feast days, there being no impediment, joined Augustin Fayard, a native of this City and a resident of the other side of Lake Pontchartrain, legitimate son of Juan Bautista Fayard and of Angelica Christianne, with Luisa Carcau, a native of this Church parish and a resident of the other side of the expressed lake, legitimate daughter of Juan Bautista Carcau and of Pelgi Ladner, and the contracting having given their mutual consent by word of mouth in the presence of these witnesses Don Juan Mariano Picornel, Don Guillermo Benites and Rosa Ladner, and in faith I have signed.” (S) SLC, MB3, P236b, A931.

Children of Jean and Angelique:

i. Genevieve Fayard, born 6/9/1775.
(S) SLC, BB1, P18.
1776 Genevieve died.

ii. Rosalie Fayard ( 123), born 9/20/1780.
(S) SLC, BB1, P202.

iii. Jean Jacques Fayard, born 3/14/1783.
(S) SLC, BB1, P304.
Bef. 1833 died.

iv. Marguerite Fayard, born 1787 in Biloxi, MS.
6/2/1803, Margaret was the godmother to her neice Rose Ladner61, d/o her sister Rosalie.
Marguerite married Louis Arbeau Caillavet.
12/1812 L A Caillavet acquired a tract of land from Elizabeth Baudrau, 5 arpents “situated on the Old Fort River”. (S) MCH&GS, V40, 2004, P1.
11/1832 L A Caillavet sold a portion of the land acquired in 1812 referred to as “a piece of land under the name Boisfort Canadien.” [Canadian wood fort]. (S) (S) MCH&GS, V40, 2004, P1.
5/12/1836 Marguerite’s sister Marie sold some of her inherited property. The deed was written in French by her husband L A Caillavet, and witnessed by her brother Augustine. (S) L.O., P527.
9/15/1842, Louis and Margaret, of Biloxi, sold land on the Choucataboufa River to Marie Solitelle Cuevas, d/o Marie Ladner86ix. (S) HarrCo., DB1, PP167-8.
10/15/1842 Marguerite signed “/x/” and Louis signed “/s/” a land agreement with her brothers and sisters about her father’s property as allocated in 1816. Louis wrote multiple deed documents associated with the family. (S) L.O., P525.
3/2/1846, they live in Biloxi. (S) Deposition of John Delauney, L.O., P561.
5/25/1854, Marguerite, one of the heirs of her sister Mannette, jointly sold some of her property. (S) HarrCo., DB7, P144.
2/5/1860 Louis died. (S) L.O., P576.
5/8/1861, Marguerite signed a land sale of her deceased sister Mannette. (S) HarrCo., DB9, PP468-70.
10/20/1863 Marguerite died in Biloxi, MS.
Rose Desiree Caillavet, born 9/20/1813. (S) CIC, BB1, A643.
She married Charles Ferdinand Cuevas, s/o Marie Ladner86ix.
Buried in Old Biloxi Cem., MS.
Francois Arbeau Caillavet, born 5/29/1816. (S) CIC, BB1, A644.
He married Urine Fayard, d/o Jacques Fayard and Gertrude Carco.
9/26/1833 he died in Biloxi. (S) NBVM, B2, P148, A1061.
Louise Caillavet, born 7/8/1817. (S) CIC, BB2, #1, P151a.
She married Stephen LaFort (LaFaure), a native of France.
Jean Baptiste Caillavet, born 6/24/1820. (S) CIC, BB2, A177.
Marie Caillavet, born ~1825.
10/4/1843 she married Jean Baptiste Bousquet, native of Bordeaux, France.
4/1/1833 she died.

v. Cecile Fayard, born 8/8/1788.
(S) SLC, BB2, P57.
She married her 1st cousin Jacques Fayard, s/o Louis492iv.
1820, she died in Biloxi.
Marie Anne Fayard, born 8/6/1813. (S) SLC, BB7, P100b, A568.
She married John Colley.

vi. Ana Mannette Fayard, born 1793.
(S) SLC, BB2, P176.
Manette married Thomas Leader. (S) L.O., P531.
10/15/1842 Widow Manette Leader signed “/x/” a land agreement with her brothers and sisters about her father’s property as allocated in 1816. (S) L.O., P525.
8/15/1843 she deeded land for the Nativity-BVM Church. (S) L.O., P531.
3/2/1846, Manette lives in Biloxi. (S) Deposition of John Delauney, L.O., P561.
(S) 1850 Census, MS, HarrCo
~1853 she died.
They had no children.

vii. Augustine Fayard, born 1795.
12/20/1819 Augustine married Louise Carco, d/o Jean90ii. (S) Family notes.
5/12/1836 Augustine’s sister Marie sold some of her inherited property. The deed was written in French by Marguerite’s husband L A Caillavet, and witnessed by Augustine. (S) L.O., P527.
10/15/1842 Augustine and Louise signed “/s/” a land agreement with his brothers and sisters about his father’s property as allocated in 1816. (S) L.O., P525.
8/19/1843 Augustin and Louise witnessed their daughter Cecile’s wedding. (S) Nativity-BVM, B1, P17, A79.
Bef. 3/2/1846 Louise died.
3/2/1846, Augustine lives in Biloxi. (S) Deposition of John Delauney, L.O., P561.
5/25/1854, Augustin, one of the heirs of his sister Mannette, jointly sold some of her property. (S) HarrCo., DB7, P144.
9/1/1857 Augustin died in Biloxi, MS; buried in the Old Biloxi Cem. in a vault: “Augustin Fayard, Decede le 1 Septembre 1851, Age de 62 ans”.
Louise Fayard ~1822 in MS.
She 1st married Herman Thompson, born ~1810 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
She 2nd married Christian Thompson, a native of Denmark.
Narcisse Fayard, born 1825.
~1843 he married Victoria Seymour, born 1819, died 1/24/1904.
9/29/1896 he died; buried in the Biloxi Cem. (S) The Daily Herald, Obituary, 10/3/1896.
Celestin Fayard, born ~1829.
3/8/1850 he 1st married Victoria Morin, d/o Josef, s/o Josef42i.
Divorced after 2 months of marriage. (S) HarrCo., Chancery Case 36, 9/24/1850.
He 2nd married Euphemie Ladner, daughter Bridget Quevas, d/o Marie Ladner86ix.
Cecile Fayard, born ~1830.
8/19/1843 she married Ramon M Balius, born ~1816 in Barcelona, Spain. (S) HarrCo., MB1, P34. (S) NBVM, B1, P17, A79.
1896, Biloxi Real Estate Assessment: Cecile, receipt #52. (S) Lagniappe … Biloxi, P47.
~1906 Cecelia died. Both are buried in the Balius plot in the Old Biloxi Cem.
Marie Cherie Fayard, born ~1833.
11/18/1860 she married A J Condamin, from Lyons, France; the same day Clementine married. (S) Nativity-BVM, B2, P106, A825.
She and a daughter were abandoned by A J who took their son and returned to France.
8/24/1885 Marie died; buried in the Biloxi Cem. (S) NBVM, B2, P151, A1089.
Elizabeth Marthe Fayard, born 4/11/1836. (S) SLC, BB15, at Biloxi.
2/5/1856 she married Lazarus Seymour. (S) HarrCo., MB3, P81.
Louise Fayard (2nd), born ~1838.
7/24/1860 she married William Desportes. (S) Nativity-BVM, B2, P105, A821.
11/23/1887 she died in Biloxi.
Clementine Fayard, born 1/14/1842. (S) Nativity-BVM, B1, P1, A3.
11/18/1860 she married John Aggregard; the same day Marie married. (S) Nativity-BVM, B2, P106, A826.
5/17/1905 Clementine died. Both buried in Old Biloxi Cem.
Jules Fayard, born 8/17/1844. (S) Nativity-BVM, B1, P16, A72.
9/18/1861, he enlisted into Co. A, 3rd MS Regt. (S) Four Centuries … V2 by Cain, P70.
12/12/1866 he married Julienne Fontaine, d/o Julienne Ladner, d/o Jean, s/o Nicholas86i.
11/12/1915 he died; buried in Fountain Cem. on Back Bay Biloxi.