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Friday, March 19, 2010

Bell 248 Doack


In 1661 the Virginia Assembly required landowners to “goe in procession” once every four years to examine and agree upon the boundary lines of each tract. Responsibility to organize this function was given to the parish vestries, which established precincts for the purpose. Selected landowners within each precinct plus two surveyors performed the task for their precinct.

248. David Doack {… VA}

1710, David born; s/o 496. John Doak & 497. Mary Wison. (S) Gravestone.
~1740, the Doak extended family, including David, moved to Augusta Co., VA.
8/13/1747, Wm. Beverley to Helen Mitchell, widow, L6.8.6; 200 acres in Beverley Manor; Brackenridge’s line; … corner to David Doak; … (S) DB1, P262.
3/26/1748, … present Samuel Doak; processioned for David Doak … (S) Augusta Parish Vestry Book.
David married 2nd Mary ?, born 1736.
6/3/1755, Saml. Wilson, plantationer, … in Beverley Manor, …; corner David Doak. (S) DB7, P338.
1756, David Doak, Constable; Barnet Finley, listed soldier. (S) Chronicles …, V2, P418.
1756: Processioned by John Tate and Samuel Doak, in Cap. James Mitchell’s Company, for Saml. Doak, for David Doak. (S) Augusta Parish Vestry Book.
11/20/1759, Helenor Mitchell to Robt. Mitchell, …, David Doack's land; … (S) DB8, P357.
5/19/1761, John Mitchel to Thomas Mitchel, …, David Doack. (S) DB9, P368.
4/15/1765, David “Doage”, provisions. (S) Chronicles …, P120.
3/15/1768, Hemp certificates: …, David Doak, …(S) Chronicles …, P144.
2/2/1769, David an appraiser of Robert Wilson’s estate. (S) Augusta Co., VA, Chalkley’s Chronicles, P203.
5/16/1769, David Doack and Mary to John Alexander, of York County, Pennsylvania, L310, 400 acres. Teste: Randal Lockhart, John Finley, William Doack. Delivered: David Doack, November, 1771. (S) DB15, P487.
11/5/1771, David and administrator of Saml Doak’s will.
David and his brother Robert left Beverly Manor and located in SW Virginia (now Wythe Co.) in the Black Lick area on Reed Creek, near Rural Retreat.
2/12/1787, David wrote his will; naming 14 children, five of whom were under the age of 21. (S) Montgomery Co.,VA, D&W–B, P123.
1787, David died in Black Lick, Montgomery Co. (now Wythe Co.) VA; buried in Doak family cem.
(S) Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in VA, V1; Extracted from the originial court records of Augusta Co., 1745-1800.

Family notes:
• David Doack bequeathed to his sons John and Nathaniel land on the north side of Reed Creek upon the condition that they “shall provide for and keep the Family together untell they come of age & shall give my children who is uner their care a common education” and provided that “if the said John & Nathaniel shall Refuse to do for my family as is above Directed it is my will & order that David Doack, James Doack & Wm Ward Whom I appoint to be my Ex to make sale of the land above mentioned.....”. He additionally stated “Tis my further Will & order that my Sons Robert and Thomas have that part of Old Patent Land that lies on the South side of Reed creek to be Equally Divided Between them”.

Children of David and ?:

i. Robert Doack, born ?.
3/1767–3/1768, Robert and William Doack signed an Augusta Co. petition. (S) Chronicles …, P497.
6/22/1769, “Following recommended for appointment as Justices: …, Robert Doage …” (S) Chronicles …, P157. [Robert a licensed surveyor and Justice of the Peace of Fincastle Co. (now Wythe Co.)]
8/16/1769, “Following recommended as Justices, viz: …, Robert Doage …” (S) Chronicles …, P158.
1769, “Robert Doke said he was agent for Dr. Thomas Walker to lay off the Wolf Hill tract. In November same year he went and chose a tract and built a cabin on it and in 1770 moved there.”
1772, Robert on list of Tithables for Capt. Doak’s Company as David Doack’s son.
Bef. 5/2/1775, Robert died. (S) Brother William granted Letters of Administration for his estate.
Robert Doak, born ?.
3/28/1774, Robert Doack issued a marriage license in Augusta Co.
4/18/1787, Militia officers recommended: Captains, …, Robert Doak. (S) Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in VA, P249.

ii. David Doack Jr, born ?.
10/30/1762, David Doake issued a marriage license in Augusta Co. He married Jannet ?.
10/10/1774, “David Doack Jr” a sergeant in his brother Robert’s militia company at the Battle of Point Pleasant against Shawnee and Mingo Indians.
6/26/1799, David wrote his will: To wife, Jennet; to sons, Samuel and David; to daughter, Jenny Berry; daughter, Rosannah Doak; to daughter, Betsy; to 5 daughters, viz: Aggy, Fanny, Darcos, Polly, Elly; to son, Hugh. Executors, wife Jennet, sons Samuel and David. Guardian.
Bef. 6/28/1802, David died; will probated.
Jennie Doak, born ?.
1/6/1787, James Berry & Jennie Doak, d/o David and Jannet Doak (consent). Teste: Robert Doak, John Doak.
Elizabeth Doak, born ?.
3/11/1799, she married John Lerew.

iii. William Doak ( 124), baptized 1747.

iv. John Doack, born ?
4/19/1786, William Casteel, son of Jinny Jewell, to be bound to John Doak. (S) Chronicles …, P245.
1/6/1787, John a witness at this neice Jennie’s wedding.
11/17/1796, Robert [the younger] witnessed a document for his brother Alexander. He and his wife Margaret, sold his property interest in the estate of Alexander and Robert’s deceased brother Nathaniel to their older brother John. (S) Wythe Co., DB2, P66.
8/21/1798, John Doake qualified Major of 2d Battalion, 32d Regiment, 7th Brigade. (S) Chronicles …, P289.
~1802, John signed as security to a land sale of his brother Thomas.
John Doak, born ?.

v. Nathaniel Doack, born ?
1794, Nathaniel died. He had never married and left his estate to his sibilings. They released their interests in Nathaniel’s tracts of land to their brother John for small sums of money.

vi. Alexander Doack, born ?
Alexander married Margaret ?.
11/17/1796, Robert [the younger] witnessed a document for his brother Alexander. He and his wife Margaret, sold his property interest in the estate of Alexander and Robert’s deceased brother Nathaniel to their older brother John. (S) Wythe Co., DB2, P66.

vii. Robert Doack, born ~1779.
11/17/1796, Robert witnessed a document for his brother Alexander. He and his wife Margaret, sold his property interest in the estate of Alexander and Robert’s deceased brother Nathaniel to their older brother John. (S) Wythe Co., DB2, P66.
1797 in Wythe Co., Robert on tax roll.
Robert married 2nd Nancy Pope [sister of Thomas’ wife.]
8/5/1801, Robert, of Washington Co., TN, sold his inherited land to Samuel Graham.
1/5/1803 in Washington Co., TN, Robert signed off on his interest in Nathaniel’s estate.
1812, Robert participated in the war.
(S) 1830 Census, TN, Campbell Co.
(S) 1840 Census, AR, Madison Co.
(S) 1850 Census, AR, Carroll Co., Osage.
6/20/1856 in AR, Robert applied for bounty land based on the War of 1812 service.

viii. Thomas Doack, born 1781.
Thomas married 1st Elizabeth Pope [sister of Robert’s wife.]
1799 in Wythe Co., Thomas on tax roll.
~1802, Thomas agreed to sell his share of his inherited land.
1/5/1803 in Washington Co., TN, Thomas signed off on his interest in Nathaniel’s estate.
3/1807, James Graham sued Thomas to obtain a clear land title. In the suit, Graham claimed that Thomas had been under 21 at the time of the orginal sale agreement and had made the agreement using John Doack as his security. Graham stated that when Thomas had turned 21, Thomas has executed a deed describing his 1/2 parcel in metes and bounds (S) 10/17/1802 Wythe Co., DB4, P54. Upon discovering that Thomas had never obtained Robert’s release of interest in Thomas’ 1/2 parcel, Graham claimed he had written to Thomas several times. Not only did he further claim he hadn’t heard from Thomas Doack, but also Robert Doack had threatened Graham, and that Thomas had filed suit against Graham in Washington Co. TN’s Distric Court. The court ultimately decreed that James Graham receive his clear title.
Thomas Doke migrated from VA through TN and IN to MO.
12/28/1840, Thomas’ estate was entered for probate in Polk County, MO.