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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bell 352 Kidd-Chowing

352. Benjamin Kidd Sr & 353 Judith Chowning { VA} 

~1714 Benjamin born in Middlesex Co., VA; s/o 704. William Kidd & 705. Margaret ?.
3/21/1715, Judith born in Middlesex Co., VA., d/o 706. Thomas Chowning & 707. Sarah Davis.
10/10/1736 in Middlesex Co., Benjamin married Judith. (S) Christ Church Parish Register.
8/29/1747, “Article of Agreement made and concluded between William Cardwell of Middlesex County and Benjamin Kidd of Middlesex County, witness that said Cardwell, for 3 £ in hand paid and further sum of 40 shillings to be paid 4 years hence, has leased and to farm let his dwelling plantation & all houses thereon, with the appurtenances, situated in Middlesex County, for the term of 4 years from next Dec 25, unto said Kidd, all of which time, Kidd shall reside thereon, and is to leave the same in as good repair as it shall be received by said Benjamin. To the true performance thereof, the parties mutually bind themselves each to the other in the sum of 10 £. Signed Aug 29, 1747 – William Cardwell, Benj. ( + his mark) Kidd, …”. (S) Middlesex Co., VA, DB1, P142.
Benjamin was a merchant in Urbanna, and possibly a minister or Justice of the Peace.
1762, Benjamin wrote his will; named son George as executor. (S) WB–E, PP142-5.

Children of Benjamin and Judith:

i. George Kidd, born 5/3/1737 in Middlesex Co., VA.
(S) Christ Church Register of Middlesex Co., VA, 1653-1812, P144.
1762, George was the executor of his father Benjamin’s will.
1763, George sold the land in Middlesex Co., VA and moved to Amelia Co.
1771, Geo purchased 100 acres “on the E.side of Tucker’s branch” in Amelia Co. for 80 pd.
8/25/1778, George and Benjamin Kidd of Amelia County signed the oath of allegiance, refusing allegiance to the Crown.
1797, George died in Amelia Co.
Elizabeth took over paying the taxes.
~1807; Elizabeth died in Amelia Co.
George Kidd Jr., born 1763 in Amelia Co., VA.
(S) Rev. War Pension application.
He married Mary Ann Southall.
1782, George Kidd is listed in Amelia Co. in Heads of Families: 10 white.
1793, George’s will [and 1797 estate papers] of Amelia Co. names sons Jasper, Bartholomew, and “my other sons”, along with his wife, Elizabeth and daughters Usley and Elizabeth Kidd.
Lodawick Kidd, born ~1765 in VA.
1856, he died in Tippah Co., MS. He had preceded several of his sons to this area, and was joined by them in 1848.

ii. Benjamin Kidd Jr ( 176), born 11/18/1739 in Middlesex Co., VA.
(S) Christ Church Parish Register. [Baptized 12/23/1739.]

iii. Henry Kidd, born 10/16/1743 in Middlesex Co., VA.
1794, Henry died in Essex Co., VA.
Mary Kidd, born ?
1785, she married John Brown.

iv. Chowning Kidd, born 10/8/1745 in Middlesex Co., VA.
9/23/1773, Chowning married Catherine French. (S) Christ Church Parish Register.