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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Guillaume Fournier & Francoise Hebert

342. Guillaume Fournier & 343. Francoise Hebert [Fra, Can] 

1630, Guillaume born in De Coulmer, Normandy, France; s/o 684. Gilles Fournier & 685. Noelle Gagnon. [M: 7972 & 7973]

1/23/1638, Francoise born in Québec, PQ, Canada; d/o 686. Joseph Guillaume Hebert & 687. Helen Desportes. [M: 7974 & 7975]

Francoise, after the death of her father in 1639, was tutored by her aunt Guillemette Hébert.

Bef. 1651, Guillaume arrived in New France.

10/15/1651, the 1st of 3 banns published for the upcoming wedding of Guillaume and Francoise.

11/20/1651 at Notre Dame in Montmagny, Québec, after publications of the banns on the 15th, 22nd and the 29th of October and finding no legitimate impediment, Father Joseph Poncet questioned Guillaume Fournier, the son of Gilles Fournier and Noelle Gageut, of the parish of Coulmer, in Normandy and Francoise Hebert, the daughter of the late Guillaume Hebert and Helene Desportes. Having received their mutual consent, he declared them husband and wife, in the presence of Jean Bourdon, Louis Sedillot and Robert Caron. [Francoise was 14 years old.]

12/10/1651 in Quebec, Francoise the godmother of Guillaume Boissel, s/o Jacques.

Thanks to the inheritance of Francoise, Guillaume became a Coseigneur in the Parish of St. Charles, Québec. He began to distribute lands ~1660.

Guillaume settled on part of the land of the fief of the St. Charles River, called “Fief Saint-Joseph”, conceded to him by Guillemette Hébert and stretching from the St. Charles River to Charlesbourg.

11/26/1653, son Gilles baptized; godparents Gilles Bacon & Simone Cote.

12/31/1653, they buried their 1st 1-month-old child Gilles, named after his grandfather.

5/5/1655 in Quebec, daughter Marie baptized; godmother her grandmother Helen Desportes687.

4/10/1657 in Quebec, daughter Agathe baptized; godparents Germain Morin, s/o Alphonse, & and her grandaunt Guillemette Hebert.

4/10/1659 in Quebec, daughter Jacquette baptized; godmother Jacquette Viverent.

8/10/1659, Guillaume and Francoise both “confirmed” by Msgr. de Laval. They are counted among the first to receive this sacrament from the hands of the Bishop of Quebec, who had debarked the preceding June 16th.

11/27/1659 in Québec, Guillaume attended the wedding of Charles Achap.

1/15/1661, Guillaume bought land of deceased Barge Hubou, contiguous to his property, for 60 livres.

6/11/1661, Nicolas Chaigneau admitted owing Guillaume 72 livres “for food delivered to him during the last winter with which the said debtor said he was satisfied, well content and well fed”.

7/13/1661 in Quebec, son Joseph baptized; godparents Denis Joseph Ruette & his aunt Marie Charlotte Depoictiers, widow of his uncle Joseph Hebert.

1/15/1662, Jean Milloir dit Dumaine acknowledged having sold Guillaume 2 arpents coming to him from his deceased first wife, Barbe Hubou, the sister of the late Guillaume Hubou, to whom this land had previously belonged. The said property, which was contiguous to that of Guillaume, was sold for 60 livres payable in four years.

1662, Guillaume acquired another arpent of frontage located between the Grande-Allee and the river between the lands of Antoine Brassard and Denis Duquet. This arpent had first belonged to Guillaume Gaultier dit Lachesnaye, who had leased it to Nicolas Patenaude in 1655 and then to Henri Brau in 1660.

6/25/1662, Andre Barbault stated that he owed Guillaume 60 livres payable on the next Saint-Martin’s Day; the flour merchant Francois Lefebvre serving as security.

7/17/1663 in Quebec, daughter Marie Madeleine baptized; godmother Marie Madeleine Sevestre.

9/12/1663, Notary Audouart drew up an act, possibly signed in a private agreement, which mentioned the payment in the amount of 1000 livres by Fournier to Noel Morin, step-father of Francoise, as compensation for the 10 years during which he had fed and sheltered his step-daughter. This had been specified in their marriage contract. Morin acquitted Fournier of this amount without prejudice, nor reducing the rights of Francoise to the estate of her parents.

12/22/1663, A concession by Guillaume Fournier to Etienne Rageat dit le Lyonnais, of a piece of land which he had possessed for 2 years with the obligation of paying 20 sols in land rent for each arpent of frontage, 2 deniers in cens for the entire piece, 2 live capons in annual rent, also the duty of cutting about 2 arpents. Rageat contested these duties and obligations and stated that, he preferred to leave the land if Fournier would compensate him for work already carried out, which he agreed to do. (S) Official reports of the deliberations of the Sovereign Council.

1/6/1664, Guillaume granted Simon Bourbeau “1 & ½ arpents of frontage, on the river St.-Charles, by 40 deep, bordering on one side Fournier himself, on the other side Paschal Lemaistre. Bourbeau will be held to pay 12 deniers, in cens, for the entire concession, plus 45 sols and 2 live capons in seigneurial rent each year on the feast of Saint-Martin (November 11th). The tenant will have the right to fish and hunt and must allow the paths necessary to facilitate navigation and to dock on the land.”

5/26/1664, Guillaume ceded a piece of land with the same area to Paschal Lemaistre.

6/3/1664, Guillaume ceded a piece of land with 2 arpents frontage to Hilaire Chardonneau.

6/23/1664, Marie-Charlotte de Poitiers, widow of Francoise’s brother, and Guillaume reached an agreement concerning the succession of the late Joseph Hebert [her husband]. The young widow, by virtue of a marriage contract signed with her deceased husband, could enjoy during her lifetime “half” of the personal property which had belonged to him. The specification of that “half” was at issue – which was very complicated. There was also the matter of 300 livres for which Guillaume asked for accounts and a foreclosure of some tenant farms which the farmer Francois Lefebvre owed. Faced with this situation and considering the time and cost which a lawsuit would entail, the parties decided it preferable to “settle out of court”. With the consent of his wife, Fournier waived the foreclosure and agreed that Lefebvre would “empty his hands” into those of the Widow Hebert. He also ceded her about 11 arpents of land located on the Grande-Allee, coming from the succession of the late Joseph Hebert, that the widow could possess into perpetuity without other return than the 35 livres which Fournier and his wife retained from the rents of Lefebvre.

10/8/1664 in Québec, Guillaume buried his 1-year-old daughter Marie Madeleine.

1/19/1665 in Québec, Guillaume the godfather to Guillaume Boucher, s/o Francois. Helen Desportes performed the provisional baptism.

3/19/1665 in Quebec, son Jean baptized; godmother her half-aunt Agnes Morin1480v.

7/5/1665 in Quebec, Francoise godmother to Marie Madeleine Matou, d/o Philippe.

5/31/1666, Guillaume and Francoise sold the land from the 1664 agreement to Louis Rouer de Villeray, royal councillor at the Sovereign Council for 6 deniers in cens per arpent and 2020 livres for the pot of wine. They had already received 1000 livres cash in pistoles, pins, louis blancs and other money of legal tender in the country. The buyer promised to pay the balance of 1000 livres two weeks after the arrival of the first ships from France during the present year.

6/6/1666, Jean Milloir said that he had been fully paid for the land bought by Guillaume in 1662.

6/8/1666, Guillaume ceded a piece of land with 2 arpents frontage to Francois Boucher dit Vin d’Espagne.

10/7/1666, Guillaume and Francoise acknowledged the final payment on the May land sale.

1667 Census of Charlesbourg, Guillaume 44, Francoise 30, Marie 12, Agathe 10, Jacquette 8, Joseph 6, Jean 4, Simon 6 months. A servant named Jean Martin was in their service; the family owned 4 head of cattle and 17 arpents of land under cultivation.

3/13/1667, in a lawsuit between Francoise and her Aunt Guillemette there was a complete misunderstanding concerning the management by the trustee and guardian of the minor children of Guillaume Hebert and Helene Desportes, with whom the late Guillaume Couillard had been charged by the Governor Montmagny. The parties agreed to submit the dispute to the arbitration of Pierre de Gorribon and Louis Rouer de Villeray, royal councilors.

4/28/1667 in Quebec, son Simon baptized; godfather Simon Lefebvre dit Dangey.

11/1/1667 in Quebec, Francoise the godmother to Jean Fillon, s/o Antoine.

11/2/1667, The arbitrated decision in the March case favored Guillemette Hebert. Guillaume Fournier and his wife appealed their case to the Intendant Talon, claiming that the Council was composed of persons who had interest from their alliances with the said Dame Couillard or for other considerations.

11/23/1667, Guillaume was hired to deliver to the intendant Talon, “stipulating for his Majesty”, 3000 damoiselles, half of which would be 32 feet in girth, the other half would be 20 feet long by 1 foot in girth. The contract also included the delivery of 100 materaux d’epinette from 40 to 50 feet long by 2 &1/2 feet in girth. The delivery had to be made to the bank of the river St.-Charles during the next month of May “in the place known where they can easily be loaded on to boats or chaloupes”. The seller would receive 750 livres for the stakes and 140 for the masts.

12/1/1667, Guillaume pledged faith and homage: “because of a fief which he held from seigneurs of this country, located and situated on the river St.-Charles, northwest side, the said fief consisting of a quarter-league of frontal land on the said river St.-Charles by four leagues in depth, adjoining on one side the seigneurie of Notre-Dame des Anges, on the other side the lands of the Nursing sisters, on one end the said river St.-Charles and on the other the lands not ceded belonging to the said Fournier because of Francoise Hebert, his wife, daughter and heir of the late Guillaume Hebert, son and heir jointly with Guillemette Hebert, her mother and the late Louis Hebert, their father, the said Louis , owner of the said fief by right of succession which had been given to him by Monsignor de Montmorency (Laval), ratified by Monsignor de Ventadour, which deed remained in the possession of the late Guillaume Couillard, after the death of the said Guillaume Hebert, from whose hands he could not retrieve it nor from his widow whatsoever to keep it as being the eldest, requesting to be received through the said faith and homage and act of his petition. And by the fiscal administrator had been requested that before receiving the said Fournier through the said faith and homage he shows his deeds and by the said Fournier considering that he nor his wife have no deed and that they remained in the hands of the said deceased Guillaume Couillard, trustee of his said wife and after the death of the said Couillard in those of his said widow and had been asked that the said widow be summoned on the first day of the court to present them and to give them to him as the eldest, keeping the said Fournier to take other such conclusions which he will see good to do against the said widow, complying with which we have ordered that the said Hebert, widow of Couillard, will come on Saturday and will present the said deeds”. /s/ Louis-Theandre Chartier de Lotbiniere. [Civil and criminal lieutenant-general of the Provost of Quebec.]

2/13/1668 in Québec, Guillaumen attended the wedding of Rene Arnault.

10/23/1668, Guillaume, unable to present the deeds of his fief because they remained in the possession of Guillemette Hebert1372ii, had to appear again “in court”. The quarter-league of frontage in question had been cut from a league of frontage ceded originally to Louis Hebert by Monsieur de Ventadour. This quarter-league having been inherited in equal parts by Guillaume and Francoise, Fournier maintained that he had a right to two-thirds of the fief because he also represented Guillaume Hebert, his wife’s father.

4/24/1669 in Quebec, son Pierre baptized; godfather Pierre Blanchet, future husband of daughter Marie Anne.

7/1/1669, The 1667 lawsuit ended when the Sovereign Council agreed with Guillemette Hebert, decreeing that the arbitrated order be “executed according to its form and terms without other expense, damages between the parties than the copy of the documents which will be paid by the said Fournier”. In his « Histoire des Seigneurs de la Riviere du Sud et de leurs Allies canadiens et acadiens » Azaric Couillard-Despres added “This case won, Mme. Couillard hoped to peacefully enjoy her share of the inheritance, when Fournier filed a new lawsuit against her concerning the fief of the river St.-Charles, awarded to Louis Hebert by the Duke de Ventadour in 1626.”

10/7/1669 in Québec, Guillaume and his future son-in-law Pierre Blanchet attended the wedding of Nicolas Fasche.

10/13/1669 a Sunday, Guillaume present for daughter Marie’s marriage contract signed in the home of the woodworker, Jacques de la Roe in the presence of Notary Pierre Duquet. Father Fournier gave his daughter a milk cow and to his newly acquired son-in-law Pierre Blanchet, he gave “a house that he owned near Saint-Joseph.”

1/3/1670, Guillaume and his partner Pierre Aigron dit Lamothe, both residents of la Riviere St.-Charles, promised to deliver to Charles Aubert de la Chesnaye 600 spruce trees from 40 to 45 feet “suitable to make masts”, delivered to the harbor of Quebec on the last day of next August, for the total amount of 900 livres, “with ten pots of wine” payable on delivery.

2/17/1670 at Notre-Dame de Quebec, Guillaume & Françoise, residents of Petite-Riviere, celebrate the wedding of their daughter Marie. Alphonse Morin740 and a 2nd Guillaume Fournier is listed as attending. This 2nd Guillaume is likely 9-year-old Joseph736.

3/5/1670, Guillaume was required by Jean-Baptiste Patoulet, commissioner of war, who acted in the name of the King to “transport or make transportable all the lumber both large and small belonging to his majesty and bring it to a place above the village of Saint-Francois and deliver there on the edge of the road which leaves from Quebec and goes to the coast of Saint-Michel to the same place where there is already some lumber...for the amount of six deniers for and per each foot of wood”. Guillaume was committed to carry out this work before the snow melted on penalty of all damages. He was unable to deliver the lumber within the time allowed.

4/14/1670, The Sovereign Council settled the litigation of 1668 maintaining the principle of equal portions which were to be measured at once. Guillaume Fournier was ordered to pay the expenses.

4/28/1670, Aubert de la Chesnaye, who made the contract of 1/3/1670, lost his patience and appealed to the Sovereign Council to compel Guillaume and Jean-Baptiste to respect their commitment or be ordered to pay the damages.

8/12/1670, Guillaume sold 14 arpents of land to Jean Talon for 6,850 livres. (S) Minutes of notary Romain Becquet.

8/31/1670, Jean Talon made Guillaume an offer that he could not refuse for his fief on the small river St.-Charles. The intendant bought from Guillaume and his wife all of the rights and appurtenances [rights of way] of the said territory, as well as the homestead where they were presently living, for 6,000 livres in principal, ten barrels of flour, one thousand pounds of lard and a mare. This property with four arpents of frontage was used as a manor house. There was the house, barn, stable, garden and some plowable land. Talon was additionally committed to give Guillaume and his wife another fief, the frontage of which would be twice as wide as the one that they relinquished “in the place where they decide suitable above or below Quebec in the area not ceded.”

9/30/1670, Guillaume sold to Jacques Regnault, a resident of Quebec, 2 seven-year-old oxen with black skin for 240 livres, 100 of which had already been paid, the balance had to be paid on the next Easter.

10/12/1670, Guillaume and Francoise gave up another fief located on the river St.-Charles, the frontage of which measured 14 ½ arpents and the depth penetrated four leagues into the interior. This domain, which bordered the fief of Islets, stretched as far as the lands belonging to Guillaume Hebert. It was composed of a house, barn, stable yard, garden and about three arpents of cultivated land. The sellers were obliged to put into the hands of the acquiring seigneur [Talon] the document concerning the property and possession of the said territory within two weeks.

11/22/1670, Guillaume and Francoise acknowledged having received from Talon for the October sale the amount of 6850 livres, 1500 of them paid in pistoles d’or and other money of recognized legal currency in the country.

2/22/1671, Guillaume decided on a more serene existence at the Riviere du Sud. His future son-in-law Jean Prou sold him land with three arpents in frontage by 40 deep. Their new acquisition was bordered on one side by the homestead of Jacques Pauze and on the other side flowed the Riviere a la Caille. They paid 159 livres, for which the Jean acknowledged having received an account of 30 livres.

5/2/1671, daughter Francoise baptized; her godmother Catherine Normand.

8/4/1671, Couillard, seigneurie, granted the Fourniers the property deed for a vast stretch of land. It consisted of 140 arpents with a frontage of 6 arpents on the river, to a depth which ran down into the lands not ceded. It was all planted in standing trees and was still virgin land. The annual fee was 6 livres in silver, 6 live capons for the seigniorial rent, and 21 sols for the cens for the whole concession, payable on Saint-Remi’s Day [October 1st] at the manor house at Riviere du Sud, with commitment on the part of the tenants to maintain a home there, to build a house, and to give the seigneur one-tenth of the fish that he caught.

9/24/1671, Guillaume bought a boat which Denis Guyon, a merchant of Quebec, promised to deliver to him on the following Wednesday for 375 livres, plus 100 sols for the pins. The craft of 5 to 6 tons included cargo space, tackle and gear.

9/28/1671, they celebrated the wedding of their daughter Agathe.

11/3/1672, Jean Talon fulfilled the promise made to Guillaume two years earlier by ceding him 30 arpents of frontal land on the river, by 2 leagues deep, bordering on one side the fief of Louis Couillard de l’Espinay, on the other side the land not ceded. It concerned the fief of Saint-Joseph, commonly called la Pointe au Foin. Guillaume regained his title of seigneur.

4/24/1673 in Quebec, son Louis baptized; his godmother his sister Jacquette. Genevieve Couillard, d/o seigneur Louis was also present.

6/5/1673, they celebrated the wedding of their daughter Jacquette.

7/16/1673, Guillaume awarded 3 arpents of frontage, on the river to a depth of 40 arpents, to his neighbor Jacques Pauze.

8/22/1673, Guillaume awarded land to Jean Gaudreau with hunting and fishing rights.

6/18/1674 in Québec, Guillaume the godfather to his grandson Guillaume Blanchet, s/o Marie Anne.

10/26/1674 in Quebec, Francoise the godmother of Angelique Basin, d/o Pierre. Louis Couillard was godfather.

11/4/1674 in Riviere-du-Sud, they buried their 1-year-old son Louis.

11/10/1674, Guillaume admitted owing Jean-Baptiste Couillard de Lespinay 107 livres and 12 sols. This loan, agreed to by the seigneur, was used to repay Sieur Aubert de la Chesnaye, who threatened to seize his boat and his fishing gear.

11/20/1674, Guillaume awarded another concession to Jean Gaudreau, with the obligation to pay the seigneur 20 sols for each arpent of frontage, 3 live capons, or 75 sols, at the choice of the lessor, on each Saint-Martin’s Day.

11/21/1674, son-in-law Pierre Blanchet guaranteed to underwrite a payment of 21 livres, 7 sols, 6 deniers, owed by his father-in-law Guillaume to Pierre Normand, the toolmaker.

6/9/1675, Guillaume the godfather to Joseph Morin370.

8/9/1675 in Riviere-la-Caille, daughter Madeleine baptized; her sister Jacquette her godmother.

4/24/1676 in Riviere-du-Sud, Francoise godmother to her grandson Denis Prou, s/o Jacquette.

7/13/1677, son Charles baptized; godparents his sister Jacquette & brother-in-law Pierre Blanchet.

2/9/1678 in Quebec, Guillaume and son-in-law Pierre Blanchet as well as Alphonse Morin740 attended the wedding of Jacques Pose.

3/25/1679, Francoise is the godmother to Nicolas Morin740vi.

8/1679, daughter [Madeleine] baptized; her godmother was Madeleine Normand741.

3/26/1681, Guillaume formed a fishing partnership with his son-in-law Jean Prou. Guillaume was required to make his craft ready for the sea as soon as possible and Prou was committed to provide “all the gear, sails, standing and running rigging, ropes, shives, blocks and anything that will be necessary one time only by which means they will each have half of the said boat and will hereafter sail at joint expense and will share the profits which will be made half and half...” Finally, it was decided that if one of the two wishes to give up his share, the other will have priority to buy it.

1681 Census of Berthier-en-Bas. Guillaume, the master of the house at la Pointe a la Caille [now Montmagny] 60, Francoise 46, Joseph 20, Jean 16, Simon 14, Pierre 12, Francoise 11, Louis 9, Madeleine 6 and Charles 4. The last three were born at Cote du Sud. The censustaker also mentioned 3 guns, 12 head of cattle & 10 arpents under cultivation. The immediate neighbor of the Fourniers was Alphonse Morin, half-brother of Francoise Hebert. In the immediate neighborhood also lived sons-in-law Jean Prou with his wife Jacquette Fournier and four children; and Pierre Blanchet with his wife Marie Fournier and five children.

7/31/1681 Confirmation in Montmagny : Jean Fournier342vi, 16; Pierre Fournier342ix, 12; Francoise Fournier171, 10; Louis Fournier342xi, 9; Francois Alphonse Morin740i, 11; Pierre Noel Morin740ii, 10; Pierre Joncas738, 9.

10/15/1683 Guillaume sold the 1672 land concession to Jacques Bernier dit Jean de Paris, habitant of Vincelot, for 260 livres and with the duty of “faith and homage and other fees”. The document reveals that the fief had 30 arpents in frontage by 2 leagues in depth. On one side it bordered the domain of the heirs of the late Sieur de Lespinay and on the other side those of the late Simon Guyon. The next day the seller gave a receipt for a first payment of 230 livres, the balance to be paid on Saint-Jean-Baptiste’s Day of the following year.

1/26/1684 in Montmagny, Francoise godmother to Pierre Sazarrin, the godfather was Pierre Joncas1476.

6/25/1684, Guillaume & Francoise, residents of Seigneurie St-Luc in the marriage contract of their son Joseph.

7/4/1685 in Riviere-Ouelle, Francoise, a resident of St Thomas, the godmother of her grandson Joseph Fournier, s/o Joseph.

10/27/1684, Guillaume received the final 30 livres “in full payment” of the amount mentioned in the 10/15/1683 contract.

11/30/1684, Guillaume and his wife, residents of the land and Seigneurie of Saint-Luc “previously from Riviere a la Caille”, made a donation to Notary Gilles Rageout, clerk of the Provost of Quebec and his wife Marie-Madeleine Morin [half-sister of Francoise Hebert] of part of the fief of Saint-Luc which belonged to the latter in an inheritance from her mother, Helene Desportes, wife in a second marriage of the late Noel Morin, “in consideration of the esteem and friendship which has always existed between them.”

7/30/1685, Guillaume was involved in litigation over a debt owed him by Pierre Aigron dit Lamothe, a sailor.

4/21/1686, Guillaume & Francoise, residents of Montmagny in wedding document of daughter Francoise.

12/1686, Guillaume gifted of 3 arpents of land made to the parish. Guillaume had made this donation in a private agreement in exchange for a pew awarded to the donor and his wife in the first row, near the gospel. It was on this cleared land that the parished church would be built and that a cemetery, rectory, courtyard and garden would be planned. In addition Guillaume gave to the resident priest permission to take heating wood from his own homestead. Guillaum’s house was used to celebrate religious functions until the first chapel was built. The first baptism and first marriage in the chapel were of Guillaume and Françoise’s children. Old documents give us a description of this house: built of squared logs, it was 22 feet long and 18 feet wide; it had a single floor with an attic; the entrance and 2 windows on the north side, and 1 window on the south.

11/20/1688, Guillaume was summoned to explain the circumstances of the discovery of the body of a drowned man on the bank of the river, across from the homestead of Alphonse Morin de Valcourt, his wife’s half-brother. The king’s administrator wanted to know how much money had been found on the drowned man, how Fournier had disposed of it and why he had not sent it to Quebec as had been requested of him. Guillaume recounted that during harvest time his children noticed the body which was so decomposed that he ordered them to dig a grave to bury it. When the body was in the grave one of his children touched his breeches with a stick and realized that it made a sound. In his waistcoat pocket they found 26 francs, 2 ecus blancs and 4 sols in small coins. The defendant stated that he had distributed the money to those who had worked to dig the grave. This testimony hardly moved the court which ordered him to return the money so that it could be deposited in the clerk’s office until a man named Subtil, a resident of Montreal to whom it belonged, came to get it. The court agreed however that the defendant be compensated for an amount of 6 livres which he could give as he pleased to those who had dug the grave.
1691, Guillaume and Françoise present at Quebec in the house of Guillaume Guillot for the marriage contract of their son Simon.

11/12/1691, they celebrated the wedding of their son Simon.

2/24/1692 in Montmagny, Guillaume the godfather of his granddaughter Francoise Fournier.

8/9/1692 in Montmagny, Francoise the godmother to her granddaughter Catherine Fournier, d/o Simon.

11/24/1692 at Cap-Saint-Ignace, Guillaume and his son Jean attended the wedding of Alphonse Morin740.

2/16/1694 in Montmagny, Guillaume godfather to his granddaughter Marie Madeleine Fournier, d/o Simon.

1/9/1695, Guillaume, 64 and of origin Normandie, a patient at Hotel-Dieu in Quebec.

11/19/1696, they celebrated the wedding of their son Louis.

6/11/1697 in Montmagny, Guillaume godfather to his granddaughter Marie Fournier, d/o Pierre.

5/20/1698, Francoise was godmother to Louis Morin II740xii.

5/31/1698 in Montmagny, Francoise was godmother to her grandson Louis Fornier, s/o Louis.

7/13/1699, residents of St Thomas, they celebrated the wedding of their son Charles.

7/27/1699 in Montmagny, Guillaume attended the wedding of his granddaughter Marie Madeleine Blanchet, d/o Marie Anne Fournier342ii. His son Pierre attended as did Alphonse Morin740.

8/2/1699, an act of donation sanctioned by Louis Chambalon, reveals that “Guillaume Fournier, about eighty years old, habitant living at Pointe-a-la-Caille, near the river and Cote du Sud, and Francoise Hebert his wife, 66 years old”, were at Quebec in order to make a donation of land to their son Charles. Charles [their youngest] agreed to feed, house, do laundry, support and care for his parents, according to their condition, until their deaths and afterwards to bury them and to pray for the repose of their soul.

10/25/1699 Guillaume, age 80, died. Buried 10/25/1699 under the Church of St. Thomas, St-Thomas-de-Montmagny, Québec. “The year of grace one thousand six hundred ninety-nine on the twenty-fifth of October, I the undersigned priest and missionary, fulfilling the duties of curate at Saint-Thomas de la Pointe a la Caille, certify to have buried in the said church, Guillaume Fournier, about eighty years old, benefactor of this parish; he died the preceding day fortified with all the sacraments of our Holy mother church”. /s/ Louis Mathieu priest.

3/2/1700 in Montmagny, Francoise the godmother of her granddaughter Marie Anne Fournier.

9/5/1700 in Montmagny, Francoise the godmother of her great-grandson Pierre Blanchet, s/o Pierre, s/o Marie Anne.

4/11/1701 in Montmagny, Francoise the godmother of her great-grandson Jean Hilaire Prou, s/o Denis, s/o Jacquette.

9/4/1702 in Montmagny, Francoise performed a provisional baptism and attended the burial of a Fournier infant, her grandchild, child of her son Joseph.

11/20/1703, Françoise was elected an “Honorable Woman” by majority vote of the parish’s women’s league, and was a representative for the assembly of females at the Parish of the Many Suffrages. She was also a midwife.

5/2/1707, Françoise celebrated the wedding of her daughter Marie Madeleine.

1/17/1711 in Montmagny, Françoise the godmother to her great-grandson Pierre Bouchard, s/o Marie Catherine Fournier, d/o Simon.

10/20/1712 in Montmagny, Françoise the godmother to Clement Couillard, s/o Jacques.

10/29/1713 in Montmagny, Françoise attended the burial of her 4-year-old grandson Jean Baptiste Fournier, s/o Louis.

10/12/1714 in Montmagny, Françoise attended the baptism of her great-granddaughter Louise Blanchet, d/o Pierre, s/o Marie Anne.

3/16/1716 Françoise, age 86 [actually 78], died; buried the next day in St-Thomas-de-Montmagny, Québec. “The sixteenth of March in the year one thousand seven hundred sixteen was buried in the Church of this parish the body of Francoise Hebert, the eighty six year old wife of Guillaume Fournier founder of this Church. She died after having received all the sacraments. Burial was made by me, the undersigned missionary of this parish and of that St. Pierre, of Sr. Despres and others who have signed with us”. /s/ Louis Couillard [seigneur] and F. Richard priest.

(S) Rene Jette, pp437,562. (S) Our French-Canadian Ancestors, T.J. Laforest, V-XXVII.. (S) PRDH.

Family notes:
• 1771, Guillaume and Françoise’s mortal remains were exhumed at the church at la-Pointe-a-la-Caille and moved to the cemetery of Saint-Thomas.
• Guillaume may have arrived with a ship’s captain: Father Paul Lejeune, superior of the residence of the Jesuits of Quebec, mentioned in his Relation of 7/16/1637 – “appeared finally a ship which came to dock at Kebec. It was commanded by Monsieur Fournier”. This captain is mentioned again on 8/11 in association with a hunt for Iroquois that had been making trouble – then he is not mentioned again. While Guillaume would have been too young to be a ship’s captain, this could have been a relative. As can be seen from the above history Guillaume was very familiar with boats/ships.
• Guillaume was noted at least a hundred times in the official reports of the Provost and the Council. These cases stretched over thirty years, bringing many proceedings against his wife’s family.
• Ten of Guillaume and Françoise’s 14 children were born in Quebec City. The last four were born in Saint-Thomas-de-la-Pointe-à-la-Caille. Missionary fathers baptized them; three were registered in the Quebec City registry and one in St. Thomas.
• Guillaume Fournier and Françoise Hébert left the largest number of Fournier descendents across all of North America through 6 married sons.

Children of Guillaume and Francoise:

i. Gilles Fournier, born 11/26/1653 in Québec.
12/31/1653, 1-month-old, Gilles died. (S) Church Registry.

ii. Marie Anne Fournier, born & baptized 5/5/1655 in Québec.
10/13/1669 a Sunday, Marie’s marriage contract signed in the home of the woodworker, Jacques de la Roe in the presence of Notary Pierre Duquet. Pierre, for his part, took care of his bride’s future with assurance of 400 livres in case of his death and of 200 livres from his estate before any other division.
2/17/1670 at Notre-Dame de Quebec under the supervision of Father Henri de Bernieres, 14-year-old Marie married Pierre Blanchet, s/o Noel and Madeleine Valet, born ~1640 in France.
6/8/1680, Marie was the godmother to Jean-Baptiste Morin740vii.
1681, 3 of their children died.
4/10/1709 Pierre died. “This 12th day of the month of April, in the year 1709, has been buried in the cemetery, of the Parish Saint-Thomas, of the Pointe-a-la-Caille, by me, the undersigned... the bonhomme Blanchet, age seventy-two years, after having received all the sacraments. A high Mass was sung for him.”
11/13/1717 Marie died in PQ, Canada.
Pierre-Alphonse Blanchet, born 7/6/1672 in Québec.
11/18/1699 in Cap-St-Ignace, he married Louise Gagne. His uncles Simon & Louis attended, as did Alphonse Morin687xiii.
He died bef. 11/22/1722 in St-Pierre-de-la-Riv-du-Sud.
Guillaume Blanchet, born 6/15/1674 in Riv-du-Sud.
His godfather was his grandfather Guillaume Fournier.
11/9/1705 in La Durantaye, he married Marie Anne Gagne.
He died bef. 2/7/1729 St-Pierre-de-la-Riv-du-Sud.
Marie Madeleine Blanchet, born 7/5/1676 Riv-du-Sud.
7/27/1699 in Montmagny, she married Vincent Chretien.
Jacques Blanchet, born 8/24/1677 in Riv-du-Sud.
12/1/1681 in L’Islet, age 4, he died.
Angelique Blanchet, born 4/25/1679 in St-Thomas. Her godmother was Jacqueline Boulay340i.
12/1/1681 in L’Islet, age 2, she died.
Joseph Blanchet, born 2/10/1681 in St-Thomas.
Aft. 2/24/1681, he died.
Joseph Blanchet, born 2/21/1682 in Montmagny.
Jean Blanchet, born 1684 in St-Thomas.
~1684 in St-Thomas, he died.
Jean Baptiste Blanchet, born 5/9/1685 in Riviere-Ouelle.
4/6/1712 in Berthier-en-Bas, he married Marie Genevieve Gagne.
Joseph Blanchet, born 2/20/1690 in St-Thomas.
9/4/1693 in St-Thomas, he died.
Louis Blanchet, born 2/10/1692 in St-Thomas.
8/22/1693 St-Thomas, he died.
Marie Francoise Blanchet, born 4/19/1694 in St-Thomas.
11/13/1717 in Quebec, she married Rene Sebastien Morin168vi.
Marie-Genevieve Blanchet, born 16 Jan 1696 St-Thomas.
Louis Blanchet, born 12/20/1696 in St-Thomas.
12/30/1696 in St-Thomas, he died.
Louis Blanchet, born 4/3/1701 in St-Thomas.
7/12/1723 in Berthier-en-Bas, he married Marie Angelique Joly.

iii. Agathe Madeleine Fournier, born 4/9/1657 in Québec.
4/8/1670, Agathe confirmed.
9/28/1671 in Quebec, Agathe married Louis Giseron, s/o Louis and Marie Guitard, born 12/7/1642 in Québec.
1681 Compte de Levis [Census], Louis 42, Agathe, 25, Jean 8, Francois, 4, Charles 20 months, a servant Michel age 14.
1/26/1687 in Lauzon, Agathe the godmother to Agathe Chausse, d/o Pierre.
5/26/1691, Agathe [a resident of Lauzon, and giving her age as 30], a patient at Hotel Dieu. [She was in the records of the hospital multiple times over the years.]
Louis died – deceased in Agathe’s burial record.
6/8/1743 in Lauzon, Agathe, given age 86, died; buried the next day. Her son Charles attended the burial.
Jean-Baptiste Gesseron, born 3/1/1674 in Lauzon.
Aft. 6/16/1693, he died.
Francois Gesseron, born 10/1/1677 in Lauzon.
Aft. 3/8/1700, he died.
Charles Gesseron dit Brulot, born 1/19/1680 in Lauzon.
1/26/1712 in Beaumont, he married Marguerite Nadeau.
5/22/1746 in Lauzon, he died.
Marie Gesseron, born 6/1/1682 in Cap-St-Ignace.
6/15/1699 in Lauzon, she married Charles Carriere.
5/20/1756 in Lauzon, she died.
Louis Gesseron, born ~1685 in Lauzon.
11/8/1756 in St Francois du Sud, he died.
Louise Gesseron, born ~1687 in Lauzon.
10/8/1707 in Lauzon, she married Pierre Boissel.
Alexis Gesseron, born 10/31/1688 in Lauzon.
11/2/1688 in Lauzon, an infant, he died.
Joseph Gesseron, born 4/6/1690 in Lauzon.
5/5/1690 in Lauzon, an infant, he died.
Joseph Gesseron, born 10/6/1691 in Lauzon. [twin]
4/28/1718 in Quebec, he married Marie Anne Lafleur.
10/2/1730 in Hotel Dieu, Quebec, he died.
Marie-Angelique Gesseron, born 10/6/1691 in Lauzon. [twin]
6/11/1731 in Pointe-aux-Trembles, she married Jean Baptiste Masson.
Catherine Gesseron, born 9/28/1693 in Lauzon.
10/12/1693 in Lauzon, an infant, she died.
Ignace Gesseron, born 4/11/1695 in Lauzon.
Jean-Francois Gesseron, born 3/8/1700 in Lauzon.
4/28/1731 in Pointe-aux-Trembles, he died.

iv. Jacquette Fournier, born 4/9/1659 in Québec.
4/24/1673 in Quebec, Jacquette godmother to her brother Louis.
6/5/1673 Jacquette married Jean Proulx, s/o Jean [deceased] and Louise Vallee, born ~1647 in France.
8/9/1675 in Riviere-la-Caille, Jacquette godmother to her sister Madeleine.
1681 Census of Berthier-en-Bas, Jean 34, Jacquette 22, Denis 6, Jean 4, Louise 2, Pierre 4 months.
3/1/1703, Jean died.
11/12/1705 in Montmagny, Jacquette attended the wedding of daughter Angelique.
1/22/1736 in Montmagny, Jacquette, given age 78, died; buried the next day. Her son Denis attended the burial.
Denis Prou, born 4/24/1676 in Riv-du-Sud ; godmother his grandmother Francoise Hebert.
11/17/1699 in Cap-St-Ignace, he married Marie Anne Gagne.
12/12/1749 in Montmagny, he died.
Jean Baptiste Prou, born 10/16/1677 in Riv-du-Sud.
6/14/1701 in Montmagny, he married Louise Rousseau.
4/20/1756 in Montmagny, he died.
Louise Prou, born 8/29/1679 in St-Thomas.
6/22/1700 in Montmagny, she married Pierre Gagne.
1713–1721, she died.
Pierre Prou, born 6/8/1681 in L’Islet; godfather Pierre Joncas, godmother Marie Madeleine Normand.
6/8/1711 in Montmagny, he married Agathe Destroismaisons.
Marie Anne Prou, born 9/1/1683 in St-Thomas; godfather her uncle Joseph.
7/10/1703 in Montmagny, she married Jacques Thibault.
6/1/1756 in Montmagny, she died.
Marie Barbe Prou, born 3/25/1685 in Riverie-Ouelle; godmother Barbe Girard, w/o her uncle Joseph.
8/11/1704 in Montmagny, she married Louis Isabel.
3/17/1765 in St Pierre du Sud, she died.
Thomas Prou, born 8/27/1686 in St-Thomas.
11/5/1714 in Montmagny, he married Marie Catherine Caron.
6/9/1753 in Montmagny, he died.
Marie Angelique Prou, bap 8/12/1688 St-Thomas ; godfather her uncle Pierre Morin; godmother Jacqueline Boulay340i.
11/12/1705 in Montmagny, she married Jean Francois Tibaud.
1/27/1763 in L’Islet, she died.
Joseph Prou, born 9/18/1690 in St-Thomas.
11/3/1693, age 3, he died.
Marie Catherine Prou, born 7/12/1692 in St-Thomas.
7/13/1692, an infant, she died.
Marie Anne Prou II, born 9/17/1693 in St-Thomas.
10/30/1720 in Montmagny, she married Henri Ruel.
12/6/1749 in Montmagny, she died.
Louis Prou, born 4/3/1696 in St-Thomas.
10/23/1730 in St Laurent I.O., he married Marie Dufresne.
10/6/1748 in Montmagny, he died.
Joseph Prou, born 4/27/1698 in St-Thomas.
2/20/1729 in Quebec, he married Dorothee Bouchard.
Marie Francoise Prou, born 12/8/1701 in St Thomas.
10/24/1729 in Montmagny, she married Alexandre Gagne.

v. Joseph Fournier, born 7/12/1661 in Québec.
2/24/1681 in Montmagny, Joseph godfather to Joseph Sarazin; Jacqueline Boulay340i godmother. The same day Joseph was the godfather to his nephew Joseph Blanchet, son of his sister Marie Anne.
3/7/1682, in Montmagny, Joseph godfather to Joseph Blanchet; godmother “Jacquette” Boulay340i.
9/1/1683 in Montmagny, Joseph godfather to his niece Marie Anne Prou, d/o Jacquette.
6/25/1684, at Lauzon, Joseph, a resident of St-Luc, contracted to marry Barbe Girard, a resident of St Bernard, in front of notary Gilles Rageot of Saint-Luc. Barbe d/o Joachim Girard and Marie Halay.
2/15/1705 in Montmagny, Joseph the godfather to his niece Louise Fournier, d/o Louis.
6/6/1706 in Montmagny, Joseph the godfather to Louise Prou; godmother Jacquette Fournier342iv.
1/27/1737, Barbe died in St-Thomas, buried in the next day in Montmagny. Their son Joseph attended the burial.
12/9/1741, Joseph 84, died in St-Thomas, a month after his 1st-born son Joseph. His brother Pierre342ix and son Francois attended the burial. The priest noted that he had been “sick like a child” for 7 years.
Children: [4 un-named children are not listed.]
Joseph Fournier, baptized 7/4/1685 in Riviere Ouelle, St-Thomas.
11/24/1705 in Montmagny, Joseph attended the wedding of Pierre Biort.
11/17/1710 in Cap-St-Ignace, Joseph married Elisabeth Gagne, d/o Pierre & Louise Lafleur.
2/11/1717, Joseph attended his brother Jean’s wedding.
12/2/1717, Joseph godfather to Jean Fournier368i; the godmother Jean’s great-grandmother Jacqueline Boulay340i.
11/26/1736 in Montmagny, Joseph at the wedding of his niece Marie Fournier, d/o Jean.
3/26/1738, Joseph attended the burial of his brother Jean.
11/18/1741, Joseph died. His uncle Pierre342ix and brother Francois attended the burial.
Jean Fournier, born 1688 in St-Thomas.
2/11/1717 in St-Thomas, Jean married Louise Joncas, d/o Pierre Joncas dit Lapierre and Louise Nolin. Louise’s grandfather Pierre Joncas attended, as did Jean’s brother Joseph Fournier.
3/24/1738 in Saint-Thomas, Jean 50, died; his brother Joseph attended the burial.
12/11/1776 in Montmagny, Louise, 77 and the widow of Jean “Fournie”, was buried.
Francoise Fournier, born 2/21/1692.
3/7/1692 Franciose died as an infant.
Marie Barbe Fournier, born 4/26/1694 in St-Thomas.
7/20/1720 in Quebec, Marie married Pierre Lamarre.
2/5/1728, Marie the godmother to her neice Marie Barbe Fournier, d/o her brother Francois.
4/30/1744 in St-Pierre-du-Sud, Marie died.
Pierre Fournier, born 11/1/1696 in St-Thomas.
11/6/1696 Pierre died as an infant.
Andre Fournier, born 12/1/1697 in St-Thomas. [twin]
12/4/1697 Andre died as an infant.
Dorothee Fournier, born 12/1/1697 in St-Thomas. [twin]
2/10/1721 in St-Thomas, Dorothee married Claude Guimond, widower of Anne Roy. Charles Fournier342xiv was present.
11/11/1738, Dorothee married 2nd Philippe-Ignace Gravel.
Marie Anne Fournier, born 3/1/1700 in St-Thomas.
4/26/1729 in St-Thomas, Anne married Jean-Baptiste Gagne.
3/1/1745 in St-Thomas, Anne married Ambroise Verieu.
Unnamed Fournier, born 9/4/1702 in St-Thomas.
The child died the same day; baptized by their grandmother Francois Hebert343.
Francois Fournier, born 4/18/1704 in St-Thomas. [twin]
5/26/1727 in St-Thomas, Francois married widow Elisabeth Belanger.
Francoise Fournier, born 4/18/1704 in St-Thomas. [twin]
1/22/1732 in St-Thomas, Francoise married Germain Talon.
Augustin Fournier, born 1/28/1708 in St-Thomas.
1/30/1708 Augustin died as an infant.

vi. Marie Madeleine Fournier, born 7/18/1663 in Québec.
10/8/1664, 1-year-old Marie died.

vii. Jean Fournier, born 3/18/1665 in Québec.
12/31/1688 at Cap St Ignace, Jean married Marie Jean Leroy, born ~1667, d/o Nicolas and Jeanne Lelievre and the widow of Jean Gaudreau.
11/19/1696 at Cap St Ignace, Jean attended the wedding of his brother Louis.
1/29/1739–7/21/1749 at Cap St Ignace, Jean died.
4/26/1751 at Cap St Ignace, Marie Leroy, spouse of deceased Jean Fournier, buried.
Francoise Fournier, born 12/1688 in Cap-St-Ignace.
8/14/1692 in , age 3, she died.
Nicolas Fournier, born 7/19/1690 in Cap-St-Ignace.
1/15/1714 in Cap-St-Ignace, he married Barbe Thibault.
12/14/1749 in Montmagny, he died.
Jean Baptiste Fournier, born 7/17/1692 in Cap-St-Ignace.
11/23/1718 in Cap-St-Ignace, he married Marie Francoise Dumas.
6/20/1740 in Cap-St-Ignace, he died; his brother Joseph attended the burial.
Marie Fournier, born 8/26/1694 in Cap-St-Ignace.
7/21/1749 in Cap-St-Ignace, she married Jean Baptiste Richard.
Ambroise Fournier, born 8/3/1696 in Cap-St-Ignace.
8/17/1729 in L’Islet, he married Genevieve Guillet.
1/14/1745 in Cap-St-Ignace, he died.
Cecile Fournier, born 8/1/1698 in Cap-St-Ignace.
4/20/1716 in Cap-St-Ignace, she married Louis Thibault.
11/8/1671 in Beauport, she died.
Marie Anne Fournier, born 7/1700 in Cap-St-Ignace.
1/28/1726 in Cap-St-Ignace, she married Jean Baptiste Durand.
4/15/1728 in Cap-St-Ignace, she died.
Joseph Fournier, born 5/11/1702 in Cap-St-Ignace.
10/21/1731 in Montmagny, he married Marguerite Langlois.
Augustin Fournier, born 6/28/1704 in Cap-St-Ignace.
11/25/1727 in Cap-St-Ignace, he married Elisabeth Gravel dit Brindeliere.
8/27/1758 in Cap-St-Ignace, he died.
Charles Fournier, born 10/12/1708 in Cap-St-Ignace.
1/29/1739 in Cap-St-Ignace, he married Marie Louise Gravel dit Brindeliere, d/o Augustin.
2/2/1756 in Cap-St-Ignace, he died.

viii. Simon Fournier, born 4/28/1677 in Québec.
11/12/1691 at Saint-Pierre, Ile d’Orleans, Simon married Anne Catherine Rousseau, born 7/26/1668 d/o Thomas and Madeleine Olivier. His brother Pierre and brother-in-law Pierre Blanchet signed at the wedding.
2/19/1714 in Montmagny, Simon the godfather to Marie Genevieve Daniau, d/o Jacques. Francoise Chiasson169 was the godmother.
11/4/1732 in St Laurent I.O., Simon was present at the wedding of his son Joseph.
1/8/1735 in Quebec, Simon attended the 2nd wedding of his son Joseph.
Simon died.
12/7/1749 in St Pierre du Sud, Catherine, age 84 and widow of Fournier, died; buried the next day.
Marie Catherine Fournier, born 8/8/1692 in Montmagny; godparents her grandmother Francoise Hebert & her uncle Pierre Blanchet.
5/27/1709 in Montmagny, she married Pierre Bouchard, s/o Nicolas and Anne Leroy.
12/24/1760 in Montmagny, she died.
Marie Madeleine Fournier, born 2/10/1694 in Montmagny; godfather her grandfather Guillaume Fournier, godmother her aunt Marie Madeleine, sister of her father.
9/8/1715, she married Etienne Fontaine.
Jean Fournier, born 1/22/1696 in Montmagny.
11/7/1720, he married Marie Gervais.
Genevieve Fournier, born 1/9/1698 in Montmagny; godfather Pierre Joncas.
10/13/1715, she married Pierre Gagne.
11/30/1741 in St Pierre du Sud, she died.
Marie Marthe Fournier, born 12/19/1699 in Montmagny.
11/15/1719, she married Jean Ruel.
Simon Fournier, born 2/17/1702 in Montmagny.
1727, he married Marie Marthe Bouchard.
Bef. 10/20/1732 he died; Marie remarried.
Marie Angelique Fournier, born 5/25/1704 in Montmagny; godfather Alphonse Morin687xiii; godmother her cousin Marie Madeleine Blanchet.
11/2/1722, she married Louis Joseph Laurendeau.
10/6/1741 in St Pierre du Sud, she died.
Marie Anne Fournier, born 3/30/1707 in Montmagny.
1727, she married Francois Bouchard.
Joseph Fournier, born 4/14/1710 in Montmagny.
11/4/1732 in St Laurent I.O., he married Marie Angelique Ruel.
1/8/1735 in Quebec, a widower, he married Dorothee Plante.
Marie Rosalie Fournier, born 1/19/1712 in Montmagny.
10/22/1730 in St Laurent I.O., she married Antoine Augustin Ruel.

ix. Pierre Fournier, born 4/23/1669 in Québec.
11/12/1691 at Saint-Pierre, Ile d’Orleans, Pierre attended the wedding of his brother Simon.
11/24/1695 in Montmagny, Pierre married Marie Isabelle, d/o Michel and Marie Jobidon.
8/22/1750 in Montmagny, Pierre, given age 80, died; buried the next day.
12/11/1754 in Montmagny, Marie, age 78 and spouse of deceased Pierre, died; buried the next day.
Marie Fournier, born 6/11/1697 in Montmagny; godfather his grandfather Guillaume Fournier.
8/1/1729 in Montmagny, she married Joseph Lepage.
Charlotte Marie Fournier, born 5/20/1699 in Montmagny.
10/8/1725 in Montmagny, she married Nicolas Thibierge.
Marie Elisabeth Fournier, born 6/24/1701 in Montmagny.
6/9/1727 in Chateau-Richer, she married Charles Garvel dit Brindeliere.
3/2/1744 in Chateau-Richer, she died.
Angelique Fournier, born 4/8/1703 in Montmagny.
6/3/1703, an infant, she died.
Marie Madeleine Fournier, born 9/18/1704 in Montmagny.
Angelique Fournier II, born 8/26/1707 in Montmagny; godfather Alphonse Morin687xiii.
11/21/1729 in Montmagny, she married Jean Baptiste Gosselin.
1/31/1734 in Montmagny, she died.
Marie Josephe Fournier, born 10/14/1709 in Montmagny.
10/19/1709, an infant, she died.
Marie Genevieve Fournier, born 10/29/1710 in Montmagny.
12/13/1737 in Montmagny, age 27, she died.
Jacques Fournier, born 9/3/1712 in Montmagny.
2/28/1713, an infant, he died.
Pierre Fournier II, born 9/19/1714 in Montmagny.
9/20/1714, an infant, he died.

x. Marie Françoise Fournier ( 171), born 4/30/1671 in Québec.

xi. Louis Fournier I, born 1672 in Québec.
11/19/1696 at Cap St Ignace, Louis, 24, married Marie Caron, 19, d/o Pierre and Marie Bernier. His brother Jean signed at the wedding.
5/2/1719, Louis attended the wedding of his daughter Marie Marthe.
6/17/1721 in Montmagny, Louis, age 48, was buried. Seigneur Couillard attended the burial.
2/16/1724 in Montmagny, Marie died. Martin Boulet340vii attended the burial.
Louis Fournier, born 5/30/1698 in Montmagny; godmother his grandmother Francoise Hebert.
11/16/1722 in Cap-St-Ignace, he married Marie Angelique Boisse.
Marie Genevieve Fournier, born 1/26/1700 in Montmagny.
11/10/1714 in Montmagny, age 14, she died.
Marie Marthe Fournier, born 4/15/1702 in Montmagny.
5/2/1719 in Montmagny, she married Pierre Joncas, s/o Pierre & Louise Nolin.
Marie Louise Fournier, born 2/13/1705 in Montmagny.
2/5/1725 in Montmagny, she married Jacques Joncas, s/o Pierre & Louise Nolin.
1/29/1750 in Montmagny, she died.
Jean Baptiste Fournier, born 5/23/1707 in Montmagny.
1/17/1709, 1 year old, he died.
Jean Baptiste Fournier II, born 5/3/1709 in Montmagny.
10/29/1713 in Montmagny, age 4, he died.
Elisabeth Fournier, born 7/22/1711 in Montmagny.
10/25/1734 in Montmagny, she married Gabriel Nolin.
8/18/1739 in L’Islet, she died.
Francois Fournier, born 1/10/1714 in Montmagny.
9/15/1714, an infant, he died.
Marie Fournier, born 1715 in Montmagny.
11/8/1735 in Montmagny, she married Servant Bernard.
12/30/1758 in Cap-St-Ignace, she died; buried with Servant in the same grave.
Marie Aimee Fournier, born 4/17/1718 in Cap-St-Ignace.
11/22/1740 in L’Islet, she married Joseph Cloutier.
Marie Marguerite Fournier, born 3/19/1720 in Montmagny.
10/9/1741 in Montmagny, she married Joseph Gagne.
3/9/1756 in Montmagny, she died.

xii. Louis Fournier II, born 4/20/1673 at Cote du Sud.
11/3/1674 in Québec, 1-year-old Louis died.

xiii. Marie Madeleine Fournier II, born 8/3/1675 at Montmagny.
2/10/1694 in Montmagny, Marie the godmother to her neice Marie Madeleine, d/o Simon.
5/2/1707 at Saint-Francois-de-Sales, Ile d’Orleans, Madeleine married Pierre Laporte dit StGeorges, s/o Jean and Jeanne Minet. The priest was Buisson Destcosme.
7/10/1741 in Saint-Francois-de-Sales, they celebrated the wedding of their daughter Barbe.
8/19/1748 in Saint-Francois-de-Sales, Madeleine the godmother to Marie Amable Tougas, d/o Gabriel.
Joseph Laporte, born 11/22/1707 in Saint-Francois-de-Sales.
1/24/1735 in Saint-Francois-de-Sales, he married Marie Angelique Nadon.
Marie Madeleine Laporte, born 1/12/1709 in Saint-Francois-de-Sales.
9/9/1725 in Saint-Francois-de-Sales, she married Louis Deveau.
Pierre Laporte, born 12/12/1712 in Saint-Francois-de-Sales.
1/11/1740 in Saint-Francois-de-Sales, he married Marie Suzanne Labelle.
Marie Helene Laporte, born 9/26/1714 in Saint-Francois-de-Sales.
5/16/1740 in Saint-Francois-de-Sales, she married Jacques Filiatrault dit StLouis.
11/19/1761 in Ste-Rose, she died.
Marie Barbe Laporte, born 7/29/1716 in Saint-Francois-de-Sales.
7/10/1741 in Saint-Francois-de-Sales, she married Alexis Griepy.
Marie Laporte, born 1718 in Saint-Francois-de-Sales.
2/20/1741 in Saint-Francois-de-Sales, age 23, she died.

xiv. Charles Fournier, born 6/20/1677 at Cote du Sud.
7/13/1677 Charles baptized in Québec.
7/13/1699 at Cap-St-Ignace, Charles, 22, married Elisabeth Agnes Bouchard, d/o Nicolas and Anne Leroy. Alphonse Morin687xiii attended the wedding. Her step-father Claude signed at the wedding, as did her guardian Louis Bose.
5/1700 in Montmagny, Alphonse Morin687xiii , Pierre Joncas, & Charles Fournier342xiv, all attended the wedding of Michel Masson.
1/14/1704, Charles was the godfather to Elisabeth Agnes Morin, d/o Joseph Morin [son of Alphonse Morin687xiii] & Agnes Bouchard [sister of Elisabeth].
3/14/1708 in Montmagny, Elisabeth was the godmother of Elisabeth Boulanger.
10/12/1714, Elisabeth the godmother of Louise Blanchet, d/o Pierre, s/o Charles’ sister Marie Anne.
7/20/1715 in Montmagny, Charles attended the burial of Genevieve Boulay, d/o Martin340vii.
9/9/1739 in Montmagny, Charles, age 62 & Capitaine de Milice de St-Pierre, died ; buried the next day. His son Pierre attended the burial.
[There are many more records in which Charles appears – he was very active in family life.]
Marie Elisabeth Fournier, born 4/18/1700 in Montmagny.
10/4/1723 in Montmagny, she married Charles Bellanger.
Charles Fournier, born 5/12/1701 in Montmagny.
10/15/1725 in Montmagny, he married Marie Angelique Langlois [died 1/8/1776].
Genevieve Fournier, born 1/9/1703 in Montmagny.
Philippe Fournier, born 11/6/1704 in Montmagny.
Joseph Fournier, born 9/29/1706 in Montmagny.
9/30/1734 in Montmagny, he married Marguerite Marie Joanne.
Pierre Basile Fournier, born 4/27/1708 in Montmagny.
1/9/1736 in Montmagny, he married Marie Madeleine Langlois dit StJean.
Guillaume Fournier, born 6/9/1710 in Montmagny.
2/25/1737 in L’Islet, he married Marie Angelique Gagnon.
Francois Fournier, born 1/29/1712 in Montmagny.
2/22/1740 in L’Islet, he married Marie Genevieve Gagnon.
Louis Fournier, born 11/20/1713 in Montmagny.
1/12/1739 in L’Islet, he married Marie Marguerite Letourneau.
Marie Marthe Fournier, born 4/19/1715 in Montmagny.
8/1/1752 in L’Islet, she married Joseph Lizotte.
Marie Anne Fournier, born 5/19/1717 in Montmagny.
8/6/1747 in Quebec, she married Louis Duval.
Marie Claire Fournier, born 3/11/1719 in Montmagny.
11/10/1738 in Montmagny, she married Joseph Gagnon.
Augustin Fournier, born 4/21/1721 in Montmagny.
8/8/1746 in L’Islet, he married Marie Josephe Gagnon.

xv. [Madeleine] Fournier, born 8/1679 at Cote du Sud.
The unidentified female [illegible] died the same month.