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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cox 348 Paquet-Coular

348. Pierre Paquet Sr & 349. Marie Martha Coular [Fra, LA] 

1680, Pierre born in Angers, France. (S) Burial record in St. Louis Cathedral Archives.
~1680, Marie born [probably in France].
Pierre, trained as a tailor, traveled to Colonial Alabama as a soldier at the French Garrison in Mobile.
6/26/1721, Le Sieur Diron Census, habitants of Fort Louis de la Mobile, Pierre Paquet, a tailor, wife, 2 children. (S) Census Tables 1699–1732.
Pierre purchased land near New Orleans along the MS river from a free negro named Jean Baptiste.
8/3/1726 Pierre died in New Orleans, LA. He died just days before his son Pierre Jr was married. “On August 5, 1726, the body of Pierre Paquet was interred in New Orleans. He was an inhabitant of the city of Mobile, a native of Angers, France. He died in this parish at the age of 46 years.” (S) SLC FB1 1726, P16.
8/6/1726, Marie attended the wedding of her son Pierre Jr.

Family notes:
• Angers is a ancient city in France in the d├ępartement of Maine-et-Loire, 191 miles south-west of Paris, directly on the route to La Rochelle, the departure point for travel to New France. The area surrounding Angers is more popularly known by its pre-revolutionary, provincial name, Anjou.

Children of Pierre and Marthe:

i. Pierre Paquet Jr ( 174), born 1704.

ii. Michel Paquet.
8/26/1726 Michel witnessed his brother Pierre’s wedding. (S) Love’s Legacy, P53.
1731 Census of New Orleans, Michel “Pacquet”.
3/19/1748, in New Orleans Michel was named the tutor for his niece Marthe. (S) No. 174 Family notes.
9/7/1756 Michael was the godfather to his grand nephew Michael Gargaret II, s/o Marie174i.