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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bell 460 Phillips-Lowe

460. William Phillips & 461. Margaret Lowe {Somerset Co. MD}

~1717, William born in MD; s/o 920. Richard Phillips.
~1724, Margaret born in MD; d/o 922. Ralph Lowe & 923. Rachel Hudson.
1/22/1744, William married 2nd Mary in Stepney Parrish, Somerset Co., MD.
7/1/1793, William died in Somerset Co., MD.

Children of William and Margaret:

i. Roger Phillips ( 230), born ~1742 in MD.

Children of William and Mary:

ii. Eleanor Phillips, born 6/20/1744 in Somerset Co., MD.

iii. Isaac Phillips, born 2/13/1751 in MD.
Isaac married Elizabeth ?.
2/19/1831 in Sussex Co., DE, Issac wrote his will, all children [many not listed below] named; son Joseph named executor and received plantation.
6/11/1831, Issac died.
Roger Phillips, born ?.
He married Rebeckah Bailey.
James H Phillips, born 9/16/1776.
8/29/1811, he married Nancy Calloway.
He 2nd married Rebecca Moore.
3/3/1849, he died.
Margaret Phillips, born ?.
She married William Cooper.

iv. Elizabeth Phillips, born 12/26/1753 in Somerset Co., MD.
Elizabeth married Charles Traider.

v. Rachel Phillips, born 10/10/1756 in Somerset Co., MD.

vi. William Phillips, born 1/10/1758 in Somerset Co., MD.
William married Mary Ann Dashiell.
1784 Granville Co., NC tax roll, William Phillips.
Handy Phillips, born ?.
Betsy Phillips, born ?.

vii. Elijah Phillips, born 5/21/1760 in Somerset Co., MD.
Elijah married Allie ?.
Elijah married 2nd Mary “Molly” Donohoe.
Children of Allie:
Whitney Phillips, born 1788 in DE.
Children of Mary:
William Phillips, born 1812 in DE.

viii. Mary Phillips, born 11/25/1762 in Somerset Co., MD.

ix. Elisha Phillips, born 6/1/1769 in Somerset Co., MD.