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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bell 468 Lamb-Longshore

468. Thomas Lamb Sr & 469. Alice Longshore {Bucks Co. PA, Union Co. SC}

1720, Thomas born in Bucks Co., PA, s/o 936. Thomas Lamb I & 937. Mary Webster.
Bef. 1724 Thomas was orphaned. He apparently was raised by his mother’s relatives.
8/1/1724, 3-year old “grandson Thomas Lamb” is mentioned in the will of his grandfather Peter Webster ( 1874).
9/4/1726, Alice born in Bucks Co., PA, the d/o 938. Euclydus Longshore and 939. Alice Stackhouse.
6/16/1744, Thomas married Alice in Middletown Meeting House, Bucks Co., PA.
6/29/1754, Alice and children were received on certificate at the Fairfax Middletown Meeting, Loudon County, VA, from Middleton Meeting, Bucks County, PA.
11/8/1760, “Alice Lamb” mentioned in her father’s will.
1766, Thomas moved his family to SC. Thomas Lamb, Alice Longshore Lamb, and their 6 youngest children were granted a certificate to join Wateree Monthly Meeting, Kershaw Co., SC.
1789, Alice died in Union Co., SC.
1790, Thomas is living with his son Thomas Jr. in Union Co., SC. See No.234.
1/29/1791, “This indenture made 29 January 1791 between Thomas Lamb, Senr., and his oldest son Thomas Lamb, Junr., and his grandson, Robert Lamb, all of Union County in the State of South Carolina of the one part and Robert Merrick of Binth/Bristol(?), Borough and Township in Bucks County in the State of Pennsylvania of the other part. Three lots of land sutuate in Borough of Bristol aforesaid which were divised unto him the said Thomas Lamb, Senr, and the (??) of his body forever by the last Will and Testament of his Grandfather, Peter Webster, as in and by the will duly recorded in the Register's Office for the County of Bucks, Pennsylvania.” (S) Union Co., SC, DB27, P457. [This deed proves the relationship between this Thomas and Peter Webster ( 1874).]
1800, Thomas died in Union Co., SC.
8/6/1800, Thomas’ will probated: Union Co., Will Typescript (MSS WB-A, P-12; Estate Packet: Box 3, Pkg 5). Persons named: Lamb, William/Lamb, Longshore/Lamb, Alice/Lamb, Sarah/Lamb, Esther/Lamb, Marget/Lamb, John/Lamb, Phee/Young, Richard/Huckiba, Robert/Huckiba, Thomas/Young, Elizebeth. (S) SCDA&H, S-108093, reel-27, F-157. ???
(S) Rover & Bedford Co., TN, P256.

Family notes:
• Between 1799 and 1830, the overwhelming majority of Quakers left South Carolina and Georgia for territory where they could rear their children free from the influence of slavery. The exodus began in 1799 when a few Friends left Georgia for the Miami Valley of Ohio. Part of the Longshore Lamb family settled in Williamson Co., TN; and part continued on to Caldwell Co., KY. Both of these locations lay along a western route taken by Quakers migrating from South Carolina and Georgia to Indiana and Ohio.
• Longshore Lamb, born 1780 in South Carolina, prominent in Williamson Co., TN, was not the son of Thomas Lamb and Alice; however, he was probably a grandson.

Children of Thomas and Alice:

i. Thomas Lamb Jr ( 234), born 1745 in PA.

ii. William Lamb, born ~1750 in PA.
1790, (S) 1790 Census, SC, Union Co. William. 1-0-1, living near his brother Thomas.
1800, (S) 1800 Census, SC, Union Co. William.

iii. Longshore Lamb, born bef. 1756.
Longshore served under Colonel Brandon during the Revolutionary War. [This was another reason the Quakers later disowned Longshore.]
1780, Longshore present at the fall of Charleston.
9/13/1788, Longshore Lamb, grant for 163 acres on Frenchman’s Creek in 96th Dist. (S) SCDA&H, S-213019, V-23, P-200.
1779, in Newberry Co., SC, Longshore married Sarah Sally ?.
10/30/1779, Longshore was disowned by the Bush River MM for marrying “outside” [not a Quaker.]
1790, (S) 1790 Census, SC, Union Co. Longshore: 1-2-5. He lives near his neice Elizabeth117, and his brother John.
1796, Longshore served on jury duty in Union Co.
(S) 1800 Census, SC, Spartanburg Co. Longshore: 31101,12010.
1804, Longshore witnessed a deed of sale for the property on Jimmy Creek of the Tiger River.
10/7/1807, Longshore sold his land on the Tyger River. The deed indicates he married Sally in 1779. [They lived on Enoree Creek.]
1/1/1808, Longshore Lamb and William Crow witnessed a Bill of Sale in SC.
(S) 1810 Census, KY, Caldwell Co. Longshore: 12100,12300.
9/3/1810, Sally Lamb, in Caldwell Co., signed a document renouncing dower rights to the property Longshore Lamb had sold in South Carolina in 1807. On the same date Longshore gave consent for Peggy to marry James Farmer.
10/8/1811, Longshore Lamb gave consent for Jane to marry Jesse Clayton.
8/22/1816 Longshore is mentioned in the will of Richard Chesney of Spartanburg Co. (S) SCDA&H, S-108093.
10/27/1816, Longshore Lamb gave garantee for Moses to marry “Lusinda” Smith.
(S) 1820 Census, KY, Caldwell Co. Longshore.
~1827, Longshore died in Caldwell Co.
~1844, Sarah died.
Longshore Lamb, born 1747-1755.
Sarah Sally Lamb, born 1757-1762.
Elizabeth Lamb, born 1780.
Levi Lamb, born 1782.
10/3/1803, Levi witnessed a deed in SC.
William Lamb, born 1784.
Bef. 1845 he died. (S) Lawsuit of John.
Mary Polly Lamb, born 1786.
She married William Crow.
1811, they moved to Caldwell Co., TN.
Bef. 1845 she died. (S) Lawsuit of John.
Jensey “Jane” Lamb, born 1788.
She married Jesse Clayton.
Bef. 1845 she died. (S) Lawsuit of John.
Peggy Lamb, born 1790.
She married James Farmer.
Bef. 1845 she died. (S) Lawsuit of John.
Martin Lamb, born 1792.
John Lamb, born 4/3/1793. (S) Gravestone.
8/1816, he married Polly Clayton.
7/7/1845, John brought a legal suit in Caldwell Co. where all his siblings are named.
Moses Lamb, born 1796.
10/28/1816, Moses married Lucinda Smith.

iv. Alice Lamb, born ~1757.

v. Sarah Lamb, born ~1759.

v. Esther Lamb, born ~1761.

iv. John Lamb, born ~1763.
1790, (S) 1790 Census, SC, Union Co. John lives near his neice Elizabeth117, and his brother Longshore.
1800, (S) 1800 Census, SC, Union Co. John:
12/12/1826, John died.

v. Margot Lamb, born ~1766 in Union Co., SC.

vi. Phoebe Lamb, born ~1768 in Union Co., SC.