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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bell 490 Phineas Hodgson

490. Phineas Hodgson {Cecil Co. MD}

~1701, Phineas born in MD, s/o 980. Robert Hodgson & 981. Sarah Borden.
Phineas listed as s/o Robert. (S) Colonial Families of Philadelphia, P1737.
1733, Phineas left 200 acres on the South side of Pleasant Garden in his father’s will [the rest went to his brother Joseph.]
12/9/1745, Joseph conveyed his interest in Peasant Garden to his brother Phineas.
1/11/1748, Phineas given £5 in his widowed mother’s will.
4/24/1751, Phineas given £1 in his brother Joseph’s will.
3/19/1752, “Finos” given 10 shillings in the will of his brother John.
1771, Phineas divided 400 acres from his father between his sons Robert, John and Abel.
Bef. 6/9/1772, Phineas died in Cecil Co., MD: deed from Robert Hodgson of Frederick Co. VA & Phineas Hodgson “late of Cecil Co” to John Mackey of Cecil Co. - wits: Josh. Gilpin, Amos Alexander.

Children of Phineas and ?:

i. Robert Hodgson, born ?.
1771, Robert conveyed 130 acres to his brother John.
(S) 1783 Cecil Co., MD Tax List: Robert Hodgson.

ii. Hannah Hodgson ( 245), born ~1725 in MD.

iii. John Hodgson, born ?.
1771, Robert conveyed 130 acres to his brother John.
1773, John sold the 130 acres from Robert to William Shearer.
1785, John died. (S) The Cyclopaedia of Am. Bio., P229.

iv. Abel Hodgson, born 1738.
Abel listed as s/o Phineas. (S) Colonial Families of Philadelphia, P1737.
1771, Abel received 130 acres of Pleasant Garden land from his family.
1773, Abel bought from his cousin Jonathan Hodgson of Phildelphia 250 acres know as “Hodgson’s Choice”.
Robert Hodgson, born ?.
1/3/1793 he married Sarah Alexander.
James Hodgson, born ?.
1798 he married Margaret Boyd, d/o Judge James Boyd.
[Child: Robert Henry Hodgson, born 10/31/1830, was host of the 9/7/1892 family reunion – the source of much of the family history.]
Mary Hodgson, born ?.
Elizabeth Hodgson, born ?.
Hannah Hodgson, born ?.