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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bell 496 Doak-Wilson

496. John Doak & 497. Mary Wilson {Londonderry NH, Donegal PA}

John of Ballymena, County Atrium, Ireland.
John and his brother James immigrated to Londonderry, NH.
9/29/1720, “Sixty acres laid out to James and John Doak in the village of Nutfield, Rockingham Co NH. Recorded 1 Oct 1720.”
12/21/1724, John Doke, of the Twp of Donegal in the province of PA sells to James Doke for 30 pounds all his right, share, title, and interest in one-half lot in ye Township of Londonderry in ye province of New Hampshire in New England. (S) Rockingham Co. NH, DB15:144-45.
1/16/1743, “James Doack, of Londonderry in Province of New Hampshire in New England, yeoman, for 5 shillings...all right, title, interest, property claim, challenge, to James Cochran...to 30 acres in original lot laid out to my brother John Doak and to me...” Rockingham Co NH deeds 28:124-25.

Children of James and Elizabeth:

i. John Doak, born ?.
8/1746, Patrick Hays vs. Samuel Doak. Defendant brother of John Doak, 17th April 1746. (S) Chronicles …, P294.

8/1757, John Doack 640 acres in Rowan County in the Parish of St Luke on both sides of the head of great Allamance, joining both sides of ye Main fork of Allamance.
1759, Rowan co. tax list: John Doak and two taxables.
1760, John Doack, 640 acres in Rowan Co in the Parish of St Luke.
1761, Rowan co. tax list: John Doak and sons ‘Roberd and Jeames’.
1763, John Doak 582 acres in Rowan Co in the Parish of St Luke on both sides of Bleating branch, Waters of Alamance, joining Mebands Corner, Husbands Alias Armfiels line and Mathews line.
8/24/1764, John Doak and wife Mary  to John Alexander 320 acres on head of Great Alamance granted 1 Aug, 1760 by Granville.
1/12/1765, John Doak to Robert Doak 291 acres on Bleating branch of Almance River, part of said John Doak's place called Bleating House Land.
4/8/1765, John Doak Sr. to John Doak Jr. 291 acres on Bleating Creek adjacent Hermon Husbands.
(S) Granville District of NC, 1748-1763, V3, 1989. (S) Rowan Co. NC Deed Abstracts, V2, 1972.

ii. Thankful Doak, born 1708 in ?.
1724, Thankful married John Finley.
Aft. 1791 Thankful died; buried in Tinkling Spring Cem., Fisherville, Augusta Co., VA.

iii. David Doak ( 248), born 1710 in ?.

iv. Samuel Doak, born ? in ?.
Samuel married widow Jane [Mitchell] ?.
8/1746, Patrick Hays vs. Samuel Doak. Defendant brother of John Doak, 17th April 1746. (S) Chronicles …, P294.
~1745, Saml Doak father of John: (S) Peter R. Beverley vs. John Doake – Deposition of Thomas Mitchell, 14th October, 1805, aged 73, says: Samuel Doak lived on the land in dispute upwards of sixty years ago and John has lived on it ever since Sam’s Death.
11/22/1754, Saml. Doak and John Mitchell, guardians of the orphans of John Greer...settled accounts.
1771, Samuel died in Augusta Co., VA.
Rev. Samuel Doak [of TN fame].
10/10/1774, Samuel a soldier in his brother Robert’s militia company at the Battle of Point Pleasant against Shawnee and Mingo Indians.
1775, from a military warrant under the King of Great Britain’s proclamation, he had a survey made of his settlement on the waters of Reed Creek, then in Fincastle, now Wythe Co.
~1789, he moved to TN.
John Doak, born ?.
Robert Doak, born ?.
He selected a site and helped build Bethel Presbyterian Church near Greenville, VA. He was an elder in the church, Col. in the militia, member of the House of Burgesses, and high sheriff of the county. His home “Buffalo Hill” still stands.
Elizabeth Doak, born ?.
She married James McTeer.
They moved to TN.
Mary Doak, born ?.
She married Abner Weatherly.

v. Robert Doak, born ? in ?.
Robert married Jane/Letitia Breckenridge.
They lived in Rockingham Co, VA, near Mt. Crawford.

vi. Ann Doak, born ? in ?.
Ann married George Breckenridge; they lived near Fincastle, VA.