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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

John Powell & Mary ?

656. John Powell & 657. Mary ? {… VA}

~1644, John born in Wales, England. [Possibly s/o Nathaniel, and probably related to the other Powell families in VA – but the relationship is ill-defined. The main supporting evidence is proximity of family lands and legal transactions involving common sets of persons.]
11/14/1656, John was released from all debts by Maj John Hallowes, Essex Co, VA. [He was probably a bond servant.]
1668, John married Mary in Occupacia District, Old Rappahannock Co, VA. [Mary is sometimes identified as the sister of John’s 2nd wife Margarett – but this has been proven to be false through multiple deed records.]
John appears to have been a “cooper”.
1/5/1669, John mentioned in a deed of Rappahanock Co. (S) The Edward Pleasants Valentine Papers, P803.
5/11/1676, at 33 yrs of age, John was a witness to Thomas Pannell’s will.
11/23/1676, John witnessed Rice Jones’ will; and was named in the will as a Christian servant.
1685, Mary known to be living.
1689, Mary died.
1691, John married 2nd Margaret Coghill; d/o James.
11/14/1691, .. being the one half moiety of a certain tract of land taken up by James Coghill and Pattented by him, the said Coghill, in the year 1667, which sd Land was by the sd Coghill in his last Will and Testament bequeathed unto his two Daughters, Margaret and Mary; Now Know yee that we the said Jno: & Margaret, ye daughter of the sd James Coghill have hereby sold and assigned …
John married 3rd Jane Lucas.
1698, John died in Essex Co. [Jane married Thomas B. Burnett who was co-administrator of John’s estate. They managed the estate for some years.]

Children of John and Mary:

i. Robert Powell ( 328), born 1669 in VA.

ii. Henry Powell, born 1674 in VA.
1697, Henry was a witness in Essex Co.
Henry married Mary ?.
1735, Henry and his wife Mary lived in Caroline Co., VA.
Aft. 1740, Henry died.

iii. Elias Powell, born 1676 in VA.
Elias married Mary ?.
1736, Elias died in King George Co, VA.
Mary married 2nd William Butler.

iv. James Powell, born 1680 in VA.
James never married.

v. John Powell, born 1686 in VA.
John married Judith ?. [This John is often confused with others of the same name.]
6/16/1728, Thomas Burnett of South Farnham Parish, Essex Co.,& wife, Jane, sold 500 acres of the 1372 acres of John Powell’s land in Occupacia-Piscataway area; John Powell, Jr a witness.
1780, John died.
Elias Powell, Sr, born ?.
[He journied with his cousin Ambrose Powell and Dr. Walker as an explorer of TN.]

vi. Thomas “TP” Powell, born 1689 in VA.
1750, Thomas died in Brunswick Co., VA.

vii. Lucas Powell, born 1696.
1756, Lucas sold land in Brunswick Co, VA.