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Friday, March 19, 2010

Cox 256 Cox-Baugh

256. John Cox Jr & 257. Mary Baugh [VA]

~1645, John born in Henrico Co., VA; s/o 512. John Cox Sr and 513. ? Craddock.
~1662, Mary born in VA; d/o 514. William Baugh Jr and 515. Jane Hatcher.
8/1678 Orphans’ Court records of Henrico Co., VA gave an account of cattle belonging to sisters Mary and Priscilla, “orphans of William Baugh, deceased”.
Bef. 1685, they married in Henrico Co., VA.
2/1/1692, John and Mary gifted land from John Stowers. (S) Family notes.
1704, John paid Quit Rents on 150 acres in Henrico Co.
(S) 1705 Henrico Co., VA tax rolls.
4/1/1707 in Henrico Co. VA. Witnessed deed transactions: Deed #17, P29; Deed #18, P30.
5/18/1710 John’s will written.
1710, John died in VA. (S) Will recorded 1/1711.
12/7/1710, “daughter Mary Cox” named in the will of her mother [as executrix] along with her grandson William Cox. William and his mother are left “all my outlands”. Mary is also left all of the cattle except for 2 breeding cows.

Family notes:
• John Stowers of County & Parish of Henrico to John Cox Jr, on behalf of his son William Cox, for kindness and affection he bears to John Cox and his family, to said William Cox, son of John Cox and Mary his wife land at head of tract where Mr. Good lives on south side of James River near the Falls, near dividing line between Stowers and Good of a tract patented in both their names for 800 acres, 150 acres, being lower part of upper half, from day of death of said Stowers; Signed: JNo. Stowers; Wit: Hen. Randolph, Giles Webb; Rec. 1 Feb 1692. (S) Henrico Co., VA Deeds 1677-1705, Vol. 3, P75 & P381.
• Will of John Cox of Henrico Parish dated 5/18/1710, probated 10/1710. To wife Mary, land and plantation for life, unless marries; To son William, land I live on and negro man Robin; To son James, lower ½ my land up to Dover, including the house thereon, negro boy Tom, silver tankard; To grandson Richard Wilkinson, upper ½ of land at Dover, livestock, and items at age 21; Sons William and James to be executors; Dated 7/18/1710; Wit: Richard Cocke Jr., George Cox, Thomas Taylor. (S) Henrico Wills & Deeds 1710-1714, P80.

Children of John and Mary:

i. William Cox ( 128), born 1688 in VA.

ii. James Cox, born ~1689.
James never married.
3/1/1713, James wrote his will in Henrico Co., VA. Will (part missing): To James Daniel, a horse. To sister Martha Cox,----. To brother William Cox, all the rest and he to be exec. (Date illegible). Wit: Abram Womack Jr, George Cox, Elizabeth Glass.

iv. Martha Baldwin Cox, born 1692 in Henrico Co., VA.
1/7/1707 Martha married Richard Wilkinson, born ~1683. (S) St John’s Church Record, Henrico Co.
Bef. 4/6/1724 Richard died in Henrico Co. (S) Martha presented his will.
9/21/1735, Martha wrote her will. (S) Henrico Co., Deeds & Wills, 1725-37, P533.
Bef. 4/5/1736, Martha died in Henrico Co., VA. (S) Will recorded.
Richard Wilkinson Jr, born ~1708 in Henrico Co., VA. (S) Will of John Cox256.
He probably died as a child, a 2nd Richard is named later.
Sarah Wilkinson, born ~1711.
Mary Wilkinson, born ~1714.
She married ? Barnes.
9/27/1756 she married Joseph Crumption.
Martha Wilkinson, born ~1717.
Richard Wilkinson II, born ~1720.
He had not reached his 18th birthday when his mother made her will in 1735.
He married Mary Worsham.
1783 Chesterfield Co., he is listed as the head of a family of 6 whites with 20 blacks.
1785 he wrote his will.
Bef. 2/13/1789 he died. (S) Will recorded.

iii. Mary Cox, born ~1710.
[1710, Mary, probably unexpected, was not named in her father’s will – and likely born after he died.]
12/1710 Mary is named in her maternal grandmother’s will.