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Friday, March 19, 2010

Cox 258 Cocke-Perrin

258. William Cocke Sr & 259. Sarah Perrin
Adventures of Purse and Person Virginia 1607 - 1624/5

~1670, William born in VA; s/o 516. Thomas Cocke and 517. Agnes Powell.
10/10/1672, Sarah born in New Kent Dist., VA; d/o 518. Richard Perrin and 519. Katherine Royall. (S) Henrico Co., VA, D&W 1714-1718, P225-226. (S) Henrico Parish Records, Goochland Co., OB 7, 1750-57, May Court.
10/10/1686, Katherin “Perrin” and her 14-year-old daughter Sarah Perrin mentioned in the will of Sarah’s grandmother Katherine1039.
1/11/1691, Brothers William & Thomas Cocke posted security for the marriage of their brother James.
3/16/1694, Sarah bequeathed “World’s End”, her father’s 400 acre plantation. (S) Will of Richard Perrin. (S) AP&P, P285; VA Magazine, V8, P457.
11/2/1695 William married Sarah in St. John’s Church, Henrico County, VA. (S) Henrico Co. Deeds & Wills, 1688-97, P631.
4/26/1698, William patented 256 acres on a branch of Cornelius Run. (S) Henrico Co. PB9, P139.
1704 William paid quit rents on 1535 acres in Henrico Co. (S) English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records, Louis des Cognets Jr, P217.
3/1/1708-9, William sold 124 acres to Theodorick Carter & 130 acres to John Webb. Sarah relenquished her rights to the land. (S) Henrico Co. Deeds & Wills, 1706-9, P146,8.
William was a coroner of Henrico Co. (S) English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records, Louis des Cognets Jr, P13.
1711 Sarah died in New Kent Co., VA.
10/22/1712, “William Cocke Esqr” a member of the Gen. Assembly and “Secretary of the Colony”. (S) Leg. Journals of the Council of Col. VA, Waine, PP557,558,…
8/3/1715, “Wm Cocke Esqr” a member of the Gen. Assembly. (S) Leg. Journals of the Council of Col. VA, Waine, PP595,…
5/11/1717 William wrote his will. (S) Henrico Co. Deeds & Wills, 1714-18, P225.
12/1717 William died. (S) Will recorded 2/3/1718.

Family notes:
• In Gloucester county, at the mouth of York river opposite Yorktown known as Glocuester Point, the old Perrin mansion, built in 1716 and called “Little England” is still standing in good condition. It is of the style of architecture so usual in Virginia during the reigns of the Georges – a large, brick building, two stories high and four rooms on each floor, wainscoted and paneled. The house is in full view of Yorktown, at the mouth of Sarah’s Creek on the east side of Gloucester Point. There are several graves of the Perrin family. At UVA are records of B N Eubank including photos and blueprints.
• Williams death in 1711 explains the marriage of his daughter [unknown] in 1723 “at Bremo”. He left a widow and a family of young children, who found shelter at Bremo with their relative Richard Cocke.
• Goochland County Court May, 1754, B7, P402: Jordan vs. Cox. “William Cocke258ii, his life time was possessed of 4 negros as his own, one of which was a slave named in the declaration in this suit; William Cocke died sometime about the year 1736 leaving issue 2 children, infants, said infants both dying not more than 8 years old; at death of said infants said negros descended to Sarah, wife of Thomas Jordan, Temperance, wife of Abraham Bailey, Mary, wife of John Redford, sisters and co-heiresses of said William Cocke, and John Burton, Jr., son and heir of Catherine, then deceased, late wife of John Burton, said Catherine being a sister of said William Cocke. Sarah129, wife of the plaintiff (i.e. Thomas Jordan) in this suit, was at the time of her intermarriage with the said plaintiff, the widow and relict of one William Cox128, and that said William Cox died before the death of the infants of aforesaid William Cocke. The defendant in this suit, John Cox64, is son and heir at law to said William Cox by the said Sarah; the said Thomas Jordan, the plaintiff, and said Abraham Bailey, John Redford and John Burton Jr., on the death of the infants of said William Cocke, made a division of the said slaves into four lots and cast lots for choice and the negro Sam (mentioned in the declaration) fell to Sarah, wife of Said Thomas Jordan, and said Jordan became possessed of said Sam. About 4 years since Sarah, wife of the said Thomas Jordan departed this life and the defendant, John Cox, thinking that he had a right to the aforesaid negro applied to the said Jordan, and Jordan being advised that the right rested in the said John Cox turned over the said negro to him and said Sam is now in his possession.”

Children of William and Sarah:

i. Sarah Cocke ( 129), born ~1696.

ii. Capt. William Cocke Jr, born ~1698. (S) Family notes.
William married Judith Stewart. [Judith remarried in 1747.]
1733 William died. Inventory of Estate of Capt. William Cocke, deceased, taken 3/14/1734 by John Stewart, John Giles, Thomas Moseley. Presented 1st Monday, Feb. 1736 by Francis Redford. (Henrico Co., WD, 1725-1727, P601). His father left him his estate, but he had no living children when he died. Two children died before they were 8 years old. His estate went to his siblings.

iii. Temperance Cocke, born ~1700.
~1719 Temperance married Abraham Bailey. (S) Family notes.
1785 Temperance died in VA.
Henry Bailey, born ~1720.
David Bailey, born ~1722.
He married Jean ?.
12/7/1767 he wrote his will.
Bef. 3/7/1825 he died. (S) Will recorded.
Joseph Bailey, born ~1724.
Roger Cocke Bailey, born ~1726.
A corporal in Capt. James Gunn’s Company during the French and Indian War.
Served in Revolution from Charlotte Co.
1784 a resident of Mecklenburg Co.
Peter Bailey, born ~1728.
1786 he wrote his will and died in Henrico Co.
Temperance Bailey, born ~1730.
She married Charles Ballow.
4/28/1783, a widow, her son Charles acknowledge an account to her.
Abraham Bailey, born ~1732.
1761 a constable of Henrico Co.

iv. Catherine Cocke, born ?.
Catherine married John Burton born 1698 in VA.
9/10/1725 Catherine died 3 days after the birth of her son John. (S) Bristol Parish Reg.
John Burton Jr, born 9/7/1725. (S) Bristol Parish Reg.
He married Mary ?.
1761 John wrote his will and died. (S) Will recorded 2/1762.

v. Mary Cocke, born ?.
1742, Mary married John Redford, a vestryman of Henrico Parish. (S) The Annals and History of Henrico Parish by Moore, P19.
Bef. 1778 she died. (S) Not mentioned in John’s will.
Francis Redford, born ~1743.
William Cocke Redford, born ~1745.
Joseph Redford, born ~1747.
Martha Redford, born ~1749.
Ann Redford, born ~1751.
James Redford, born ~1753.
Sarah Redford, born ~1755.
She married Lusby Turpin.
John Redford, born ~1757.