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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cox 260 Hix

260. John Hix & 261. Sarah ?Preston? [VA]

~1658, John born in Henrico Co., VA; s/o 520. Robert Hix.
~1678 John married Sarah.
They lived on Warrany Creek, Henrico Co., VA.
1697, John was a doorkeeper for the House of Burgesses at Williamsburg, VA. Request: “John Hix humbly sheweth, That understanding there is a vacancy in one of the Door Keepers places, he humbly prays the house will be pleased to consider his present condition being low, as to admit and receive him ito the same; for his better support and maintenance and doth promise humbly to officiate therein with all diligence and fidelity.” /s/ John Hix pet. [Petition granted]. (S) Leg. Journals of the Council of Col. VA, Waine, P1513.
1704, John Hix owned 115 acres in James City Co. (S) James City County, McCartney, 1997, P565.
1726, John Hix patent. (S) C&P, V3, P578. [Could be the son.]
1728, John Hix, 960 acre land grant in Brunswick Co. (S) VA Co. Rcds., VII, B13, P393. [Could be the son.]

Children of John and Sarah:

i. Joseph Hix, born ?.
1704, Joseph Hix owned 100 acres in James City Co. (S) James City Co., McCartney, 1997, P565.

ii. Sarah Hix, born ?.
She married M Martin.

iii. Thomas Hix, born ?

iv. John Hix Jr, born ?.
9/1758, John named in a payroll of Albemarle Co. (S) Henning’s Statutes at Large, V7, P203.

v. Nathaniel Hix ( 130), born ~1678.