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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cox 264 Madison-Ambrose

264. John Madison Sr & 265. Maria Ambrose [Eng, VA]

John was a ship’s carpenter.
1652, John arrived from England.
1/4/1653, At James City, for paying the passage of 12 immigrants, including “John Madison”, John “Madeson” was granted 600 acres through the headright system. His land was on the Mattapony River. (S) PB 3, P217, Alderman Library at the Univ. of VA.
11/3/1653 John Madison received a patent of 80 acres on the Eastward side of Mandecoa Creek.
8/28/1657 John Maddison received a patent of 800 acres in New Kent Co., VA, on the North side of the Mattapony River adjacent to his existing 600 acres. (S) PB 4, P112.
8/28/1658 John Maddison received a patent of 300 acres in New Kent Co., VA, on the NE side of the Mattapony River and the North side of Whorecock Swamp. (S) PB 4, P184.
2/24/1659, John and wife Mary assigned property to Thomas Jones. “I John Mattison do authority to have sold unto Thomas Jones all my right and title of this land which is above Richard Davis and do bind myself and my wife Mary Mattison to acknowledging the same … as witness my hand this 24th of February 1659.” /s/ John J M Mattison. [his mark].
7/22/1659 William Goffe assigned land to John Maddison, who later assigned it to Martha Goffe. (S) PB 5, P315.
8/9/1659, John Maddison received a patent of 300 acres. (S) PB 5, P232.
1661, John Madison, John Pigg and Richard Evans received a 685 acre land patent (S) PB 8, P141.
3/18/1662-3 John renewed previous patents. (S) PB 5.
2/18/1663-4, John Maddison received a 280 acre land patent on (Old) Rappahannock Co., VA on the North side of a great branch of Peanketanck Swamp. (S) PB 5, P655.
5/5/1663, John Pigg “of Mattapony in the County of New Kent, planter” signed a Power of Attorney, appointing his “loving friend” John Maddison as his attorney in fact.
7/4/1664, John Maddison received a patent of 320 acres in New Kent Co., VA. Same date, John Maddison & John Pigg received a 1050 acre land patent in New Kent Co., VA on the main swamp of Piantetanke. (S) PB 5, PP132&233.
9/13/1664, John Maddison received a 200 acre land patent in Stratton Major Parish, New Kent Co., on the North side of the Mattapony River, adjacent to a dividend of land called “Tower Hill”. (S) PB 5, P372.
10/19/1666, John Maddison received a 350 acre land patent in New Kent Co., VA on the North side of the Mattapony River in a branch of Whorecock Swamp. (S) PB 5, P534.
6/10/1678 “John Maddison, Sen., of the Parish of St. Stephens in New Kent” deeded 280 acres by John Pigg. (S) Old Rappahannock Co., VA Deed Book 6, P76.
By 9/24/1680 John deceased. (S) Deed of John Jr.
(S) The James Madison Center, James Madison University.

Family notes:
• The Madison family had major connections with the Virginia counties of New Kent, King & Queen, King William and Caroline through the first half of the 18th Century. Most of these counties’ records were destroyed by fires in the 19th Century, mainly by a fire in Richmond set by the evacuating Confederates during the Civil War. This destruction of records makes the research of the Madison family particularly difficult. Circumstantial evidence often is the only evidence available.
• ??? in the “Charles Cittie” Muster of 1624 there is a Mary Madison, “widdow”, age 30 years, who arrived on the ship Treasurer in 1618, who has significant provisions and 2 servants. Her husband, Capt. Isack Maddeson, is listed as “Dead at West & Sherley Hundred”. One of their slaves, Francis, was identified as killed by the Indians.

Children of John and Maria:

i. John Madison Jr ( 132), born ~1655.

ii. Henry Madison, born ?.
??? 8/8/1671, 3999 pounds of Virginia tobacco arriving in England on the ship “Suzan” which was shipped by Henry Maddison and Co. (S) VA Colonial Records Proj., VA St. Libr., Survey Rpt. 3779, P22.
11/29/1680, Henry Madison son of John Madison, sold 415 acres in Stratton Major Parish, New Kent Co., VA, to Nicholas Ware. John Madison, father of Henry Madison received this land as a joint land patent on 4 July 1664 (S) PB 5, P132.
1696, Henry signed a petition to the VA Gen Assembly about forming a new county. (S) Leg. Journals of the Council of Col. VA, Waine, P1511.