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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cox 268 Taliaferro-Catlett

268. Robert Taliaferro Jr & 269. Sarah Catlett [VA]

1654, Robert born in VA; s/o 536. Robert Taliaferro Sr & 537. Sarah Grymes.
1666, Sarah born in Old Rappahannock Co., VA; d/o 538. John Catlett and 539. Elizabeth Underwood.
3/17/1672, “Son of Robert Taliaferro”, received a grant of 739 acres on the Rappahannock River, adjoining the land of Henry Corbin and Mr. Grymes, which was due him, the said “Robert Taliaferro, Jr.,” as “the grandson of Mr. Grymes.” (S) VA Co. Records, IX, Index to Land Grants Rappahannock County (Cont. from Vol. VI.), Bk6. [Robert is “Jr” because his father is still alive.]
1673, Sarah named in her mother’s will: To dau. Sarah, two of my biggest stone rings, small pearl necklace, silver bodkin, new trunk and napkin press, a small Bible, a small Testament, a dram cup, my wedding ring and oval table.
Sarah and her siblings were sent to England as children to be educated. (S) Will of her mother – see No. 539 Family notes.
Sarah returned to VA.
1687, “Taliaferro, Robert married Sarah, daughter of John & Elizabeth Catlett”, (S) Index to Marriages of Old Rappahannock & Essex Counties, VA, P226, 1687, Book:O2, P25.
1687, Robert sold land bequeathed to Sarah by her father. A deed in Essex County, dated 1687, shows that Robert Taliaferro and Francis Taliaferro [his brother] and their wives Sarah and Elizabeth sold 300 acres, part of the land bequeathed to said Sarah and Elizabeth by John Catlett, their father.
6/1/1687, Robert Taliaferro gave bond for the estate of Robert Taliaferro536, deceased.
8/9/1711, “Conveyance of Robert Taliaferro to Samuel Short. 40 pounds sterling. Tract of 100 acres, part of land formerly granted to Robert Taliaferro, deceased, father of Robert Taliaferro, containing 739 acres by patent of 17 March 1673 which is bounded as follows: …. Includes all houses, outhouses.” (S) Essex Co, VA, DB-13, P428.
8/11/1717, Robert Taliaferro sold to Augustine Smith 200 acres of land, part of 600 acres formerly granted to Mr. Charles Grymes2146, Sep 4, 1654, and by last will and testament granted to Katherine Dedman2147, grandmother of the said Robert Taliaferro. (S) Essex Co, VA, DB-12, P246. [This supports that this Robert was the grandson of Charles Grymes, so there is no other Robert, other than his father married to Sarah Grymes, that is in this lineage.]
9/3/1719, Conveyance of Robert Taliaferro to Samuel Short. 14 pounds. Tract of 25 acres, part of land granted to Robert Taliaferro, dcd, father of Robert Taliaferro, containing 739 acres by patent of 17 March 1673 . Beginning … including all houses, outhouses.” (S) Essex Co, VA, DB-16, P246.
5/7/1723, Robert, in claiming 1660 patent of 792 acres John Catlett538 gave to his 2 daughters Sarah and Elizabeth, stated he was “I Robert Taliaferro being the only Son and Heir at law of the said Sarah”. (S) Essex Co. Deed Bk. 1721-1724, PP200-3.
Bef. 6/26/1726 Robert died in Essex Co., VA.
1726 Sarah died in Essex Co., VA.

Family notes:
• See No. 538 – Sarah is a maternal great-grand aunt of President James Madison.

Children of Robert and Sarah:

i. Robert Taliaferro III ( 134), born ~1688 in VA.
4/1697, Robert named in the will of his uncle William Catlett. He was given William’s rapier, pistols, & 10s.

ii. Mary Taliaferro, born ~1690.

iii. Martha Taliaferro, born ~1692.

iv. Elizabeth Taliaferro, born ~1694.

vi. Francis Taliaferro, born ~1696.
4/1697, Francis named in the will of his uncle William Catlett. He was given a young mare.