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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cox 270 French-Gaines

270. Hugh French Sr & 271. Margaret Gaines [VA]

1648, Hugh born in Richmond Co., VA.
~1656, Margaret born in VA, d/o 542. Daniel Gaines & 543. Margaret Bernard. (S) AP&P.
Margaret married John Prosser. [4 sons – but the mother may not have been Margaret.]
Bef. 6/30/1677, John died.
Margaret married Capt. Simon Miller [who witnessed Hugh’s will.]
11/30/1683, Margaret, widow of Simon, enters into a lease agreement with Andrew Harrison.
Bef. 5/7/1684, Simon died.
Bef. 5/6/1685, Hugh married Margaret.
1/20/1699, Will of Hugh French. (S) See Family notes.
5/22/1699, Hugh and his sister Mary bought 200 acres from Sampson Darrell. (S) King George Co. DB1721-1729, P165.
11/12/1701, Hugh died in Parish of St. Maries, Richmond Co., VA.
12/3/1701 Hugh’s will probated; 11/10/1702 his estate was inventoried. (S) Wills of Richmond Co., VA, 1699-1800, P10.
Margaret married John Somerville.
9/5/1705, Hugh French Jr made a petition to the court concerning his mother Margaret who had married John “Sumervale”. (S) William and Mary College, Quarterly Hist. Mag. Vol. XVII, Oct. 1908, No. 2.

Family Notes:
• 200 acres in Maryland to be sold and produce paid to my son Hugh; daughter Mary; sons Daniel and Mason French; daughter Margaret French; wife Margaret executrix; witnesses John Battaile, William Marshall, Simon Miller, John Miller . (S) VA Co. Rcds, V6; Richmond Co. VA Wills, B2.

Children of Hugh and Margaret:

i. Margaret French ( 135), born ~1685.

ii. Mary French, born ~1687.
Mary married ? Scott.
James Scott, born ?.
8/1/1730, will of James Scott calls Margaret Amon, Margaret Taliaferro & Isabella Triplett his aunts, and Hugh French his uncle, who he named Executor.

iii. Hugh French Jr, born ~1689.
9/5/1705, Hugh French Jr, “is over 16”, made a petition to the court concerning his mother Margaret who had married John Sumervale.
~1710 Hugh married widow Mary Browne? [Triplett] who had a son named Francis Triplett Jr.
12/6/1727, Hugh witnessed a land transaction in Spotsylvania Co., VA.
8/1/1730, Hugh named executor in his nephew James’ will.

iv. Daniel French, born ~1691 in Old Rappahannock Co., VA.
~1714, Daniel married a widow ? Peyton [Dade].
1724, Daniel a witness to brother-in-law Robert Taliaferro’s deed of slaves to his daughters.
3/5/1735 Daniel died in King George Co., VA.

v. Mason French, born ~1693.