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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mark Anthony Bessellieu

312. Mark Anthony Bessellieu I [ Fra, SC]

~1690 Mark born in Tours, France, s/o 624. Philip Anthony Bessellieu I.
Mark was a French Huguenot.
Bef. 9/29/1738 Mark died in SC. “A true and perfect inventory of all goods and effects belonging to the Estate of Mark Anthony Besseleu Dec’d taken and appraised (by us whose names are underwritten) this Twenty-ninth day of Sepr Anno Dimini 1738”. The follows and itemized list of goods, hardware, … the total value of which is 350 pounds and 5 shillings, signed by John Laurens, Benj. Addison, Rice Price. Recorded 1/9/1739. (S) Notes on the Besselleu Family, Transactions of the Huguenot Society of SC, No. 51, P33.

Family notes:
• Among the names of French families in the early records of St. Thomas [created in 1706] and the French, St. Denis [Patron Saint of the city of Paris] Parish, also known as the Orange Quarter were the Besselleus. (S) The Huguenots of Colonial South Carolina, 1928, by Hirsch, P23 – the first of the families came to Carolina around 1685.
• The Besselliew Bible was last known to be owned by Philip A Bessellieu of St. Petersburg, FL. Its records were printed in “Be It Known and Remembered” Bible Records, V1, LA Gen. and Hist. Society, 1960.
• A broach last known to be in the possession of a member of the Halsey family contained a pencil drawing of Mark standing beside the gravestone of his father Phillip, a French Huguenot Minister, in France.

Children of Mark and ?:

i. Mark Anthony Bessellieu II ( 156), born ~1720.