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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pierre Morin Dit Bouche I & Marie Madeleine Martin

336. Pierre Morin Dit Bouche I & 337. Marie Madeleine Martin [Fra, Can]

1634, Pierre born in Colognes de Royaux, Poitiers, France; s/o 672. Pierre Morin.
1637, Marie born in Port Royal, Acadia; d/o 674. Pierre Rene Martin & 675. Catherine Olivie Vigneau.
Aft. 4/7/1642, Pierre traveled with his father to New France.
1661, Pierre and Marie married in Port Royal, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, under the occupation of the British. (S) National Archives, Québec, Canada.
1671 Census of Port Royal. Pierre, age 37, a ploughman. Marie gives her age as 35. He has 5 children, 3 cattle and 4 sheep. (S) 1671 Census.
1680, they moved to Beaubassin.
11/8/1682 Pierre witnessed the wedding of his of his son Pierre in Beaubassin. (S) No. 168 Family notes.
12/23/1683 in Beaubassin, Marie-Madeleine the godmother of her grandson Pierre Morin168i.
1686 Census of Beaubassin, Pierre 51, Marie 44. Pierre had 15 animals with horns, 8 sheep, 12 pigs and 30 arpents in value. [The total population was 129.]
~1687, the family displaced from Beaubassin because of indiscretion of son Louis. Louis was accused of seducing d/o a prominent family, which resulted in his being deported to France aboard the ship Fripone. His family was also punished, their property being confiscated and 19 members of the family, including some in-laws, being banished from Beaubassin. The family took refuge at the village of the MicMac Indians of Ristigouche. [Additional information in family notes.]
1688, the family finally settled at the west end of Chaleur Bay with the help of Richard Denys. (S) Great Bay of the St Lawrence, by Richard Denys.
2/3/1689, Pierre, age 56, died in Ristigouche, Chaleur, Québec.
~1697 Marie received a land grant (fief) « of a half lieue at each side of Gaspe river ».
2/3/1699 in Québec, Marie celebrated the wedding of her son Jacques. [Pierre is listed as deceased.]
1699 in Mont-Louis, Marie, 52, living with her son Pierre.
1702, Marie living in Québec renounced her land grant.
8/25/1704, Marie celebrated the wedding of her son Jacques Francois.
9/16/1714 Marie died in St. Thomas-de-a-la-Caille, Montmagny, Québec; buried the next day.
(S) Your Ancient Canadian Family Ties. (S) Memories de la Societe Genealogique Canadienne-Francaise. V1, No2, 6/1944, P102. (S) Arsenault. (S) Rene Jette, P834. (S) PRDH.

Family notes:
• Mathieu Des Goutins, Lieutenant-General of Acadia: “The son of an inhabitant of Beaubassin, named Louis Morin, created a child with a demoiselle of that area. The parish priest, one Father Claude Trouve, initiated the investigation against him, heard witnesses, then decided against the accused Morin and imprisoned him. When the royal officers sent by M. de Menneval had arrived, it was decreed that the entire (Morin) clan be banished form Beaubassin and the from the colony; the father and mother, sisters, brothers, even the in-laws because one of them was reputed to have talked about M. Trouve and the demoiselle. All the possessions of these families were then arbitrarily confiscated and handed over to the father of the (violated) demoiselle without the benefit of any other legal proceedings.” The banishment, wherein the colony lost 19 people, rendered the cure Father Trouve so odious to the (other) inhabitants of Beaubassin that he was obliged to retire as the village pastor. He wanted to retire to Grand-Prek, but the inhabitants there refused to accept him. This affair caused considerable agitation as these 19 people were related to a third of the colony, forcing Father Trouve to eventually go to Port-Royal where the authority of Monsieur de Menneval squelched all further complaints against him. Father Godbout: “Since we can place the Morin family in Baie Des-Chaleurs from the springtime of 1688, it was in all likelihood during the previous winter that the scandal reported by Menneval and Des Goutins came to a head. Of eminent social status at Beaubassin there was only the family of Michel Le Neuf. Of the 4 daughters of the seigneur of Beaubassin, one only, Marie-Josepha, baptized at Trois-Rivieres on 4/19/1671, was of an age for an amorous affair ... The fact is that the seigneur of Beaubassin was not on the best terms with his charges, and the performance of 1688 was not of a nature to increase his prestige. In any case it was around this time that he ceased to live in Acadia. Few, moreover, followed him. The bride decline in this locality is due, in great part, to the departure of Pierre Morin and his next of kin: Pierre Morin, fils; Jacques Cochu and Rene Denau, his son-in-laws; Pierre Mercier, his brother-in-law; Pierre Gaudin and Pierre Pellerin, his nephews; Jean and Michel Chaisson, brothers-in-law of Pierre Morin, fils, etc.”
• Writes Mr. de Menneval, Governor with the Minister: “I was obliged to ship to France on the “Fripone”, a young boy named Louis Morin 26 years old, son of an inhabitant of Chignitou. He had deserved a harder punishment for the things of which he was marked. This business looked at a considerable family, which was satisfied with this punishment, Because we did not have law officers here, we could not continue punishment by the ordinary forms, and to do it in Quebec was not possible. I believe that the Court will approve my control. He will make a good sailor in France where he will be able to serve Roy well, and it was dangerous to leave him in this country.”
• The name is Belgic Gaul in origin and is derived from the Celtic word “mor” for the sea. It’s the same as Latin “mare” and modern French “mer”. The name refers to a people who live near the sea. The earliest reference to the people called Morin is in Julius Caesar’s Conquest di Gauli, ~60 B.C. They lived in the part of Europe closest to Britain – NW France, SW Belgium. Caesar uses the Latin plural when referring to them “morini”. It took his legions three years to conquer them and their allies before he begin to invade Britain, which was his objective. Caesar says they came against him with 30,000 warriors. Although he refers to them as a “tribe”, it should be pointed out that they lived in cities and villages protected by hill-forts. They were civilized enough to have produced their own gold coins, so they were more than just farmers. One early hill-fort city was called “Tremorin” [“tre” meaning “city”]. The legendary architect of King Arthur’s Camelot in some legends was called “Tremorinus.”

Children of Pierre and Marie: (2 children are unknown)

i. Pierre Morin dit Bouche II ( 168), born 1662 Port Royal.

ii. Louis Morin, born 1664 in Port Royal.
12/23/1683, Louis the godfather of his nephew Pierre Morin168i.
~1686, Louis accused of fathering child by 17 year old girl of a high ranking family (Marie Joseph Le Neaf), Louis was expulsed to galleys, his family disposed of all goods, and he was banished from the country. This, by the legal standards at the time, far exceeded the punishment allowed by law. Eventually the priest imposing the punishment was forced to leave.
1688, Louis at age 24 in exile in France.
In France, Louis married Marie Josepha Le Neuf de La Valliere, born 4/18/1671.
Bef. 1692 Louis died. [Marie remarried].

iii. Antoine Morin, born 1666 in Port Royal.
1688, Antoine moved with his family to Ristigouche.
Antoine was engaged in the Indian trading business. He never married.
12/31/1713 in Montmagny, Antoine the godfather to his grand-nephew Jean Baptiste Morin, s/o Pierre168i.
1/15/1714 in Montmagny, Antoine was the godfather to Michel Chiasson, s/o Michel338vi.
1/14/1718 in Ristigouche, Antoine died.

iv. Marie Anne Morin dit Bouche, born 1668 in Port Royal.
11/8/1682 Marie married Jacques Cochu, born 6/20/1659 in France, a navigator.
1688, they were banished with other family members to Ristigouche.
12/1/1692, son Jacques, age 8, is a patient at Hotel Dieu, Quebec.
~1706 Jacques died.
7/15/1707 in Québec, Marie a widow attended the wedding of her sister Anne.
2/3/1710 in Quebec Marie married Jean Pinet.
3/30/1741 in St. Nicholas, Quebec, Marie died.
Children of Jacques:
Jacques Cochu, born 9/12/1684 in Port Royal.
Dorothee Cochu, born 1868 in Port Royal.
11/22/1692 in Hotel Dieu, Quebec, age 6 & born in Acadia, she died.
Marie Madeleine Cochu, born 8/7/1693 in Quebec.
9/17/1714 in Quebec, she married Michel Rousseau.
1/17/1735 in St-Nicolas, a widow she married a widower Francois Frichet.
Charles Cochu, born 12/3/1694 in Quebec.
Francois Marie Cochu, born 8/28/1696 in Quebec.
Louis Francois Cochu, born 2/5/1698 in Quebec.
Pierre Cochu, born 7/27/1699 in Quebec.
2/9/1728 in Yamaska, he married Marie Angelique Cantarein.
Marie Anne Cochu, born 1/16/1704 in Quebec.
10/12/1727 in Quebec, she married Andre Bouchard.

v. Anne Morin, born 1670 in Port Royal.
~1687 at Beaubassin Anne married 1st Rene Deneau.
~1693, they moved to Ristigouche.
They moved to Quebec.
8/6/1702 in Mont-Louis, Anne a widow attends the baptism of her nephew Amand, s/o Jacques.
7/15/1707 in Quebec Anne married 2nd Jean Claude Louet. Her sister Marie Anne attended the wedding.
7/28/1739, Jean buried in Port-Daniel.
8/12/1745, Anne buried in Port-Daniel.
Children of Rene:
Rene Deneau, born ~1690 in Beaubassin.
11/6/1718 in Quebec, he married Marie Morin dit Valcour, d/o Francois, s/o Alphonse687xiii.
Anne Francoise Deneau, born ~1692 in Beaubassin.
1/23/1717 in Quebec, she died.
Francoise Gabriel Deneau, born 5/1694 in Acadia, baptized 10/12/1695 in Quebec.
11/23/1711 in Berthier-en-Bas, she married Louis Langlois dit StJean.
2/3/1765 in St Pierre du Sud, she died.
Louise Ursule Deneau, baptized 1/28/1697 in Quebec.
10/11/1717 in Quebec, age 20, she died.
Joseph Deneau, baptized 1699 in Quebec.
1/12/1718 in Montmagny, he married Elisabeth Boulet, d/o Martin Boulay340vii.
3/11/1765 in Montmagny, he died.

vi. Jacques Morin dit Bouche, born 1671 in Port Royal.
2/3/1699 in Québec, Jacques married Marie Anne Lavergne, d/o Louis & Marie-Anne Simon. Neither could sign at the wedding.
Jacques was a navigator – a Master of the Barge, they settled at Mont-Louis.
1699 Census of Mont-Louis, Jacques 28, Marie 24.
1700 Census of Mont-Louis, Jacques, Marie, and son Jacques.
6/24/1702 in Mont-Louis, Pierre and his brother Jacques at the baptism of Marie Hostan, d/o Jean.
12/30/1704 in Hotel Dieu, Quebec, Jacques, a patient age 33 & born in Acadie, died; buried the same day. [Marie later remarried.]
Marie Marthe Morin, born 6/28/1699 in Montmagny; godfather was Louis Couillard.
Jacques Morin, born 1700 in Mont-Louis.
9/15/1727 in Mont-Louis, he married Marie Ursule Panneton.
Amand Morin, born 4/17/1702 in Mont-Louis; godparents his uncle Jean and his aunt Anne.

vii. Charles Morin sieur-de-Cloridan, born 1675 in Port Royal.
1688, they were banished with other family members to Ristigouche.
Charles was a navigator, trader and fisherman.
12/26/1695, Charles, 20 and a resident of Bourg-Royal, a patient at Hotel-Dieu.
8/19/1705 in Quebec, Charles the godfather to his niece Marie Anne, d/o Jacques.
11/7/1712 in Quebec, Charles attended the wedding of Catherine Lemoine, d/o Jean.
10/20/1718 in Riviere De Sud, Montmagny, Charles attended the wedding of his grand-nephew Denis Morin84.
5/26/1719 in Quebec, Charles married Anne Therese Minet, d/o Jean and Anne Bonhomme.
Bef. 9/27/1724 Charles died.
[They had no children.]

viii. Marguerite Morin, born 1676 in Port Royal.
1693, Marguerite married Claude Boissel, son of Noel and Marie Morin, d/o Pierre & Isabelle Pelerin.
1700 Census of Mont-Louis, Claude, Marguerite, Jean, Marguerite, Pierre.
12/15/1716 in Quebec, Claude died.
1/25/1718 in Québec, Marguerite died.
Jean Baptiste Boissel, born 8/8/1694 in Quebec.
4/21/1728 in Québec, he married Marie Jeanne, d/o Lacoudray Tourangeau.
Marguerite Boissel, born 12/27/1696 in Quebec.
8/8/1717 in Québec, she married Louis Bourbeau Carignan.
12/3/1730 in Quebec, she died.
Pierre Boissel, born ~1698. [He is in the 1700 census with his family.]
Claude Boissel, born 1/18/1704 in Québec.
5/24/1731 in St Pierre I.O., he died.
Marie Louise Boissel, born 5/10/1706 in Quebec.
1/23/1736 in Quebec, she married Antoine Gauthier Larouche.
Michel Boissel, born 10/23/1708 in Mont-Louis. [baptized 8/29/1712]
Marie Marthe Boissel, born ?.
11/23/1721 in Quebec, she married Jean Baptiste Levitre.
Antoine Marie Boissel, born 5/1711 in Mont-Louis. [baptized 8/28/1712.]
10/4/1734 in Quebec, he married Marie Madeleine Fontaine.
Pierre Boissel II, born 8/25/1712 in Quebec.
Charlotte Boissel, born 1/26/1716 in Québec.

ix. Jean Baptiste Morin dit Ducharme, born 8/10/1680 in Beaubassin.
10/20/1680 Jean baptized in Beaubassin.
8/25/1712 Jean was involved in the capture of two British sloops. His brother Jacque was the Captain of the privateer ship Le Trompeaur. Jean was the Lt. The ships and cargo were sold with the money divided amongst the ship owner and crew.
6/19/1713 Jean was living in Québec at the home of Widow Lemoyne.
11/17/1715 Jean married Marie Elisabeth Hubert, born 5/10/1679.
1/30/1717 in Quebec, Jean 36, died in an epidemic; 3 priests were at the burial.
7/27/1717 in Quebec, Marie – widow of Jacques Baptiste Morin Ducharme, died 2 weeks after giving birth to her son Jean.
Jean Baptiste Morin, born 7/14/1717 in Quebec. [After his father died.]

x. Jacques Francois Morin dit Bonsejour, born 9/23/1682 in Beaubassin.
10/5/1682, Jacques was baptized at Beaubassin.
1699 Census of Mont-Louis, Jacques 18 and single.
1700 Census of Mont-Louis, Jacques single and a fisherman.
8/25/1704 in Quebec, Jacque 19, married widow Marie Charlotte Jeanne 24, d/o Robert, who had 2 small girls. His mother is listed as living, his father deceased.
10/6/1708 in Mont-Louis, Jacques the godfather of Joseph Simon Gueret, s/o Jacques.
8/25/1712, Jacques was involved in the capture of two British sloops. Jacque was the Captain of the privateer ship Le Trompeaur. His brother Jean was the Lt. The ships and cargo were sold with the money divided amongst the ship owner and crew.
Jacques’ land grant was in Mont-Louis. He was a butcher merchant of Lauzon.
6/15/1722 in Lauzon, Jacques Morin Bonsecours attended the wedding of Genevieve Rochon.
11/15/1734 in Quebec, Marie died.
4/23/1757, Jacque was buried at St Pierre du Sud.
Children :
Marie Anne Morin, born 8/19/1705 in Quebec; godfather her uncle Charles.
1725 in Quebec, she married Ambroise Samson.
9/2/1764 in Lauzon, she died.
Jacques Morin, born 1707 in Quebec.
4/24/1737 in Lauzon, he died.
Marie Louise Morin, born 4/20/1709 in Quebec.
10/30/1727 in Lauzon, she married Jean Carrier.
7/16/1733 in Lauzon, she died.
Marie Angelique Morin, born 6/26/1711 in Pointe-de-Levis.
7/16/1731 in Lauzon, she married Joseph Marie Lemieux.
Jacques Morin, born 9/29/1713 in St-Joseph-de-la-Pointe-de-Levis.
6/21/1625 in Lauzon, age 12, he died.
Pierre Morin, born 1715 in Quebec.
1/6/1740 in Lauzon, he died.
Marie Ursule Morin, born 1718 in Quebec.
11/20/1737 in Lauzon, she married Jean Baptiste Duquet.
Joseph Marie Morin, born 9/14/1721 in Lauzon.
9/21/1721, an infant, he died.
Marie Charlotte Morin, born 4/30/1723 in Lauzon.
5/31/1723, an infant, she died.

xi. Simon Joseph Morin, born 8/1/1685 in Beaubassin.
1686 Simon died as a small child.