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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Guyon Denis Chaisson dit Lavallee & Jeanne Bernard

338. Guyon Denis Chaisson dit Lavallee & 339. Jeanne Bernard [Fra, Can]

1640 Guyon born in St. Sauveur, Charente, France; s/o 676. Pierre Chaisson & 677. Marie Madeleine Peroche.
1643 Jeanne born in Jemseg, New Brunswick, Acadia, Canada; d/o 678. Andre D’Alnay Bernard & 679. Marie Andree Guion.
3/1657 in La Rochelle, at the visit of the notary for the marriage of his sister Louise, Guyon Denis accompanied his mother Marie Peroche, in the absence of his deceased father.
9/2/1657 in La Rochelle, sister Francoise’s marriage contract presented to Notary Savin. Present were Marie Peroche, mother of the intended bride; Guyon Denis Chiasson, her brother; Nicolas Joubert, Simon Gendron and Jacques Hurtault, Guyon’s brothers-in-law on account of Marie, Louise and Jeanne Chiasson, their wives; Nicolas Gaudin, his first cousin once removed; and Marie Chiasson, his first cousin once removed.
1666, Guyon left La Rochelle for New France.
1666, Guyon married Jeanne in Port Royal Annapolis, Nova Scotia. They remained in Port Royal for several years.
~1670 [they had 2 children] they moved to Chebouctou [present Halifax]. Guyon was a hunter and worked with the Le Borgne trading company of France. In the accounts books of this company his name appears on several occasions.
1675, Guyon settled in the region of Beaubassin [now Amherst]. The same year the youngest of his sons, Michel, was born. A land grant was made, located exactly on the current border of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, east of the Missagouach River, not far from “Fort Beausejour”, which he cleared with the assistance of his sons Gabriel-Pierre, Sebastien and Jean.
5/19/1682 in Quebec, son Jean in a confirmation class with Jeanne Normand – d/o Catherine Normand1482i.
1682, Jeanne died [probably a complication of childbirth.]
10/7/1683 in Quebec, at his sister Louise’s house, 45-year-old Guyon, a resident of Beaubassin, married 2nd 17-year-old Marie Madelaine Martin, d/o Pierre Martin and Joachine Lafleur [partial copy of contract below.] Guyon’s 1st wife [deceased] is given, as are Marie’s parents. Jacques Chapelin h/o Guyon’s sister Louise was signed. Neither Guyon nor Marie were able to sign. See CD Misc Graphics for a partial image of the contract.
1686, Guyon was a prosperous farmer. He owned 40 acres of farmland, 20 “animals with horns”, 12 sheep and 15 pigs. His land was located in the surroundings of the seigniory of Beaubassin which belonged to Michel LeNeuf de Lavalliere, a friend of the family.
1692 Guyon died in Beaubassin, Acadia, Canada; buried in the St Anne Cemetary.
(S) Arsenault. (S) PRDH – search for surname “Giasson”.

Family notes:
• R. Grandsaignes d’Hauterive, in his Dictionary on page 342 writes Guion (or Guyon) is a masculine name which means “guide”, “chief”, originating from the XIIth and XIIIth centuries. For those who visit “Grand-Pre” in Nova Scotia, in “La Chapelle” which is a museum, you will be able to see a monument where there is registered the names of the first newcomers in Acadia. There you can see the name of Chiasson de La Vallee. These bronze plaques on which appear the name Chiasson refer to Guyon Denis Chiasson.
• Sometime around 1670, Port Royal was divided into 7 sections and extended 12.5 miles up the river and 5 miles on each side. Perrot, who took over in 1686, wrote that the people had scattered and lived far from each other. The Canadian and Nova Scotia archives have detailed plans of the farms in the Port Royal area. The homes were built behind the marshes, which were along the river. Beginning in the 1670s, some of the population began moving elsewhere. Settlements at Minas and Beaubassin drew many of the young and old from Port Royal. There was more room to grow, these places didn’t attract the attention that Port Royal did, and trade with the Indians (and New Englanders) was easier.
• The massive deportation of Acadiens took place in 1755, but the exile for many began some years before. To try to escape the English, they abandoned their lands where they had been born. This escape lasted nearly 15 years during which we have difficulty following them because of frequent changes of place of residence. We find them a little everywhere in the territory of old Acadia: in Cheticamp in Novia Scotia, in Rustico in Prince Edward Island, in Caraquet in New Brunswick, in St-Pierre et Miquelon, we find them also in Quebec: in Iles-de-la-Madeleine, in Gaspesie and on the two banks of the St-Laurent River. The descendants of Gabriel and Sebastien Chiasson had more populated the maritimes and the St-Laurent River in Quebec, whereas the descendants of Jean and Michel “Giasson” established themselves upstrean of the St-Laurent in Montmagny, Quebec and Montreal

Children of Guyon and Jeanne:

i. Gabriel-Pierre Chaisson, born ~1667 in Beaubassin.
1686 in Beaubassin, 20-year-old Gabriel the domestic of Michel Le Neuf de La Valliere.
1688 in Port Royal, Gabriel married Marie Savior.
1693 Census, Gabriel living in Les Mines.
1701 Census, Gabriel living in Beaubassin – 4 children, 3 cattle, 1 gun.
4/10/1741 in Beaubassin, Acadia, Gabriel died.

ii. Jean Chaisson, born ~ 1668 in Beaubassin.
~1687, Jean displaced from Beaubassin. (S) No. 336 Family notes – Father Godbout.
8/6/1695 in Champlain, Jean attended the burial of infant Marie Josephe Bigot, d/o Francois.
11/12/1697 in Batiscan, Quebec, Jean married Marie Anne Lemoyne, d/o Jean. [The record indicates his mother was Marie Bellivau (his grandmother), but the error is addressed in the PRDH database.]
1703, they moved to Boucherville.
8/4/1703, Jean bought the rear fief of St Jean in Boucherville from Rene Boucher.
5/11/1706, Marie was the godmother to Marie Louise Boissel, d/o Marguerite Morin336viii.
1709, they moved to Montreal.
1/24/1718, Jean buried in Montréal.
Jean Baptiste Giasson, born 8/22/1698 in Bastican.
9/11/1698, an infant, he died.
Jeanne Angelique Giasson, born 11/24/1699 in Bastican.
12/2/1720 in Montreal, she married Jacques Gamelin, s/o Pierre
Marie Anne Giasson, born 1/9/1702 in Bastican.
7/26/1709 in Montreal, age 7, she died.
Marie Giasson, born 12/7/1704 in Boucherville.
8/4/1764 in Montreal, she died.
Jean Giasson, born 8/8/1706 in Boucherville.
11/201747 in Montreal, he married Marie Anne Trottier.
Jacques Giasson, born 3/31/1708 in Boucherville.
4/26/1745 in Montreal, he married Marie Angelique Hubert dit Lacorix.
8/8/1762 in Oka, he died.
Marie Marguerite Giasson, born 5/11/1710 in Montreal.
Marie Josephe Giasson, born 1/27/1712 in Montreal.
1/11/1744 in Montreal, she married Charles Douire dit Bondy.
10/27/1744 in Montreal, she died.
Marie Catherine Giasson, born 11/22/1713 in Montreal.
11/21/1746 in Montreal, she married Pierre Hubert dit Lacorix.
Marie Louise Giasson, born 10/10/1715 in Montreal.
Joseph Giasson, born 7/17/1717 in Montreal.
11/27/1717, an infant, he died.
Joseph Giasson II, born 2/4/1719 in Montreal.
3/2/1719, an infant, he died.

iii. Fancoise Chaisson dit Lavallee ( 169), born ~1669 in Beaubassin.

iv. Sebastian Chaisson, born 1670 in Beaubassin.
1693 in Beaubassin, Sebastian married Marie Belou.
1700 Census, living in Beaubassin – 3 children, 21 cattle, 12 sheep, 6 hogs, 12 arpents, 2 guns.
1701 Census, living in Beaubassin – 4 children, 22 cattle, 15 sheep, 8 hogs, 1 gun.
1703 in Beaubassin, Sebastian died.

v. Marie Chaisson, born ~1672 in Beaubassin.
1692 in Beaubassin, Marie married Michel Poirier.
1698 Census in Beaubassin – 3 children, 10 cattle, 4 sheep, 2 hogs, 2 arpents, 1 gun.
1700 Census in Beaubassin – 4 children, 9 cattle, 5 sheep, 12 arpents, 1 gun.
1701 Census in Beaubassin – 1 son, 17 cattle, 14 sheep, 10 arpents, 6 hogs, 3 guns.

vi. Michel Chaisson, born 1675 in Beaubassin.
~1687, Michel displaced from Beaubassin. (S) No. 336 Family notes – Father Godbout.
6/30/1706 in St Jean, Ile D’Orleans, Michel married Marguerite Mourier.
12/31/1713 in Montmagny, Marguerite the godmother to her grand-nephew Jean Baptiste Morin, s/o Pierre168i.
3/20/1759 in St Francois du Sud, Michel died.
Marie Elisabeth Chiasson born 10/6/1707 in St Francois I.O.
2/20/1730 in Berthier-en-Bas, she married Louis Boulay170x. [Same day as Josephe.]
6/8/1731 in Montmagny, she died.
Marie Josèphe Chiasson, born 1709 in Quebec.
2/20/1730 in Berthier-en-Bas, she married Jacques Martin Boulay, s/o Martin340vii. [Same day as Elisabeth.]
11/5/1742 in Montmagny, she died.
Marie Helene Chiasson, born 12/23/1711 in St Jean I.O.
5/26/1732 in Berthier-en-Bas, she married Francois Gaudreau.
Louis Michel Chiasson, born 1/15/1714 in Montagny; godparents were his aunt Francoise169, and his cousin Antoine Morin168ix.
10/4/1731 in Berthier-en-Bas, he died.
Marguerite Chiasson, born 1717 in Quebec.
12/31/1737 in Quebec, she married Jacques Morin, s/o Jacques and Jeanne Pellerin.
Louis Chiasson, born 1723 in Quebec.
10/25/1745 in St Francois du Sud, he married Marie Genevieve Laflamme.
Joseph Chiasson, born 1725 in Quebec.
1/22/1748 in Montmagny, he married Marie Genevieve Gaudreau.
Jean Baptiste Chiasson, born 6/11/1727 in Berthier-en-Bas.
Marie Charlotte Chiasson, born 10/26/1730 in Berthier-en-Bas.
8/4/1731 in Quebec, an infant, she died.

vii. Anne Chaisson, born ~1680 in Beaubassin.
1698 in Port Royal, Anne married Jean Brot.
~1710 in Port Royal, Anne married Jean Pineault.
Bef. 1713, they moved to Montmagny.
Bef. 1730, they moved to Rimouski.
4/15/1748 in Rimouski, Jean the godfather of Ambroise Laurens, d/o Ambroise.
12/11/1757 in Rimouski, Anne the godmother to her granddaughter Marie Rose Gagne, d/o Francoise.
Francoise Pineault, born 1711 in Port Royal.
1/18/1730 in Rimouski, she married Basile Gagne.
3/8/1756 in Rimouski, she died.
Jean Baptiste Pineault, born 8/6/1713 in Montmagny.
10/12/1756 in Cap-St-Ignace, he married Marie Genevieve Methot.
5/24/1762 in Rimouski, he married Reine Gace.
Marie Angelique Pineault, born 1717 in Quebec.
~1750 in Quebec, she married Louis Jean Menard.
Marie Louise Pineault, born 1724 in Quebec.
~1748 in Quebec, she married Amboise StLaurent.
Pierre Joseph Pineault, born 1/4/1730 in Rimouski.
Francois Pineault, born 1/10/1733 in Rimouski.
Louis Pineault, born ? in Quebec.
~1749 in Quebec, he married Reine Desrosiers.

viii. Marguerite Chaisson, born ~1673 in Beaubassin.

Children of Guyon and Marie:

ix. Angelique Chaisson, born 10/27/1684 in Beaubassin.
1702 in Beaubassin, Angelique married Pierre Carret.

x. Genevieve Chaisson, born 1685 in Beaubassin.

xi. Marie Madeleine Chaisson, born ~1687 in Beaubassin.
1710 in Beaubassin, Marie married Jean Pothier.
Marie married 2nd Jean de Laforesterie.
Marie married 3rd Jacques Quimine.
8/28/1759 Marie died.

xii. Anne Chaisson dit Lavallee, born ~1689 in Beaubassin.
1693, Anne, 13, living with her uncle Jean Belliveau679iii.
1700, Anne, 20, living with her uncle Jean Belliveau679iii.