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Monday, March 29, 2010

Andre Miou dit Valanciennes & Marie Angelique Girard

390. Andre Miou dit Valanciennes & 391. Marie Angelique Girard [Fra, LA]

1699, Marie born in France.
~1699, Andre born in France.
1/1721, Marie Angelique arrived in New France (Biloxi) from La Salpetrier, France aboard the French cargo ship Baleine. (S) The Brides of La Baleine.
6/27/1721 Angelique Girard married (1st) Zacharie Rorbae “at Old Biloxi”. (S) SLC,M1. P34.Andre was a soldier in DeLesser’s Company. (S) GCC, P50.
Andre worked as a steward for Monsieur (Charles) De LaLande, owner of the St Louis Plantation.
3/27/1735, “On 27 March 1735, I, the undersigned Recollect Priest, substitute for Father Mathias, have baptized a boy born on 5 March 1735 of Andre Miou dit Valanciennes, Econome for Mr. Lalande, Warehouseman for the King, and Angelique Girard, his parents. Godparents were Charles de Lalande, Warehouseman, and Martha Chauvin, wife of Mr. Devin, Engineer for the King, of this Post, who gave him the name of Charles, who have signed on the day and year above.” /s/ Father Victorin, Cure. (S) SRAoM, #742.
1745, Andre and Marie were residents of Mobile when their daughter Marie Catherine was married. (S) Love’s Legacy, P245.
1750-1757, Andre is a “Patron for the King” – a Captain of small boats in Mobile.
8/21/1757 Andre died in Mobile, AL. He was buried in the Hospital Cem. (S) Mobile Funerals, 1726-1764, P36.

Family notes:
• Valenciennes, France is first mentioned in 693 in a legal document written by Clovis II. In the 9th century the region was overrun by the Normans. In the 14th century, the Tower of Dodenne was built. In the 15th century, the County of Hainault, of which Valenciennes is part, was re-attached to Burgundy. In 1524, Holy Roman Emperor Charles V arrived at Valenciennes. With its manufacturer of wool and fine linens the city was able to become economically independent. By 1580 the town, a Calvinist stronghold, was conquered by Alexander Farnese and Protestantism was eradicated. In 1678 by the Treaty of Nijmegen, the French took control of Valenciennes and the surrounding southern part of of the county. This would be about the time Andre was born.

Children of Andre and Marie:

i. Marie Catherine Miout ( 195), born ~1730.

ii. Jean Angelique Miout, born 4/5/1731.

iii. Charles Miou, born 3/5/1735. (S) Family notes.
3/27/1735 Charles baptized. (S) See this date.
Charles never married.
1764, Charles took the oath of allegiance to King George III.
1767–1768 Charles attended the wedding of his niece Marie Nicaise97.
1/1/1786, the Spanish census lists Charles Mioux, age 52 (no spouse), living in his house with his freed slave Isabella, a mulatto.
(S) 1/1/1787 “Favrot Census” of Mobile, Bay St. Louis & Pascagoula, Carlos Mioux, single 53, free mulatto Genevieve.
The Last Will and Testament of Charles Mioux left one-half of his Belle Fontaine plantation to his nieces and nephews (children of his sister, Marie Catherine Mioux who married Jean Baptiste Nicaise) and one-half to Marianne Jacob Amon, widow of Jacques Jacob.
Bef. 8/1793 Charles died; the nieces and nephews sold their portion of the inherited plantation back to Marianne Amon.