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Monday, March 29, 2010

Cox 452 Francois Moreau

452. Francois Moreau [Fra or Can]

~ 1680, Francois born.
5/25/1700 Census at Biloxi : Francois a « cabin boy ».
1727 Census of New Orleans: Francois Moreau, wife, living on Rue St Pierre.
1731, “Moreau” a property owner in New Orleans. [In various census records other persons are listed as living with “Moreau”.]
1/1732, “Moreau” a property owner in New Orleans. [land acquired by a grant.]
Bef. 1760, Francois died.

Children of Francois and ?:

i. Joseph Moreau ( 226) born ~1710 in Biloxi, MS.

ii. Anne Moraux, born ?.
3/31/1749, Anne godmother to her nephew Francois, s/o Joseph. (S) SLC, B2, P148.