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Monday, March 29, 2010

Jean Joseph Dauphin & Marieanne Bernadin

454. Jean Joseph Dauphin & 455. Marieanne Bernadin [Swi, Fra, LA]

~1705, Joseph born in Charleville, Reims, France; s/o 908. Jean Francois Dauphin & 909. Jeanne Gerandalle. (S) SLC, B1, P56.
~1707, Marieanne born in Bern, Switzerland, d/o 910. Jean Bernadin & 911. Adrienne Martin. (S) 1727 Marriage Record.
1720, Marie Meunier born in New Orleans, LA; d/o Nicolas Meunier.
11/19/1725, Joseph married 1st Elizabeth Birguenmayer, d/o Gaspart & Marie Barbe. (S) SLC, M1, P92. [The record states that Gaspart died in the crossing from France.] Her uncle Jean Roger attended.
1/1/1726 Census of Louisiana at Cannes Brulees: Joseph Dauphin, wife. [He is listed next to his father and indentified as “son”.]
1/6/1727, Elizabeth died in N.O. [probably in childbirth.] (S) Arch. Of N.O. Sacr. Rcds, V1, P 22.
2/17/1727, Joseph 2nd married Marieanne Bernadin. Pierre Bernadin, Jeanne’s brother, attended the wedding. (S) SLC, M1, P122.
7/1/1727 Census of N.O. “along the river”: Joseph Dauphin, wife. [His father is listed next to him.]
1731 Census of N.O. “along the river”: Dauphin “sons” [Dauphin “Senior” listed next to him.]
11/20/1731 in N.O., Jean attended his father’s wedding.
12/3/1731 in N.O., Marie Jean, daughter of Marieanne baptized. [The record indicates they live “upstream of the river”.]
1/1732 Census of N.O., the home of “Dauphin” [proprietor] on Rue de Burbon is occupied by Widow Laforge. The “Dauphin” home on Rue Royalle is unoccupied.
2/16/1732 in N.O., Marieanne died. (S) SLC, B1, P74.
5/29/1732 in N.O., Joseph married Marie Meunier. (S) SLC, B1, P56.
1732, [They apparently sold their land and moved to N.O.] Mr. Carrier purchased land on the east bank along the river from “the Dauphin family, father and son.”. Mr. Benac purchased land from Dauphin and Pugeau.
11/26/1745, daughter Silvestre baptized. (S) SLC, B1, P55.
10/12/1746, daughter Marie baptized. (S) SLC, B2,P81.
4/8/1749, daughter Francoise baptized. (S) SLC, B2, P149.
5/28/1750, son Pierre baptized in N.O. (S) SLC, B2, P185.
Bef. 4/22/1756, Joseph died; widow Marie at grandaughter Marieanne Verdun’s baptism.

Children of Joseph and Marieanne:

i. Marie Jean Dauphin ( 227), born 12/3/1731 in N.O.

Children of Joseph and Marie:

ii. Anne Dauphin, born ?.
Ann married Adam Verdun.
Marieanne Verdun, born 4/20/1756 in LA. (S) SLC, B3, P57.
Marie Verdun, born 4/28/1758 in LA. (S) SLC, B3, P95.
Jean Baptiste Verdun, born 3/1/1764 in LA. (S) SLC, B5, P44.
Jean Baptiste Verdun II, born 2/4/1767 in LA. (S) SLC, B5, P157.
Jean Pierre Verdun, born 5/3/1769 in LA. (S) SLC, B6, P77.
Alexandre Verdun, born 7/20/1770 in LA. (S) SLC, B6, P89.

iii. Marie Josephe Dauphin, born ?.
2/1756 Marie married Jean Baptiste Senet.
1770, they lived on the Senet indigo and rice plantation near Centerville, LA.
11/27/1779, Jean died in LA.
1796, Marie died in LA.
Rose Senet, born 3/14/1762 in LA. (S) SLC, B4, P97.
Jean Baptiste Senet, born 12/26/1763 in LA. (S) SLC, B5, P42.
Victorie Senet, born 2/2/1766 in LA. (S) SLC, B5, P128.
Honore Senet, born 2/11/1768 in LA. (S) SLC, B6, P22.
Eugene Senet, born 6/30/1770 in LA. (S) SLC, B6, P84.

iv. Silvestre Dauphin, born 11/26/1745 in N.O.
2/27/1764, Silvie married Joseph Durand. [Her father is indicated as deceased.] (S) SLC, B5, P174.
Constance Durand, born 9/24/1765 in LA. (S) SLC, B5, P132.

v. Marie Dauphin, born 10/12/1746 in N.O..

vi. Francoise Dauphin, born 1/3/1749 in N.O.
8/1764, Francoise married Basile Sendot. [Her father is indicated as deceased.] (S) SLC, B5, P180.

vii. Jean Pierre Dauphin, born 5/28/1750 in N.O.
3/1/1768, Jean sponsor of his neice Honore Senet.
Auguste Dauphin, born 10/22/1775 in LA. (S) SLC, B7, P125.