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Monday, March 29, 2010

Jean Fayard dit LaLancette & Marie Françoise Fisseau

492. Jean Fayard dit LaLancette & 493. Marie Françoise Fisseau [LA, MS]

1720, Jean born in New Orleans, LA, s/o 984. Jean Faillard dit Lancette.
1/1728, Marie born in New Orleans, LA, d/o 986. Nicholas Fisseau & 987. Marianne LaGarenne.
~1738, Jean a soldier. (S) First Families of LA by Conrad.
Bef. 1744, they married. [Marriage records for the 1740’s are no longer extant, possibly having been destroyed by the great New Orleans French Quarter fire of 1788.]
1744, The white population of New Orleans as recorded in French documents was 800, not including 200 soldiers and the women and children. The black population did not exceed 300. A few of the houses were brick, most were wooden buildings. Almost all the colonists were married. There were 25 inhabitants of considerable wealth. (S) History of Louisiana, Charles Gayarre, 1852.
9/7/1744, “On September 7, 1744, I, the undersigned Capuchin priest, Curate of the parish of St Francis of Natchitoches, have baptized with the ordinary ceremonies of the Church, Marie Anne, born of the legitimate marriage of Jean Fayard, soldier in the regiment of the marine detachment, and Francoise LaGarrene [born Fisseau]. Godparents are Jean Maderne, resident of this post, and Marie LaCroix, who signed on the day, month and year as above.” /s/ Father Barnabe, Capuchin, /s/ Jean Fayard. (S) Parish of St Francis, Natchitoches, LA.
1745, Jean Faillard dit LaLancette a soldier in LA. (S) The Vaudreuil Papers, by Bill Barron.
1746, Jean stationed in Natchitoches.
9/9/1746, “On 9 September 1746, I, a Capuchin Apostolic Missionary Priest, Curate of the parish of St Francis of the Natchitoches Post, have baptized with the ordinary ceremonies of the Church, Marie Louise, the legitimate daughter of Jean Fallyar Lalancette and Francoise Phisot, her father and mother. Godparents are Jean Louis Tresar, called Provencal, and marie Francoise Bourbon who signed with me the day and year above.” /s/ Father Esutache, Pastor. (S) Parish of St Francis, Natchitoches, LA.
5/21/1748 they lived in New Orleans and brought suit for Marie against her father’s estate. 5/21/1748 law suit: “Jean Fayard dit LaLancette humbly requests in the name of his wife, Françoise Fisseau, for a division of succession, saying that at the death of Nicholas Fisseau, he left two daughters, one of whom the suppliant married. Fisseau had left a house built on posts in the ground [stilts] on 2/3 of the land, a slave man, a slave woman and a slave child as seen through an inventory. It is stated that Marianne La Garenne, the durviving widow and mother of the two girls, had already sold 1/3 of the property, and fearing that through her husband’s request [Pierre de Lorme], with whom she had contracted a second marriage, she would divert the little that remained from her children. This considered, Sirs, if you please, will permit the plaintiff, Fayard, to have cited at the first day of the next session of the Council, Pierre de Lorme, in his name as husband give up the share which accrues to the two daughters, one of whom is his wife, the other his sister-in-law. In this way justice would be done.” (S) LA State Museum, Petition to Superior Council by Jean Fayard dit La Lancette for Division of Succession, May 21, 1748. [Permission to cite her step-father against all family property was given the same day, and Pierre de Lorme was served with papers the next day.]
6/1/1748, the law suit was finalized in the Superior Council of LA. (S) Family notes.
12/22/1749, “On December 22, 1749, I have baptized Pierre, son of Jean Fayard and Francoise Fisseau of legitimate marrigage. Godparents are Pierre Sonnier and Marie Laclef, who signed with me the day and year above.” /s/ Father Romuald, Missionary. (S) SLC, BB2, P171.
9/13/1750, Marie Francoise the godmother to her neice Marie Louise Ladner, d/o Jean160i. (S) SLC, BB2, P199a3.
2/20/1752, “On February 20, 1752, I, the Capuchin Superior of the mission, have baptized with the ordinary ceremonies of the Church, Jean, the legitimate son of LaLancette and Francoise Fisseau. Godparents are Jean Baptiste Prudhomme and Jeanne Montcard who have signed with me the day and year as above.” /s/ Father Dagobert. (S) SLC, BB2, P246.
5/29/1755, “On May 29, 1755, I, a Capuchin missionary priest, have baptized with the ordinary ceremonies of the Church Andre, the legitimate son of Jean LaLancette and Francoise Fissiau. Godparents are Andre Duroche and Jeanne LaFontaine. In faith of which I have signed the day and year above.” /s/ Father Sebastien. (S) SLC, BB3, P43, A447.
3/29/1758, “On March 29, 1758, I, a Capuchin missionary apostolic priest, have supplied the ceremonies of baptism to Louis Fayard, born January 29, 1758, of the legitimate marriage of Jean Fayard and Francoise Fissot, his father and mother. The child had as godparents Louis Bernard and Marie Francoise Gauthier, who declared they could not sign. In faith of which I have signed the day and year above.” /s/ Father Pierre. (S) SLC, BB3, P93.
7/20/1760, “On July 20, 1760, I, the undersigned Capuchin missionary priest, have baptized with the ordinary ceremonies of the Church, Pierre, born June 20 of this year, of the legitimate marriage of Jean Fachard called LaLancette and Francoise Fisseau, his father and mother. Godparents are Pierre Louis Patinette and Marie Jeanne Castel, who have made their ordinary marks because they did not know how to sign. In faith of which I have signed the day and year as above.” /s/ Father Eustache. (S) SLC, B4, P35.
6/24/1763, “On June 24, 1763, I, the undersigned Capuchin apostolic priest, have baptized with the ordinary ceremonies of the Church, Felicite, born August 24, 1762, of the legitimate marriage of Jean LaLancette and Francoise Ficeau, her parents. The godfather was Mr. Donato Bello, navigator; the godmother Demoiselle Susanne Moreau who have signed with me the day and year as above.” /s/ Father Eustache. (S) SLC, BB5, P19.
By 1781 they [probably] moved to Deer Island off the coast of Biloxi. (S) Family notes – son Louis’ wedding.
Bef. 4/28/1784 the family moved to Biloxi, MS. (S) No. 40 Entry for this date.
Bef. 5/2/1801, Jean deceased. (S) No. 90 Family notes – wedding of Pierre.
5/2/1801, Marie gave her consent for her son Pierre to marry. (S) No. 90 Family notes – wedding of Pierre.
(S) Fayard Family, Brother Jerome Lepre, MS State Archives. (S) First Families of Louisiana, by Glenn R. Conrad.
Family notes:
• Jean was literate – he signed most of his documents.
• (S) 6/1/1748, Saturday, 9 AM, Superior Council of LA, LA State Museum: “It is not necessary to give a lengthy account to such a demand because the plaintiff (Fayard) has never wanted any more than what is due to his wife, Francoise Fisseau, and that the lengthy requests of May 21, 1748, be responded to. The accountant [Pierre de Lorme] will have the honor to explain it to the Court that the things left by the deceased Nicolas Fisseau included two adult negroes and one young child, an old house on stilts on two-thirds of a piece of land. The house was void of furniture; that the negro in the service of Mr. Chenier had the misfortune of drowning in the lake, for which the accountant had received the sum of 1,300 pounds for damages, which included 800 pounds due to the Company, for which discharge is available; the company also kept 125 pounds for the return ticket of Fisseau from France and 375 pounds which was given to the widow, which she used for herself and her daughters to pay for a lengthy illness endured. … When the young negro boy went to see his mother, who was in the service of one named Piosa, he drowned in a well. The slave woman left a boy of twelve and three small girls, one of six years, one of three and one of eighteen months. It was stated in the contract of marriage between Nicolas Fisseau, the deceased, and Marianne La Garenne, that she had brought a dowry of 300 pounds, half of which was community property, the other half would be hers by right; that the same contract stipulated that 100 pounds would go to the survivor; that according to custom a widow in mourning would be given 100 pounds, something she hoped for. The accountant said that he had paid 20 pounds for the funeral expenses & 10 pounds for pallbearers; that he had also paid a debt of the deceased Fisseau in the amount of 50 pounds. It is also noted that the house had fallen into ruin and that the accountant had built a new house, even though his funds were not sufficient, requiring him to borrow 157.10 pounds from Mr. Dubreuil, according to the attached record. Before the division can take place there must be raised … It is to be noted that the wife of the accountant, during her widowhood, sold to a Mr. LaFontaine twenty-five feet of property. And, since the accountant wishes to avoid all causes of dispute, he asks that the Court put up for auction-sale all of the effects mentioned above to be sold to the highest bidder, in order to raise the 587.10 pounds. … .” [Decision of the Council the same day – Decision #12]. … the Council orders that movables of the succession are to be sold, returns are to be divided, after raising what comes to the widow. The lot and house are to be sold judicially, to the profit of the heirs. The succession is to bear the costs. (S) Fayard Family, Brother Jerome Lepre, PP8-9.
• “On June 1, 1781, after presenting themselves to the judge vicar of the province of New Orleans and pastor of the parish of St Louis, Luis Fayard and Martha Gargare by matrimonial contract and the publication of the three banns on the appointed days, according to the prescriptions of the Council of Trent and with no canonical impediments give each other by mutual consent; that is, Louis Fayard, native of Deer Island legitimate son of Pedro Fayard and Francisca Brousseau, his parents, and Martha Gargare, legitimate daughter of Miguel Gargare and Martha Ocqui her parents, give their mutual consent in spoken words to this true and legitimate marriage, in presence of the witnesses, Carlos Ladnier, Daniel Santo, Santiago Dupre, Juan Bautista Olivier, on the 15th day of the same month and year above sign their signatures.” /s/ Father Cyrillo de Barcelona. (S) SLC, MB1, P106, A203.
• The family descendents deeded to the City of Biloxi the land on which the city cemetery is located. “This identure made and entered into this 27th day of November A.D. 1844 between Jacques Fayard and Gertrude his wife, John Fayard and Martha Fayard, his wife, Genevieve Fayard, wife of Ursin Fayard deceased, heirs at law of the late Louis Fayard deceased, of the first part, and William J. Sargent, President of the Board of County Police of Harrison County, State of Mississippi of the second part (witnesseth that whereas during the Iife of the said Louis Fayard deceased, he did give and grant a piece or parcel of land as hereinafter described for the purpose of a burying ground in the village of Biloxi, in said county, and whereas there is a doubt whether he ever made and effected a good title to the same) so the parties of the first part do for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar to and in hand paid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, grant, bargain and sell unto the said William J. Sargent, President of the Board of County Police of Harrison County, State of Mississippi and to his successors in office forever, the following described premises to-wit: A piece or parcel of land lying and being in the western part of the Village of Biloxi in the county aforesaid, having one arpent front on the seashore or Gulf of Mexico by four arpents in depth from the top of the bank, bounded on the East by the property of Chapman, on the South by the seashore aforementioned, on the West by the property of the late Louis Fayard’s estate to have and to hold unto him, the said William J. Sargent, President as aforesaid, to his successors in office forever, in trust however that the said described premises shall be used and appropriated as a place of burial for the dead and to no other purpose whatever. In witness whereof, we have hereunto subscribed our named and set our seals on the day and year aforesaid. /s/ Jacques Fayard, /s/ Gertrude Fayard, /s/ John Fayard, /s/ Alexis Fayard, /s/ Martha Fayard, /s/ Genevieve Fayard. (S) DB3, PP36-7.

Children of Jean and Marie:

i. Marie Ann Fayard, born 9/7/1744 in Natchitoces, LA.
~1767, Marie married Francois Bourgeois, s/o Marie Josefa Tarare165.
3/12/1764, a soldier with half pay of 6 livers per month, Francois was sent to the “Bureau de Invalides”. (S) Louisiana Troops.
~1777, Revolutionary War, Francois served under Spanish General Governor Galvez. A fusilier of the 3rd Co. (S) Brother Jerome Lepre, “Sons of the American Revolution”, MCH&GS Journal, V18, #2, 6/1982, P75.
Originally in New Orleans, the family settled near Bay St. Louis, MS.
~1781, Francois died, probably in battle.
Marie married 2nd Etienne Peroge. (S) SLC, MB1, P113.
5/5/1801 Marie gave written consent to the wedding of her daughter Catherine.
Louis Francois Bourgeois, born 3/10/1767 in N.O., LA. (S) SLC, B6, P5.
Catherine Bourgeois, born 7/9/1768 in N.O., LA. (S) SLC, B6, P33.
5/5/1801 in Biloxi, MS she married Louis Auguste Lafontaine. (S) MAA, MB1, P93.

ii. Marie Louise Fayard dit LaLancette, baptized 9/6/1746 in Natchitoces, LA.
Marie 1st married Francois Carco. (S) L.O., P21.
2/10/1801, Marie formally married Jean Baudreau III178ii in New Orleans, LA.
5/2/1801 she married Jean Baptiste Ladner Jr, s/o Jean160i. (S) SLC, MB2, P136, A54.
Children of Francois:

Francoise Carco. [Parents named in her marriage record.]
Children of Jean: see Jean.

iii. Pierre Fayard, baptized 12/22/1749 in New Orleans, LA.
Pierre married Marie Louise Christian Ladner, d/o Jean160i.
Laurent Fayard, born ~1788.
He married Uranie LaFontaine, born ~1786, died 5/1875. (S) OLG, P132.
~1827 he died. Deed of “Widow Faryard”, 12/2/1828. (S) L.O., P917.

iv. Jean Baptiste Fayard ( 246), baptized 2/20/1752 in New Orleans, LA.

v. Andre Fayard, baptized 5/29/1755 in New Orleans, LA.

vi. Louis Fayard, born 1/29/1758 in New Orleans, LA.
1781, Louis was living on Deer Island. (S) Family notes – Louis’ wedding.
6/1/1781 Louis married Martha Gargare, d/o Marie Paquet174i. (S) Family notes.
Bef. 4/28/1784 Louis received a land grant in Biloxi, MS of 640.01 acres in S26,T7,R9W (S) 4/25/1812 “Louis Fasiar” Grant #143, General Land Office, Washington. On 4/28/1784 Jacques Ladner40 and Nicholas jointly request land grants from the Governor of Mobile, “bounded on the east by the mouth of of the Old Fort, on the west by Louis Fayar and in the south by the Sea; … (S) Mobile Land Grants, 1710-1795, P8.
1793, Louis Fasiar is living in Biloxi. (S) American State Papers, V3, P33–34. [In Biloxi: Land claim of Louis, approximately bounded on the west by White Ave., and on the east by Porter Ave. (S) L.O., P523.]
5/2/1801, in Biloxi, MS, Louis was the proxy parent at the wedding Santiago40. (S) No. 40 Family notes.
1804, Jean and his brother Louis accompanied Pierre Misonet while he surveyed the Gulfport-Biloxi coastal area. (S) MCH&GS, V37, 2001, P19.
11/27/1844, the heirs of Louis for $1 cleared all rights to land donated by Louis to be the city cemetery in Biloxi. (S) MS, HarrCo., DB3, PP36-7.
Pierre Fayard. (S) SLC, BB1, P291. Aka “Louis”.
He married Louise Nicaise, d/o Jean194iv.
They lived in the Bay St. Louis area.
Judith Fayard. (S) SLC, BB1, P352.
She married widower Andre Durocher. (S) CIC, MB1, P91.
They lived in New Orleans.
Jacques Fayard. (S) SLC, BB2, P86.
He 1st married his 1st cousin Cecile Fayard246v.
He 2nd married his 1st cousin Gertrude Ryan, d/o Marie Anne Gargare, sister of his mother.
4/12/1844 Jacques testified to the identify of Jacques Ladner40. (S) MCH&GS, V33, #3, P93.
Alexis Fayard. (S) SLC, BB2, P406.
He married his 1st cousin Martha Ryan, d/o Marie Anne Gargare, sister of his mother.
Ursin Fayard. (S) SLC, BB3, P?.
He married his 1st cousin Genevieve Ryan, d/o Marie Anne Gargare, sister of his mother.
Jean Baptiste Fayard. (S) SLC, BB3, P173.

vii. Pierre Fayard II, born 6/20/1760 in New Orleans, LA.
5/2/1801 in Biloxi, MS Pierre married Suzanne Carquot90iv. (S) No. 90 Family notes.
[For more info & children – See Suzanne.]

viii. Felicite Fayard, born 8/24/1762 in New Orleans, LA.
6/24/1763 Felicite was baptized.
Felicity married Jean Baptiste Favre.
They lived in New Orleans and then Bay St. Louis.

ix. Francoise Fayard.
(S) SLC, BB6, P15.
[This record is partially obliterated, so this may not be a daughter.]