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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sir Edward Cary & Katherine Knevet

11542. Sir Edward Cary & 11543. Katherine Knevet    

~1540, Edward born in England, s/o 23084. Sir John Cary & 23805. Joice Denny.

~1545, Katherine born in England, d/o 23086. Henry Knevet & 23087. Anne Pickering.

Katherine 1st married Henry, Lord Pagett of Beaudesert. [1 daughter, Elizabeth, who died in 1571.]

11/27/1568, Henry left his wife Lady Katherine and his daughter Elizabeth £500 each in his will. Catherine was named sole Executrix. (S) Peerage of England, 1812, Collins, P185.

12/28/1568, Henry died.

~1569, Sir Edward, “of Berkhampstead” married widow Katherine. (S) An inquiry into the place and quality of the gentlemen of his majesty’s …, 1829, Carlisle, P14.

2/7/1571 [15 Elizabeth], Edward received a grant from Queen Elizabeth of the Manor of Minister in Kent.

7/12/1582, “Appointment of attornies … Gilbert Gerrard; Edward Cary; … . To take livery of seisin of property.” (S) UKNA, Shropshire.

1588-89, “Edward Cary and Lady Katherine, his wife, late the wife of Henry Lord Pagett, v. John Moore. The manor or lordship of Great Marlow. A lease made to the defendant by Anne Lady Pagett, of parcel of the demesne lands of the manor. Bucks.” (S) UKNA.

1596, Sir Edward knighted by Queen Elizabeth.

4/3/1601, “Wakefield. Court of John Savile of Howley and Edward Cary”. (S) UKNA. [John married Edward’s daughter Elizabeth.]

5/10/1603, “King James to Sir Edward Carey, Master of the Jewel House. Requires him to admit John Acheson, appointed King's Goldsmith, to the duties of his office.” (S) UKNA.

5/20/1603, “Commission to Sir Edward Carey, Sir Thomas Gorges, Sir Thomas Knyvet, and Auditor Gofton to view and inventory all the jewels of the late Queen Elizabeth, in the custody of Mrs Mary Ratcliffe, and to make a special inventory of such as are meet to be reserved for the Crown.” (S) UKNA.

12/18/1604, “Edward Cary, pension in Sir Geo. Cary's time during good behaviour, by patent, 8th Dec. 1604, being formerly granted to Gerrot Comerford in the Queen's time. 26l. 13s. 4d. Nil.” (S) UKNA.

11/13/1607, “A copy of a warrant made on November 10, under a Privy Seal of January 10, 1606/7, to Sir Edward Carey, Sir William Bowyer and Sir Francis Egioke, instructing them to pay Sir William Heyricke £5,505 10s. from the Exchequer in part payment of the King's debt of £8,011. The warrant states that the debt was for jewels supplied to the King and the Prince of Wales. ….” (S) UKNA.

12/24/1612 [9 James I], Edward received a grant from King James of the Manor of Minister in Kent.

6/18/1613, Edward, “Master and Treasurer of King James’ Jewels and Plate”, his wife Katherine, and his son Sir Henry Cary, Knt. & heir, are mentioned in a deed.

7/18/1618, Edward died in London.

8/6/1618, Edward buried in the chancel of the church at Aldenham, Herts.

(S) Old Yorkshire, William Smith, 1890, P175.  (S) The Royal Lineage of Our Noble and Gentle Families, 1883, Foster, P22.  (S) The Gensis of the United States, 1890, Brown, P844.

Family note:

·         The pedigree of the Carys of Devon was drawn up by the Herald’s College at the request of Queen Anne Boleyne, consort of King Henry VIII, who’s sister married into the family.

Child of Henry and Katherine:

i. Elizabeth Pagett, born ~1560.

11/27/1568, Elizabeth named in her father’s will.

1571, Elizabeth died.

Children of Edward and Katherine:

i. Sir Henry Carey, born ?.

[Henry is the 1st cousin of Henry Carey, 1st Lord Husdon, married to Mary Boleyne.]

Henry educated at Exeter College, Oxford.

7/12/1599, Henry knighted at Dublin by the Earl of Essex.

1605, Henry captured in France at the Battle of Mulheim.

Henry married Elizabeth Tanfield, heir & d/o Sir Lawrence, Chief Baron of Exchequer.

1608, Sir Henry, Knight of the Bath [K.B.].

5/23/1609, Henry M.C. for the Va. Co.

11/2/1615, Sir Henry, “of Berkhampstead”, Knt., is identified in a deed as eldest brother of Sir Philip Cary, Knt.

1617, Henry a privy counselor.

11/10/1620, Henry created Viscount of Falkland, co. of Fife, in the peerage of Scotland.

5/3/1622, in a deed, Henry “Comptroller of His Majesty’s Household”.

4/28/1623, in a deed, Henry “Lord Deputy General of Ireland”.

9/1633, Henry broke a leg in an accident in Theobald’s Park, eventually leading to his death.

9/25/1633, Henry was buried with his father.

[Henry wrote the book  “The Hist. of the most unfortunate prince, king Edward II”, found in his papers and published in 1680.]

ii. Sir Adolphus Carey, born ?.

Sir Adoplhus knighted by King James I.

1602, Great Gaddesden granted to Adolphus by Sir Robert Cecil.

3/1609 in London, Adoplhus died of smallpox [without children]. (S) Letter written from Dudley Carelton, Esq. to Sir Thomas Edmondes dated 4/6/1609.

iii. Elizabeth Carey (5771), born aft. 1570 in Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England.

(S) The Peerage of England, Scotland, and Ireland:, 1790, P316.

iv. Sir Philip Carey, born ?.

Philip married Dame Mary Badsh, widow of Sir Edward Badsh.

3/23/1605, Philip knighted at Greenwich by King James I.

1614, 1621-22, 1624-25, Philip, M.P. for Woodstock.

6/13/1631, Philip died in London.

Child: John Cary, Esq., born ? in England. 5/30/1632, in a deed, John “son and heir of Sir Philip Cary, late of London, Knt.” 

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