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Monday, April 5, 2010

Bell 1408 & 1409

1408. Thomas Kidd & 1409. Jane Willis {Middlesex Co. VA}

1/8/1626, Thomas born in Soham Parrish, Cambridgeshire, Lancaster, England; s/o 2816. William Kidd & 2817. Elizabeth Nethercote.
~ 1645, Jane born ?.
10/26/1640 in VA, Peter Deare mentioned Thomas in his will. Peter’s sister was married to Thomas’ uncle.
1646, York Co., Thomas Kidd has in Mr. Chews plantation, a debt of 50 lbs.
3/31/1653, Thomas Kidd, 200 acs. Lancaster Co., last of Mar. 1653, p. 30. Upon the S. side of Rappa Riv., & upon the N.W. side of a S.W. branchof Burnham's Cr. & N.E. upon land of Robert Chouninge ( 2824). Trans. of 4 pers: Xpher Morris, Nicho. Heaht, James Green, Langham Mack-Person. [Richard Bridges sold land formerly owned by Thomas Kidd.]
1657, Thomas Kidd appears is the Lancaster Order Book, P20, as witness to Constable John Woodles and Thomas Conner’s deed. Middlesex Co. was created from Lancaster Co.
4/7/1664, Thomas Kidd, 194 acs. Lancaster Co. At the head of Burnhams alias Sunderland Cr., upon a br. of Peanketanke Sw. called White oake br., beg. on Mattapony upper path, runnning N.E., &c. to land of Robt. Chowning & Tho. Pattison, thence S. &c. Trans. of 4 pers: Wm. Bennett, Robt. Hooper, Robt. Sansnery, Samll. Peachy
1658–1674, Thomas Kidd acquired a 400 acre tract and a 200 tract in Middlesex Co.
Bef. 4/17/1667, Jane was transported to VA by James Coghill along with “Dan’ll Willis”.
~1667, Thomas married Jane. Thomas was a member of the Christ Church and the birth of all his children appear, except for the oldest.
5/24/1680, Will of William Blackburn: … My land lord, Thomas Kidd. Goddaughter Elizabeth Kidd. Thomas Kidd, Jr. (under 16). … (S) Middlesex Co., VA, loose court papers.
5/24/1680, Thomas wrote his will. (S) Will Book 1675-1738, P12. Thomas Kidd of Rappahannock River to son Thomas to have dwelling after his mother’s death, 150 acres included. Son Thomas, To daughter Elizabeth Kidd and Jane Kidd, Son William Kidd to have planation of 200 acres. Wife Jane Kidd. Son Thomas Kidd to be guardian to the rest of my children . Exors: Richard Willis and John Willis. Wit: John Willis and Edward Docker.
Aft. 5/28/1680, Thomas died in Middlesex Co., VA. [
Jane married 2nd Robert Blackley.
Aft. 7/4/1687, Jane died.

Children of Thomas and Jane:

i. Thomas Kidd Sr, born ~1665 in VA.
[It is likely that Thomas is a son by a prior marriage of his father.]
1690, Thomas married Alice Trigg. (S) Christ Church Parish Register.
9/1/1719, “Know All Men by these presents that we William Cardwell, Thomas Kid & Thomas Kid Junr. Are bound unto the justices of Middlesex County in the sum of two hundred pounds Sterl. This 1st day of September 1719. The condition of this obligation is such that if William Cardwell shall truly pay unto Mary Goodrich Orphan of John Goodrich deced. All estate that shall appear to be due to said Orpghan as soon as she shall attain the lawfull age that then this obligation to be void else to be. In the pressence of John Vivion. Signed William Cardwell and Thomas Kidd junr.” (S) Middlesex Co., VA, DB3, P498.
9/1/1719, “Cardwell v Goodrich’s Guardian – On the Petition of William Cardwell he is appointed the Guardian of Mary Goodrich giving security; Thomas Kidd and Thomas Kidd, Junr. Became his securitiys and they acknowledge their Bond in Court which is admitted to Record.” (S) Middlesex Co., VA, Court Order Book, P443.
2/7/1720, “Brookes’s Admon Brookes’s Estate – Elizabeth Brookes Relict of William Brookes, deceased, petitioning for …, Certificate is granted her for obtaining Letters of Administration on the said Estate in due forme, William Cardwell and Thomas Kidd, Junr. Became her Sucuritys and together with her acknowledge their Bond for the true and faithfull administration of the said Estate it was admitted to Record.” (S) Middlesex Co., VA, Court Order Book, P512.
5/1727, Thomas wrote his will.
5/11/1727, Thomas died. (S) Christ Church Parish Register.
Thomas Kidd Jr, born ?.
He married Margaret ?.
1740, Middlesex Co. suit by Thomas who claimed his whole share of their father’s estate.

ii. Elizabeth Kidd, born 9/1/1672 in VA.
9/17/1685, Elizabeth married Martin Masey.

iii. William Kidd ( 704), born 3/22/1675 in VA.

iv. Jane Kidd, born 1/12/1677 in VA.

v. Mary Kidd, born 8/1679 in VA.

Children of Jane and Robert:

i. Robert Blackley, baptized 10/20/1684 in VA.

ii. John Blackley, baptized 7/24/1687 in VA.

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