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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

1444 John Greaves

1444. John Greaves 

~1665, John born in England.
5/6/1704, John Clayton of St. John's Parish, King William Co., sells 100 acres on the north side of the Pamunkey River to John Graves of Stratton Manor Parish, King and Queen Co. (S) King William Co., DB1, P195.
3/20/1706, John Graves assigns over all rights, etc., to the above 100 acres on the Pamunkey to his son John. (S) King William Co., DB1, P342.
John moved his family to Spotsvyania Co.
6/7/1737, John Graves is set free of any county levies, he being very ancient and unable to labor.

Children of John and ?:

i. John Graves Jr, born ~1685 in VA.
11/16/1713, William Smith of King William Co. petitions for a bill to make good the title on entailed land he sold to John Graves Jr.
5/4/1729, John bought land from Thomas Gambrill of St. Margaret's Parish, King William Co. In consideration of 100 acres of land, a tract of land containing 200 acres in Spotsylvania Co. Witnesses: Thomas Graves.
5/31/1765, John and Frances Graves made a Deed of Gift to their son, Joseph Graves, specifically mentioning the 200 acres content and that it was purchased by them in 1729 from Thomas Gambrill.
Joseph Graves, born ?.
10/17/1767, Joseph is named executor of his uncle Thomas’ will.

ii. Thomas Graves Sr ( 722), born 1691 in VA.

iii. Joseph Graves, ~1715 in VA.
Joseph married Sarah ?.
Joseph lived in Orange Co., VA, then on Roaring Creek, Rowan (later Surry, now Wilkes) Co., NC.
7/12/1774, Joseph wrote his will. Son-in-law Benjamin Cleveland executor.
8/1774, Joseph’s will proved.
Mary Graves, born ~1738 in VA.
[She is the only child mentioned in her father’s will.]
She married Benjamin Cleveland.