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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bell 1442 & 1443

1442. Thomas Bradley & 1443. Elizabeth ? {… VA}

1633, Thomas born in England, the s/o 2884. Rev. Thomas Bradley & 2885. Frances Saville.
1665, Thomas “a merchant in VA”. (S) Dugdale’s 1665 Visitation of York. [This may be part of the reason there seem to be no associated land records found.]
1699, Thomas witnessed a will in VA. (S) Virginia County Records, 1909, P227.
(S) Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, V1, P192. (S) The Four Visitations of Berkshire, 1908, P80.

Family notes:
• At the same time [1663] there is a Thomas Bradley in MD, possibly a descendent of the one that arrived in Jamestown in 1608. [Or this could be the same Thomas. MD–VA transactions were frequent.]
• A Thomas Bradley is found in the 8/2/1704 Order Book for Richmond Co., VA. [Part of Old Rappahanock Co.]

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth:

i. Sarah/Elizabeth Bradley (721), born ~1663 in VA.

ii. Edward Bradley, born ~1680 in VA.
Edward married Sarah Cookson.
1734, Edward died in VA.
John Bradley, born 1707 in St. Stephens Parish, New Kent Co., VA.
He married Diana Johnson Williams. [4 known children]
1778, he died in Rutherford Co., NC.

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