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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bell 1440 & 1441

1440. John Kimbrough & 1441. Mary Douglas {New Kent Co. VA}

1640, John born in England.
~1645, Mary born in England, the d/o 2882. Robert Douglas.
~1660 in England, John married 1st Mary Douglas.
1666, John “Kimber” sailed from the British Isles with his wife on the ship of Captain Miles Cook of London. The ship landed at Port Tobacco, Charles Co., MD carrying his children John Jr., Marmaduke and James along with his wife’s father, Robert Douglas.
Aft. 11/1672, John “Kimberley” sold his land and moved to St. Mary’s Co.
4/1673–4/1676, John lived in St. Marie’s (St Mary’s), the seat of the MD government at that time.
John move his family to New Kent Co., VA. where he was wounded while fighting in Bacon’s Rebellion in VA. The fighting was against local Indian tribes.
1676, John applied for a “lameness” pension [apparently associated the injury during Bacon’s Rebellion] while living in New Kent Co., VA.
6/8/1680, John awarded a pension of 1000 lbs of tobacco and cask annually.
10/16/1685, John Kimbrough, William Winston, and John Longworthy granted 1500 acres.
4/20/1687, John received a grant of land for transporting several persons from England to VA. This grant was for 575 acres located in the upper part of New Kent Co. on the lower side of the Pamunkey River and adjoining the lands of Stephen Tarleton and Colonel Ludwell.
5/4/1689, vestry records of St. Peters Parish; John appears on a list of lands to be processioned.
John Kimbrough donated land and materials for the construction of St. Paul’s Church in New Kent Co.
5/12/1691, a General Assembly recommended that John’s pension be discontinued because he had large land holdings. [According to researcher Felix A. Kimbrough records indicate it was continued until 1714.]
Bef. 1698 Mary died in VA.
~1698 in VA, John married 2nd Margaret Buckley.
1699, the 1500 acres acquired by John and his partners in 1685 is mentioned in a court record in which it says they had paid quit rents since that time.
9/23/1702, John Kimbrough was one of the inhabitants of St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent County, who petitioned to build a new chapel in the upper part of the parish because they lived very remote from the church. The Vestry ordered that a new church be built upon the upper side of Meachamp Creek adjacent to the King's Road. John Kimbrough gave the parish two acres of land with a spring and timber to build the church. The parish used his house to meet in until the new church was completed for which he was paid 600 lbs. of tobacco and cask [annually?]. He later sold them the land for the Glebe as well. (S) Hanover Co. Historical Society.
[John Longworthy died without heirs and his holdings were divided between Kimbrough and Winston.]
10/23/1703, the land of Longworthy granted to John & Margaret Kimbrough and William & Sarah Winston.
1/17/1704, John et.al. sold the land of Longworthy to Charles Fleming.
1704, “Upon the petition of the upper inhabitants of this parish presented by John Kimburrow, James Nuckols and Richard Corley, laying down that they live very remote from the church, it is ordered that a new church or chapel be built (upon the upper side of Meachamp Creek adjoining to the King’s Road)… Mr. John Kimburrow assuming to this vestry that he will give two acres of land convenient to said road and a spring and like wise all manner of timbers for building the said church.”
1708, the lands of Abraham Cook, James Knuckles, John Kimbrough, Thomas Bradley, and Henry Bowe “lying adjacent to one another” were processioned. (S) St. Paul’s Vestry Book.
1716, John died in New Kent Co., VA.

Family notes;
• Thanks to some 25 or more lawsuits, we find a John Kimbrough (various spellings) in MD from 1667 to 1676. His first found appearance in court is as a witness involving payment for nursing and possibly medication rendered by one Goody Dod or Dode, wife of a Richard Dod. His testimony reveals he did some type of work for Robert Clearke (Clark), Surveyor General of the Dominion of Maryland. Later testimony reveals John Kimbrough helped Robert Clearke survey a parcel of land, but there is no indication of the nature of the assistance rendered. Estimates of his age recorded in two different court proceedings, when serving as a juror, indicate he was born sometime between 1640 and 1647

Children of John and Mary:

i. John Kimbrough II (720), born ~1660 in England.

ii. Marmaduke Kimbrough, born ~1663.
1676, Marmaduke died.

iii. Jane Kimbrough, born ~1666.
Jane married ? Turner.

iv. Mary Kimbrough, born ~1675.
Mary married ? Dudley.
2/17/1710 in Middlesex Co., Mary married John Berry.
Robert Dudley, born ? in VA.
James Dudley, born ? in VA.
John Berry, born ~1712 in VA.
William Berry, born 1715 in VA.
Anne Berry, born 11/18/1718 in VA.

Children of John and Margaret:

v. Buckley Kimbrough, born 11/17/1699 in St. Peter’s Parrish, New Kent Co., VA.
Buckley married ? English.
~1743, Buckley died in Edgecomb Co., NC.
Grizel Kimbrough, born ~1720.
She married John Hinton.
John Kimbrough, born ~?.
Frances Kimbrough, born ~?.
She married Samuel Benton.
Elizabeth Kimbrough, born ~?.
She married Thomas Loyd.
Anne Kimbrough, born ~?.
She married William Alston.
She married Jeconias Yancey.
Nathaniel Kimbrough, born ~1732.
He married Mary Alston, d/o Solomon and Ann Hinton.

vi. Major Kimbrough, born 1703 in St. Peter’s Parrish, New Kent Co., VA.

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