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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bell 1436 & 1437

1436.William Bird & 1437. Hannah Grendon.
Adventures of Purse and Person Virginia 1607 - 1624/5

~1619, William born in England; s/o 2872. Thomas Bird & 2873. Elizabeth Bird.
~1630, Hannah born in England, d/o 2874. Thomas Grendon & 2875. Elizabeth ?.
~1630, Hannah born in England, Thomas & Elizabeth.
Hannah married 1st Thomas Jennings, a distiller in London.
William a silversmith in London.
William 1st married ? Wheeler, sister of Capt. Nevet Wheeler [of Bacon’s Rebellion in 1676.]
By 1651, William immigrated to VA. [Based on majority estimated date for his son Thomas.]
William married Hannah.
11/24/1653, William Byrd a headright of Rev. John Diball. [This usually takes many months to get approved.]
Thomas Jennings died in VA. [1616–1620 Thomas in Isle of Wight Co., VA.]
William returned to England. [Likey on business as he returns with a new job.]
2/20/1657, William succeeded Captain Charles Sparrow as the Virginia representative of the London merchants, John Sadler and Thomas Quiney (Thomas married to Judith Shakespeare). They immigrated to VA aboard the ship Seven Sisters. “Capt. ffranc Grey Capt Otho Southcott and mr Wm Bird do hereby testifie declare and affirme in Co'rt that they an mr James Crewes w’th some servts among whom was one Phillip a Taylor arrived in Virga in the Shipp seaven sisters comanded by Capt Abraham Read about the 20th day of ffeb’r Anno D’m 1657.” /s/ Will Bird.
6/7/1657, William a patent for 300 acres “Upon the South side of Ward’s Creek above John Walls Devidend.”
William, of Martin’s Brandon in VA, married widow Hannah. [This was across the James River from his father/son relatives named William “Byrd”.]
1661, “Ordered that William Bird rest in the sherriffs custody during pleasure of the Co’rt for his affront given in open Co’rt. Willm Bird upon his his submission and recantacon is released from his imprisonment paying the fees thereof.” (S) Charles City Court Records.
1/13/1661, William’s patent of 1656 renewed.
1661–1662, William a vestryman in Martin’s Brandon Parrish, Charles City Co., VA.
1663, William a justice in Martin’s Brandon Parrish, Charles City Co., VA.
7/4/1671, William purchased from Thomas Busby a grist mill and appurtenances at head of Chippokes Creek in Surry, which divides Prince George and Surry counties, 150 adjoining acres, and another tract of 300 acres adjacent to William Shorte. (S) Surry Co., DB1, P387.
7/1671–8/1672, William Bird died. His children became wards of “Nevitt” Wheeler.
8/20/1672, Hannah married William Duke, Justice of Charles City Co. He and was ordered to pay a debt due by Bird’s estate.
6/4/1673, guardianship of Elizabeth Bird was granted to Hannah “Duke”.
William Duke died.
2/14/1677, Hannah was granted administration of William’s will on his estate.
By 11/4/1679, Hannah married Capt. William Archer, clerk of Charles City Co.
11/28/1681, William Archer granted 600 acres of land that had been due his predecessor William Duke.
3/4/1694, Hannah granted administration of William’s estate.
(S) AP&P.

Family notes:
• Charles City Co. Coutr Order Bk, 1661:
• P452: “Theophilus Beddingfield ... saith ... That being at Church on the Sabbath day after prayer standing in the Church yard, heard Tho: Stevenson talkng with Mr. Bird concerning his difference George Gibson saying to Mr. Bird that Gibson should never take take his oath against him for he was an Athicke, so Mr. Bird replyed and asked the said Stevenson Tom what pretty word that was, ….”
• P611: “The deposicon of Willm Bird exa'ied and sworne saith. That being in company w'th Mr Anthony Wyatt the 10th of Ober last there came Mr Caswell to whom Mr Wyatt did chide that he let planters sit at his Cooke rooms doore whereto Mr Caswell repleyed you have stle my hammocks out of my Ship and a bottle of wine, and further saith not.”

Children of Thomas and Hannah:

i. Thomas Jennings Jr, born ? in England.
10/29/1680, Thomas named in the will of his grandfather Thomas Grendon ( 2874).
1685, Thomas a merchant draper in London.

ii. Rebecca Jennings, born ? in England.
Rebecca married John Symonds.
10/29/1680, Rebeckah named in the will of her grandfather Thomas Grendon ( 2874).
1685, John an upholsterer in London.

Children of William and Hannah.

i. Thomas Bird ( 718), born 1652 in VA.

ii. Elizabeth Bird, born Aft. 1657 in VA.
6/4/1673, guardianship of Elizabeth Bird was granted to Hannah “Duke”.
[Her brother Thomas was already “of age”.]

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