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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bell 1432

1432. Richard Jones

1601, Richard born in England.
A Richard Jones is age 22, single, at the 1623-24 muster.
Richard, a merchant of London, together with John Jeffires of London owned the manor of Ley, in the parish of Beerfereis, Devon.
6/15/1659, a letter from Capt. Richard Longman, merchant in London to Mr. Richard Jones in Virginia: “ … I was very glad to heare of your safe arrivall, thoughe wth a long and tedious voyage. I am sorry to heare of ye losse of yor sonne & of yor servants; blessed be God yt you was soe well your self, for I did very much fear it having so long a passage. … My wife & all my family desire kindly to be remembered to you & Mrs Jones & soe doth your assured friend. /s/ Richard Longman”. (S Tyler’s Qrtly Hist. & Gen. Mag., 1920, P272.
6/29/1659, “Mr. Richard Jones for 28 hhd. Received from “William & John” and “Thomas & Ann” ships containing about 10,938 lbs. of tobacco.” (S) Economic History of Virginia, Bruce, 1896, P338. [See CD for copy of this bill.]
Bef.4/10/1667 Richard died. “ … entering an order against Mr. John Roberts, guardian of Mistress Elizabeth Jones, daughter of Richard Jones, deceased, to deliver his ward’s estate in kind to Thomas Hansford as intermarrying with the said Elizabeth.”

Family notes:
• Multiple “Jones” persons are found in the lists of living and dead for Jamestown, including a Richard Jones listed 2/16/1623 as having died since “April last”.

Children of Richard and ?:

i. Richard Jones ( 716), ~1640 in VA.

ii. Cadwallader Jones, born ?.
1680, Cadwallader a Lt.Col. in the Stafford militia.
1681, Cadwallader “in Virginia”.

iii. Elizabeth Jones, born ?.
Elizabeth married Thomas Hansford, born ~1646, 3rd s/o John, “First native Martyr to American Liberty”, executed after Bacon’s Rebellion.

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