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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bell 1414 & 1415

1414. John Davis & 1415. Sarah Batchelder

~1665, Sarah born in VA; d/o 2830. John Batchelder.
Bef. 1/20/1672, John transported to VA by Martin Gardner.
John married Sarah. (S) The Edward Pleasants Valentine Papers, 1927, P2245.
“It is ordered that John Davis be allowed for his preaching 1000”. (S) The Vestry Book of Christ Church, 1927, P41.
“John Davis, Dt., for making seven women’s jacksets, 70 lbs.; for making a coat for yr wife, 60 lbs; for altering a pair of plush britches, 20 lbs.” (S) Economic Hist. of VA in the 17th Cent., P473.
Bef. 11/7/1698, John died. (S) Will Mary Head – see No. 2830 Family notes.
John’s personality appraised at 32,435 pounds of tobacco. (S) Economic Hist. of VA in the 17th Cent., Bruce, 1896, P252.

Children of John and Sarah:

i. John Davis, born ? in VA.
1696, John married Elizabeth Shelton, d/o Ralph & Mary.
11/7/1698, Grandchildren John, Sarah & William Davis mentioned in the will of Mary Head. John appointed executor.
1701, Thomas and Eliz Chowning [brother & sister] exec of father Robert discharge Richard Allin and Richard Shurley exec of mother Aann Chowning from all debts, etc. wit: John Davis. [In 1706 Thomas would marry Sarah, sister of John.]
Bef. 10/22/1716, John died. In his noncupative will he lends to his wife Elizabeth Davis all of his houses, lands and livings during her natural life or widowhood, and then to be taken into the care of the above John Batchelder , William Davis & Robert Murra. He gives all of his lands to his son John. Proved by John Batchelder … , and wife Elizabeth qualified as Admrx.

ii. Sarah Davis ( 707), baptized 11/4/1683 in Middlesex Co., VA.

iii. William Davis, born ? in VA.

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