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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Supervisor Peter Stille

15022. Supervisor Peter Stille    

~1570, Peter born in Roslagen, Sweden, NE of Stockholm.

“Per” was a relatively prosperous supervisor of the Penningby estate in Länna parish.

By 1627, Per Stille had retired and was granted land by the owners of Penningby on a nearby island called Humblö.

1633, Peter died at Humblö.

Children of Peter and ?:

i. Anna Petersdotter (7511), born ~1600 in Roslagen, Sweden.

ii. Olof Petersson Stille, born ~1610 on the island of Solo in Roslagen, Uppland, Sweden.

Olof married at Humblö, Sweden.

1636, Olof Stille indiscreetly voiced his opinion of Lady Catarina Fleming of Penningby, who retaliated by prosecuting Olof for defamation and took his property at Humblö.

Olof refused to leave the island and was imprisoned. After securing his freedom, Olof and his family resettled in Matsunda.

3/28/1638, after Olof had tried to rescue a former servant from prison, the Governor issued a warrant for his arrest.

4/16/1638, Olof was convicted and sentenced to a fine of 100 daler silver money, the equivalent of 17 months pay for a New Sweden soldier.

5/3/1641, Olof, a mill maker, his wife, daughter, and son; and his brother Alex, traved to New Sweden in the Charitas, the same ship on which the Lom family [which included his sister] and Peter Cock traveled.

In New Sweden, Olof Stille settled as a freeman at a place called Techoherassi by the Indians, located between present Crum Creek and Ridley Creek (called Olof Stille's Creek). Joining him at this location were his brother Axel Stille and the Lom family.

7/27/1653, Olof a signer of a petition against Gov. Printz. (S) 1693 Census of DE, Craig, P2.

8/4/1656, Olof, now a magistrate, was present for the creation ceremony of the “Swedish Nation”, authorized by Gov. Stuyvesant, held Ft. Casimir. (S) 1693 Census of DE, Craig, P4.

1656, Olof became the 1st Chief Justice of the new Swedish Court. He served for 8 years.

1663, Olof refused to swear allegiance to the City of Amsterdam which now controlled the area. (S) 1693 Census of DE, Craig, P5.

1664, Olof Stille retired as magistrate and moved to Moyamensing (later south Philadelphia) with Lars Andersson Collinus who had married his widowed sister.

6/3/1664, Lars Andersson, Olof Stille and Marten Cleinsmit received a patent on Moyamensing. (S) 1671 Census of DE by Craig, P14.

1671, Olof is living with his youngest son, “John”, who would inherit his father’s share of Moyamensing upon Olof’s death. (S) 1671 Census of DE by Craig, P15.

1684 Olof died.


Ella Stille, born in 1634 in Roslagen. She 1st married Peter Jochimsson, a New Sweden soldier; died in 1654. She 2nd married Hans Månsson., a Captain of the Swedes Militia. ~1691 Ella, living in NJ, adopted the surname “Steelman”. 1718 she died in Gloucester Co.

Anders Stille, born in 1640 in Roslagen. By 16781 he married Annetje Pieters. 1688–1692 he died in White Clay Creek in New Castle Co.

Christina Stille, born in 1643 in America. She married Marten Roosemond [his 2nd wife].

Johan Stille, born in 1646 in America. ~1683 he married his 1st cousin Gertrude Gertsson, daughter Christina Lom. 4/24/1722 he died at the Moyamensing plantation, buried at Gloria Dei church.

iii. Axel Stille, born ~1620 in Roslagen, Sweden.

5/3/1641, Axel, with family members to New Sweden in the Charitas, the same ship on which the Lom family and Peter Cock traveled.

7/27/1653, Axel a signer of a petition to Gov. Printz. (S) 1693 Census of DE, Craig, P2.

1684, Axel was a heir of his brother Olof, and was identified as having no children.