Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bond 14944

14944. Richard Edwards Jr {Bond}

10/31/1566, Richard’s father, age 41, died before he was born.
11/22/1566, Richard born in North Petherton, Somerset, England; s/o 29888. Richard Edwards & 29889. Helene Griffith.
Richard, the youngest son, according to the inheritance laws of Wales, inherited Edwards Hall. [This law was directly opposite to English law, which gave property to the eldest son.] Richard Sr had acquired considerable property as a favor from the reigning English monarchs and from his wife’s family.
9/10/1626, Will of John Lewis, Somerset: “to cousin Richard Edwards, 20s.”
Richard died at Edwards Hall, Glamorganshire, Wales.

Children of Richard and ?:

i. William Edwards (7472), born ~1585 in England.

ii. Bridgett Edwards, born ?.
“To Bridgett, daughter of Richard Edwards, 2 lambs.”

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