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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baron Edward Seymour & Dorothy Killigrew

14854. Baron Edward Seymour & 14855. Dorothy Killigrew   

~1575, Dorothy born in England, d/o 29710. Henry Killigrew & 29711. Catherine Cooke.

~1576, Edward born in England, s/o 29708. Edward Seymour & 29709. Elizabeth Champernon.

12/15/1600, marriage between Edward & Dorothy arranged.

5/22/1603, Edward knighted at Greenwich. Edward a Knight for Devonshire, Killington, Totness.

1604–1610, Edward married Dorothy.

1613, Edward as heir succeeded his father.

8/26/1614, “Declaration of uses of a fine: (1) The Hon. Sir Edward Seymour of Berry Castell, knight and baronet. … (1) by deed … conveyed to (3) tenement called Nymetthay alias Nympheys, part of the manor of Loosebear, in Zeal Monachorum, …” (S) UKNA.

3/25/1615, “(2) Sir Edward Seymour of Berry Castle, knt. and bart. Tenement called Kelland in Zeal Monachorum in tenure of Robert Packer, leased on 3rd October, 1611 by Sir Edward Seymour, bart., father of (2), to Robert Packer for 99 years ….” (S) UKNA.

2/6/1625, Edward at parliament by appointment of Charles I.

5/8/1626, The impeachment of the Duke of Buckingham, … a motion was made amongst the Commons in Parliament …, by Sir Edward Seymour, Knight, the Vice-Admiral to the Duke of the County of Devon; … Hist. Coll. Of Private Passages, V1, 1721.

1633, Marriage settlement for Edward’s son Edward: (1). Sir Edward Seymour of Berry Pomeroy, knt. and bart. (2). Sir William Portman of Orchard, Somerset, bart., and John Bluett of Holcombe Rogus esq. (3). …., Arthur Champernown of Dartington esq., … Edward Seymour esq. son and heir apparent of (1). and Anne Portman youngest daughter of Sir John Portman of Orchard knt. and bart. Deceased; Premises: the manor of Maiden Bradley in Wiltshire and Somerset, the manors of Berry Pomeroy and Bridgetown Pomeroy, the castle and park of Berry Pomeroy, the capital house, farm, barton and demesnes of Berry Pomeroy, the advowson of the vicarage of Berry Pomeroy, the castle of Great Totnes, lands in Huish and Loddiswell, the moiety of the manor of Harberton, lands in Denbury and the fourth part of the hundred of Haytor.” (S) UKNA – Devon Record Office.

1/13/1634, Sir Edward Seymour, Sir Edward Hungerford, and others, Deputy Lieutenants and Justices of Peace for Wilts, … (S) Cal. of State Papers, Charles I, 1634.

5/2/1635, Rules and orders of the Lords of the Admiralty to be observed by all Vice-Admirals, … To Sir Edward Seymour and Sir James Bagg, Vice-Admirals of Devon. (S) Cal. of State Papers, Charles I, 1635.

10/20/1637, Proceedings in 2 sessions of the Admiralty held this last vacation. For that of Devonshire, Sir Edward Seymour and the writer, … (S) Cal. of State Papers, Charles I, 1637.

4/28/1638, Affirmation of Edward Seymour and thirteen others that the tithing of Yarnfield, Somerset, has hitherto been taxed … (S) Cal. of State Papers, Charles I, 1638.

1639-40, “Return of Writs: Wilts. - Ad quod damnum, Edward Seymour, market and fair at Mayden Bradley.” (S) UKNA.

1/30/1640, Certificate by John Seymour, Lieutenant-Colonel of Sir Edward Seymour's regiment, that Thomas Serle, of Beerferris, co. Devon, … (S) Cal. of State Papers, Charles I, 1639.

1640, £400,000 to be raised by Two equal Payments on all Persons, Spiritual and Temporal … For the County of Devon. Unto Sir Edward Seymour Knight and Baronet, … (S) Statues of the Realm, V5, 1819.

1643, Edward at Oxford with King Charles I.

1645, “Covenant: (1). Edward Seymour of Berry Pomeroy esq. (2). Sir Edward Seymour of Berry Pomeroy knt., and bart. Premises: one annuity of £300 and during (2).'s life, (1). is to allow him sufficient entertainment in meat, drink and lodging, for himself and four servants Consideration: (2). has surrendered up his claim to the manor, the barton and demeasne lands and the castle and park of Berry, and all his manors and lands in Devon.” (S) UKNA.

11/1652, At parliament. Ordered, That it be referred to the Commissioners for Compounding, to certify the Case of Sir Edward Seymour to the Parliament. (S) Journal of the House of Commons, V7, 1802.

10/5/1659, Edward died at castle of Bury, the ancient seat of the Pomeroys.

(S) Peerage of England, Collins, 1812, P193.

Family notes:

·         Duke Edward Seymour (118832), died 1551, had 2 sons named Edward by 2 wives. This Edward is descended through the 1st wife and was not the heir. References to Edward, Lord Beauchampe & Earl of Hertford, are references to the heir’s lineage.

Children of Edward and Dorothy: [6 sons, 5 daughters.]

i. Edward Seymour, born 1610 in England.

1633, Edward married Anne Portman, d/o Sir John Portman.

Edward’s estates, [home demolished during the civil war,] restored by Charles II.

12/7/1688, Edward died at Berry Pomeroy.

Children: [1 daughter, 5 sons]

·         Sir Edward Seymour, born 1633 in England.

ii. Elizabeth Seymour, born ? in England.

Elizabeth married Francis Courtnay of Powderham in com. Devon.

Elizabeth married 2nd Sir Amos Meredith of Ashley in Cheshire, Bart.

iii. Henry Seymour, born ? in England.

As a youth Henry “page of honour” to Charles I.

A “goom of the bedchamber” to the Prince of Wales [to be Charles II.]

Henry left England with the Prince at the disposition of his father Charles I.

1/27/1648-9, Henry delivered a letter to the King the night before he died from the Prince; and returned the last letter of Charles I to the Prince.

Henry married Ursula Austen, d/o Sir Robert Austen of Bexley in Kent, widow of George Stawell.

Child: Sir Henry Seymour, born ?. 1714, he died without issue.

iv. Mary Seymour, born ? in England.

Mary married Sir Jonathan Trelawney, Bart.

v. Thomas Seymour, born ? in England.

Thomas married Anne Anderson, d/o Sir Richard of Penley in Hertfordshire.

vi. Margaret Seymour, born ? in England.

Margaret married Francis Trelawney, [brother of Jonathan].

vii. Anne Seymour, born ? in England.

Anne married Dr. Stourton.

viii. Catharine Seymour (7427), born ~1618 in Devonshire, England.

xi. Sir Joseph Seymour, born ? in England.

Joseph married Bridget, d/o Sir Richard of Penley in Hertfordshire.