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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mounger 66 & 67

The Georgia Frontier (3 Volume Set)
66. General Elijah Clark & 67. Hannah Harrington

1736, Elijah born in Edgecombe Co., NC; s/o 132. John Clark Sr.
1737, Hannah born in Edgecombe Co., NC; d/o 134. Thomas Arrington & 135. Hannah Haynie.
1774, they moved to Wilkes Co., GA.
1778, Elijah wounded at the battle of Alligator Creek.
8/1780, Elijah severely wounded at the battle of Jusgrove’s Mill.
1781, Elijah promoted to Brigadier General.
1793, Elijah became involved in the schemes of Ghent, the intriguing minister of France, directed against Spain. Clarke entered the French service and received a commission as major-general, a salary of $10,000, and some means for the carrying out of the plans. It was his part to enlist Georgians, Creeks, and Cherokees; but there was little fighting, Ghent was soon recalled, and Fauchet his successor stopped the effort.
1794, Elijah led a force into Creek territory across the Oconee River. A few forts were erected, and some towns were laid out. These proceedings brought him to the notice of the law, but he was popular with Georgians, and was acquitted by a Wilkes County tribunal. He continued his project, and the "Trans-Oconee State" received a constitution and a committee of safety. The Federal government, through a letter from Hamilton to the governor of Georgia, then made representations. A blockade along the Oconee was established by Georgia troops, and Clarke, deserted by most of his followers, surrendered.
3/3/1799, Elijah wrote his will naming his wife and children. His son-in-law Edwin Mounger is named an executor. (S) The Georgia Frontier, Austin, 2005, P80.
Bef. 12/15/1799, Elijah died. (S) Augusta Chronicle and Gazette of the State, 12/21/1799, Obituary.
1827, Hannah died.
(S) Dictionary of American Biography.

Children of Elijah and Hannah:

i. John Clark, born ?.
John married Nancy Williamson.
Rev. War, John served under his father and attained the rank of Capt.
John attained the rank of Major General of the GA Militia.
1819 & 1823, John elected Governor of GA.
John became an Indian Agent in FL.
1832, both John and Nancy died of Yellow Fever.
[3 sons all died young.]

ii. Frances Clark (No. 33), born 1781 in SC. [twin]

iii. Elijah Clark Jr, born 1781 in SC. [twin]
Elijah sent with his sister to Augusta, GA to the Richmond Academy.
1796, the twins returned home.

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