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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mounger 64 & 65

64. Henry Mounger & 65. Elizabeth Harris

~1738, Henry born in Isle of Wight Co., VA. [Named grandson of Robert Munger in his will.]
1/8/1767, Henry married Elizabeth in Southampton Co. [formed from Isle of Wight.]
By 1769, they had moved to Brunswick Co. [Henry added the “o” to his name.]
3/22/1770, Henry was surety to Martha Harris, Elizabeth’s sister who married John Baker.
By 1773, Henry was in Anson Co., NC.
4/13/1774, Henry to “have leave to keep a ferry over the Peedee river.”
2/18/1775, Henry bought land in Anson Co. from Thomas Wilson.
1776, Henry appointed a justice in Anson Co.
4/7/1777, Henry sold 150 acres to Ethelred Harris, West Harris witness.
7/1/1778, Henry sold land to Wm. McGrigger.
1779-1783, Montgomery County Court held on Henry’s plantation.
4/17/1780, Henry contract to fix public buildings in Montgomery Co.
1781, Henry refused a nomination as Major in the militia.
3/1782, Henry signed the tax return for the court.
By 8/12/1783, Henry had moved to Wilkes Co., GA.
1786-1787, Henry JOP of Wilkes Co.
1789, Henry Clerk of Superior Court of Wilkes Co.
1789-1791, Henry JOP of Wilkes Co.
1790, Henry Commissioner of Roads and Revenues.
1794/5, Henry received land grants in Wilkes Co. for service as a Rev. War patriot.
By 4/9/1795, Henry died in Wilkes Co., GA; his son Edwin appointed an administrator of his estate.

Child of Henry and Elizabeth:

i. Edwin Mounger (No. 32) born 1771 in GA.

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