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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bell 1846 & 1847

1846. Henry Hudson & 1847. Lydia Smith {England, VA}

1632, Henry born in England; s/o 3692. Richard Hudson & 3693. ? Tilghman.
~1640, Lyida born ?; d/o 3694. Henry Smith & 3695. Ann ?.
1635, Henry arrived with his father in VA.
1649, Henry arrived with his father in Hungars Creek, Accomack Co., VA, one of the oldest settlements on the Eastern Shore.
~1662, Henry married Lydia. They moved to Morumsco, Somerset Co, MD.
3/8/1666, “Lydia Huttson the daughter of Henry Huttson was born of Lydia his wife at Morumsco”.
9/4/1666, Henry registered his cattle mark, which was a Fleur-de-Leis, the same mark that his father Richard had used for his livestock, and came from the old Hudson Coat of Arms. Upon registering his cattle mark Henry spelled his last name as “Huttson” and used this spelling for many years. (S) They lived in Somerset, 17th Century Marylanders, by Lankford.
Henry purchased multiple plantations. (S) Colonial Families of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, V10, PP110-114.
7/8/1669, “Henry Huttson the sonne of Henry Huttson was borne of Lydia his wife at Morumsco”.
11/14/1672, “Robert Huttson the sonne of Henry Huttson was born of Lydia his wife at Morumsco”.
1674, “Capias agt: Edward Dickeson in A plea of Debt in y Suite of Henry Hutson”. (S) Somerset Judicial Records.
11/1675, Henry “Hutson” called to jury duty in “Sommerset County”. (S) Somerset Judicial Records.
6/12/1691, Henry “Hudson” called to jury duty. (S) Somerset Judicial Records, V191, P124.
Bef. 5/23/1707, Henry died. (S) Will proved.
(S) Somerset Co. Early Vital Records, transcribed by Osiris Johnson from CR 50,078.

Children of Henry and Lydia: [10 children]

ii. Richard Hudson, born ? in MD.
~1705, Richard married Margaret Tingle, d/o Hugh & Elizabeth Powell.
1707, Richard inherited the 500 acres Harragate plantation from his father.
12/5/1762, Richard wrote his will.
Bef. 3/2/1763, Richard died. (S) Will proved.
Children: [8 children.]

ix. Rachel Hudson ( 923), born 1684 in MD.

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