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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bell 1874 & 1875

1874. Peter Webster & 1875. Mary Gilkison {Bucks Co. PA}

1655, Peter born in Falls, Buck Co., PA, born ?, s/o 3748 ? Webster.
11/30/1695, Peter married Mary in Middletown, Bucks Co., PA. (S) Middletown Monthly Meeting Of Friends, Authorized Marriages 1685–1810: Bucks County, PA.
10/8/1696, “Deed: Jos Kirkbride to Peter Webster, 1696. Know all men by these presents that Joseph Kirkbride of the county of Bucks and province of Pennsylvania yeoman and for the consideration of the sum of thirteen pounds ten shillings current silver money of the aforesaid province in hand paid by Peter Webster of the aforesaid county of Bucks husbandman … assigns a certain piece or parcel of land lying and being in the aforesaid county of Bucks beginning at a corner by the widow Lucas land … Containing and laid out for about fifty one acres and a half be it more or less … the eight day of the tenth month one thousand six hundred ninety six 1696 … The 5th day of the 8th month 1697 the above conveyance was by the above named Joseph Kirkbride delivered in open court unto the within named Peter Webster …
8/5/1697, Peter, a husbandman, appeared in open court and acquired land in Bucks Co. (S) Bucks Co., PA, DB1, P164.
1699, a road was laid out from the King’s highway “to Peter Webster's new dwelling”. (S) The History Of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Chapter XIII.
9/7/1712, Peter witnessed the will of John Lucas of Fall Twp, Bucks Co.
10/14/1713, Peter witnessed the will of Samuel Burges of Hall Twp., Bucks Co.
12/13/1720, Peter given 5 shillings in the will of his brother John, of Falls Township. See No. 3748.
8/1/1724, Peter wrote his will in Bristol, Bucks Co., PA: Daughter Agnes Yeates’ children, Joseph Yeates, and her other children. Grandson-in-law, William Ashburn. Grandson Thomas Lamb. Granddaughter Sarah Ashburn. Son Wm. Webster. Wit: Joseph Linton, Benjamin Linton, Mary Blackshaw (S) Wills: Abstracts: B–1, P85 : Bucks Co, PA 1685-1739.
Bef. 9/28/1724, Peter died, will proved.

Children of Peter and Mary:

i. Mary Webster ( 937), born 1696 in PA.

ii. Agnes Webster, born ?.
Agnes married James Yeates.
12/13/1720, Agnes and her husband named in the will of her uncle John Webster, No. 3748.
8/1/1724, Agnes mentioned in the will of her father.
4/2/1733, James wrote his will in Newtown Twp., PA.
Joseph Yeates, born ?. (S) Will of his grandfather.
Sarah Yeates, born ?. (S) Will of her grandfather.
10/5/1721, she married William Ashburn. (S) PA Genealogical Mag., V42, No3, P220.

iii. William Webster, born ?.
8/1/1724, William mentioned in the will of his father.

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