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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bond 1862 Smithwick-Sheares

1862. Edward Smithwick & 1863. Elizabeth Lydia Sheares [NC]

1647, Edward born in Virginia, s/o 3724. Hugh Smithwick & 3725. Elizabeth Windley.
~1647 Elizabeth born in ?. [Last name usually given as “Shearing”. There no entries 1640–1675 in the UK National Archives database for “Shearing”, but there are 68 results for “Sheares”.]
By 1668, Edward married Elizabeth in Albemarle Co., VA. [Later became part of NC.]
1669, Brothers Edward and John made a petition in which they: “stated their father Hugh Smithwick came into this country about 35 years since...”.
3/29/1680, Robert “Winly” [Edward’s uncle] … joining Matacommack Creeque, …, Edward Smithick. (S) NC PB1, P146.
4/1/1680, Edward Smithwick requested probate of his Father’s will which had been lost or destroyed. “Att the Corte held for ye Precinct of Shaftesbury the first day of April 1680 Att Edward Smithwick house, present Mr. Thos. Cullen, Judge, Mr. Joseph Chew, Mr. Joseph Gilbert, Commissioners. It is ordered that Edward Smithwick have letters of administration upon the estate of his father Hugh Smithwick Decd.”
4/1/1680, at a court held at Edward’s house, he received letters of administration of his fathers estate.
6/30/1680, Edward was arrested and imprisoned on charges trumped up by Robert Holden who had assumed control of the colony.
7/2/1680, Holden himself was arrested and four days later, Edward was afforded bail and went home.
9/12/1680, Edward was again arrested without warrant likely by Holden’s direction and held in confinement about 2 months. He was released because a grand jury could not return a true bill.
1681, Edward “Smitheck” 150 acres “English measure in Shaftsbury precinct, joining the South side of ye Easternmost Branch of Matacommack Creeque and John Cannon”. (S) NC PB1, P104. [Shaftsbury a prct of old Albarmarle Co.]
1681, Edward “Smithick” 350 acres “English measure in Shaftsbury precinct, joining ye mouth of ye S. East branch Branch of Matacommack Creeque.” (S) NC PB1, P105.
1682, Edward named as a surveyor, and served as a juror and as a commissioner in local courts. [Probably a practicing attorney as he was entitled to be referred to or addressed as Mr. Edward Smithwick or Edward Smithwick, Esquire.]
1/1/1694, Edward 380 acres on Mattacomack Creek in Chowan prct. (S) NC PB1, P308.
4/1/1694, Edward, 200 acres on S. side of Easternmost branch of Mattacomack Creek joining swamp. (S) NC PB1, P9.
7/20/1694, Edward 350 acres in Chowan prct. on the south side of the southeast branch of Mattacomack Creek. (S) NC PB1, P20.
4/17/1697, Edward 270 acres in Chowan prct. joining Matacomack Creek swamp. (S) NC PB1, P76.
~1669 in Cashie Neck, Chowan Prct., NC, Edward married Elizabeth.
7/31/1688, Edward and his mother Elizabeth witnessed the will of her brother Robert Windley in Albarmarle Co., NC. [Albarmarle dissolved in 1739.]
1700, Edward appointed a JOP for Chowan prct. (S) NC Exec. Council Minutes.
1701, Edward part of the organizers of St. Paul’s Parish, Chowan District; and served on its vestry for many years; and gave the land for its first church building. His name is inscribed on a marble plaque in the rear wall of the sanctuary of the present-day St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Edenton.
1703, Edward a member of the House of Burgesses.
1711, Edward a member of the House of Burgesses.
1712, Edward a member of the House of Burgesses.
12/1/1712, Edward granted 2420 acres. (S) 5/15/1781 Estate Record, Chowan Co.
1/4/1713, Edward mentioned in a petition of his son John for 440 acres originally granted to him. (S) NC Exec. Council Minutes.
1/3/1714, Edward attended a meeting at St. Paul’s where he requested to be dismissed by reason of his age and infirmities.
1/21/1718 Edward wrote his will in Cashie Neck, Chowan Prct., NC. (S) NC State Archives, 024, Orig. Only, SS/AR.
3/4/1718, Edward sold 1420 acres from 1712 grant to Thomas Paris for £50. [The other 1000 had been sold to Henry Speller.]
Bef. 4/15/1718, Edward died. “To all to whom these presents come I Wm Charleton of Chowan Precinct Gent Exec of the Last Will & Testament of Edw’d Smithwick late of the same Precinct Gent Deceas'd Send Greetin &c.”.
Elizabeth died in Chowan Prct., NC.

Children of Edward and Elizabeth:

i. Elizabeth Smithwick ( 931), born 1669.

ii. Edward Smithwick, born ?.
(S) Father’s will.
Edward married Grace Hobson.
4/6/1722, Edward, 640 acres called Turkey Neck, S. side of Morattock river. (S) NC PB3, P102.
2/1/1725, Thomas Betterley joining Martin Griffin (s/o No. 930) and Edward Smithwick in Bertie Co. (S) NC PB3, P188.

iii. John Smithwick, born ?.
(S) Father’s will.
John married 2nd Sarah Speller.
11/4/1713, John petitioned for 440 acres on the Kesiah River formerly granted to his father which had lapsed as uncultivated. (S) NC Exec. Council Minutes.
6/3/1718, John named in the will of his sister Elizabeth’s husband.
8/6/1719, James Castelaw in Chowan prct. joining John Smithwick. (S) NC PB1, P278.

iv. Sarah Smithwick, born ?.
(S) Father’s will.
Sarah married John Stansell.
Mary Stansill, born ?.
6/3/1718, she is named in the will of Marffin Griffin married to her aunt Elizabeth.
John Stansill, born ?.
6/3/1718, he is named in the will of Marffin Griffin married to his aunt Elizabeth.