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Saturday, April 10, 2010

William Kidd & Elizabeth Nethercote

2816. William Kidd & 2817. Elizabeth Nethercote {England}

7/6/1598, William born in Soham, Cambridgeshire, England; s/o 5632. William Kidd & 5633. Marion ?.
10/8/1598, Elizabeth born in Soham, Cambridgeshire, England; d/o 5634. Thomas Nethercote & 5635. Margaret Liles.
11/2/1621, William married Elizabeth in Soham.
William and Elizabeth were living during a period of time when an Abbey was to be built in Soham. The monks wanting to build this Abbey needed a certain stone which was only found in Scotland. William requested the Kidd families in Scotland quarry this unique stone. The stone was delivered by using wooden barges to float the stone to Soham. The Abbey still stands in Soham.
11/19/1630, Elizabeth died.
3/31/1647, William died in Soham.

Family notes:
• A professional British researcher with extensive experience in parish records of 16th/17th century Cambridgeshire was hired by Rod Harless of WV to research this family. He concluded that, while evidence was strong to support the theory that William Kidd and Elizabeth Nethercoat(e) were Thomas Kidd’s parents, he could not offer any proof as to this William Kidd’s parentage. At the time, Mr. Harless, who originally had wanted to document that Thomas Kidd of Middlesex was of the Soham Parish area, was satisfied, and did not pursue the project further.

Children of William and Elizabeth:

i. William Kidd, born 10/20/1622 in England.
William married Margaret Deare; sister of Peter Deare and Jeremie; born 2/1/1628.
4/1693, William died in Calvert Co., MD.
William Kidd, born ?.
He married Ann Gideon.
Margaret Kidd, born 1645.
She married James Wilson in Calvert Co., MD.

ii. Thomas Kidd ( 1408), born 1/8/1626 in England.

iii. Jeremiah Kidd, born 2/1/1627 in England.
1635, Jeremiah died.