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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Robert Chowning & Joanne Hitchcock

2824. Robert Chowning & 2825. Joanne Hitchcock {England, VA}

~1620, Robert born in Wortham, co. Kent, England, s/o 5648. George Chowing & 5649. Elizabeth Chandler.
~1625, Joanne born. [A “Richard Hitchcock” came to VA by 6/2/1636, a “William Hitchcock” came to VA by 2/16/1623 at Hogg Island.]
5/29/1649, Robert with Richard Kemp and his party of 70 Royalists, Robert again landed in Virginia. On this trip was also a woman named Joan Hitchcock. [His father was already in VA.]
1658, Robert married Joan.
1/21/1652, Robert patented 300 acres On the head of Sanderland Cr. alias Barneham Cr. beg. at a Sly. cor. tree of his own & and land of Thomas Paddison, running E. along land of Robt. Middleton &c. [This patent renewed 2/26/1663.]
3/31/1653, Thomas Kidd ( 1408), 200 acs. Lancaster Co., last of Mar. 1653, p. 30. Upon the S. side of Rappa Riv., & upon the N.W. side of a S.W. branchof Burnham's Cr. & N.E. upon land of Robert Chouninge. ….
6/30/1653, Robert Chowninge, 250 acs. Lancaster Co., last of June 1653, p. 20. Upon the N. W. side of the S.W. branch of Sunderland alias Burnham's Cr., extending from land of Henery Nicholls S.W., from thence N.W. &c. Trans. of 5 pers: 2 Negroes; Jon Gum, Senr., Jon. Gum Junr., Jon. Pepper; assigned by Geo. Chowninge. This land became known as “Chowningville”.
1657, Robert was first appointed a vestryman at Christ Church, an Anglican Parish.
1657, Robert “Chewning” patented 200 acres in Lancaster Co. (S) B4, P251.
12/23/1659, Robert Chowning agrees that a lineof trees marked at the date of this, in the presence of Mr. Jo Vause and James Lidsey, to be "a ful and authentic" division of 580 acres patened 4th April 1658 by Thomas Patteson and himself. Signed Robert Chowning.
4/30/1662, Thomas Patteson sells land to Hen. Nichols. … Wit: Robert Chowning.
1663, Robert a vestryman for Middlesex Church. As vestryman he agreed to mark a cow-calf with a crop in the right ear, and to raise the calf until 2 years old for the church. (S) Virginia Genealogies, Hayden, 1931, P294.
9/9/1663, Henry Nicholas of Lanc. Co., planter, gives to "my kindsman David George one red cow. . ." Wit: Robt Chowning.
12/16/1663, Robt Chowning, 448 acs. Beg. at his own & land of Tho. Pattison, running E. &c. Part herof containing 53 acs. granted to sd. Chowning in joynt tenure with Thomas Pattison, & 300 acs. part belonging to sd. Chowning by patent not yet taken out of therecords “but entered as I am informed in the yeare 1658 or in the beginning of the year 1659” & 95 acs. for trans. of 2 pers: James Power, Tho. Delke.
4/7/1664, Thomas Kidd, 194 acs. Lancaster Co. At the head of Burnhams alias Sunderland Cr., … beg. on Mattapony upper path, runnning N.E., &c. to land of Robt. Chowning & Tho. Pattison, …
1670, Robert again appointed a vestryman at Christ Church, an Anglican Parish.
1670, Robert “Chewning” ordered to summon a jury composed of men residing in the neighborhood … (S) Economic Hist. of VA in the 17th Cent., Bruce, 1896, P545.
1674, Robert died [son Robert 15 when his father died]. (S) The Chesapeake in the 17th Century, Tate, 1980, P167.
Joan sold 250 acs. Lancaster Co.; 6/30/1653 assigned by Geo. Chowninge to Robert Chowninge.
Child of Robert and Joanne:
i. Robert Chowning ( 1412), born 5/4/1659 in Middlesex Co., VA.