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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bell 2874 & 2875

2874. Thomas Grendon Sr & 2875. Elizabeth ? {England, VA}

~1600, Thomas born in England; s/o 5748. Edward Grendon.
12/9/1628 in England, Thomas left 650 acres in VA in the will of his father [who was in VA.]
Thomas travelled to VA to administer his lands.
1633, Thomas a member of the VA General Assembly for Smith’s Mount and Hogg Island.
Thomas returned to England. [Apparently traveling back and forth quite often – something documented as common for the wealthy of that time.]
4/12/1638, Thomas a merchant in London.
8/3/1649, Thomas sold the land left him by his father in VA to Capt. George Evelyn.
12/15/1678, Thomas, “of Dukes Place”, citizen and draper of London, wrote his will. He referred to lands in Fultherley in Shenston, Staffordshire. His wife and daughter are named in the will.
Bef. 10/29/1680, Thomas died; will proved in the Principal Court of Canterberry. In the will he provides for grandchildren Thomas Grendon [s/o Thomas], Thomas Jennings [s/o Hannah], and Rebeckah Symonds [d/o Hannah].

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth:

i. Thomas Grendon Jr, born ~1628 in England.
~1652, Thomas married Elizabeth ?, widow of Thomas Stegg. [Daughter Gracie Stegge of this Thomas & Elizabeth married Hannah’s husband’s brother John Bird.]
3/31/1670, “Elizabeth Grindon” named as the mother of Thomas Stegge Jr in his will.
Bef.12/1678, Thomas died. [Not named in his father’s will.]
Lt. Col. Thomas Grendon, born ?.
He married Sarah ?, widow of Thomas Stegg Jr. [died 1671, brother of Gracie. 3/31/1670, “Will of Thomas Stegge County of Henrico in Virginia.” (S) UK National Archives. He left his VA plantations to his nephew William Bird, s/o Grace.]
1677, he was a justice of Westover, Charles City Co., VA.
Bef. 10/10/1684, he died at sea. “Will of Thomas Grendon or Greendon, Gentleman of Westover Charles City County Virginia, North America.” (S) UK National Archives.

ii. Hannah Grendon ( 1437), born ~1630 in England.

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