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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bell 3650 & 3651

3650. William Assiter & 3651. Mary ? {St. Mary’s Co. MD}

1611, William born in England.
Bef. 1638, William married Mary in England.
1638, William immigrated to America. (S) The Early Settlers of Maryland, 1968, Trader, P14.
William must have returned to England.
1640, William again transported to America. (S) The Early Settlers of Maryland, 1968, Trader, P14.
1642, William was a Newtown tailor, and gave his age as 31.
1642, William arranged for his family and 2 servants to come to America. The family owned a 350 acre tract called Hopewell, adjoining Redbud Thicket on the east side of St. Clement’s Bay.
9/16/1649, “Warrant to lay out 100 Acres of land for Mr Newgent Joyning upon the land by him bought lately of Wm Assiter in the Mouth of Brettons Bay.” (S) Maryland Historical Mag., 1913, P267.
11/1/1659, Charles Maynard and William Assiter Execs. for will of Thomas Diniard.
3/19/1663, “A list of seuerall bills and accompts left in the hands and Custody of Thomas Dent in Maryland March the 19th … William Assiter 594 tb tob.” (S) Proc’s of the Prov. Court, V49, P176.
1664, James Martin and William Assiter appraisers of the estate William Sandum. (S) Abstracts of the Testamentary Proceedings of the Prerogative Court of Maryland, 2004, P78.
2/10/1667, James Martin and William Assiter witnessed the will of William Evans.
1668, William executor of a will. (S) Marlyland Calendar of Wills, P11.
6/25/1670, witnesses, … and William Assiter, the will of Wm. Tettershall of Brittains Bay [Leonardtown], St. Mary’s Co MD.
1676, William died in St. Mary’s Co., MD.
1/6/1677, Mary named as executrix of William’s will, St. Mary’s Co., MD.

Children of William and Mary:

i. Robert Assiter, born in England.

ii. John Assiter, born ?.

iii. Henry Assiter, born ?.
Henry married Ann ?.
1671, Henry and Ann witnessed the marriage of Ann Lewger, widow of William Tettershall.
Mary Assiter, born ?.
She married Henry Paine.
(S) Colonial Settlers St. Clement's Bay, 1634-1780 St. Mary’s County, Maryland, by Donnelly.

iv. Margaret Assiter ( 1825), born ~1645 in St. Mary's Co., MD.

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