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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bond 3712 Coward-Hall

3712. William Coward & 3713. Bridget Hall.

7/19/1634, William baptized in Wells, Somersetshire, England, s/o 7424. William Coward & 7425. Catherine ?. (S) St. Cuthbert Church records.
1638, Bridget born in Bradley, England, d/o 7426. Thomas Hall & 7427. Catherine Seymour.
By 1665, William 1st married Bridget.
12/31/1670, “Articles of Agreement on marriage … Between John Davis and Margarett Dodington of Wells, (Som.), spinster. 1) John Davis of Wells, gent. 2) William Coward of Wells and George Dodington of Lincolns Inne.” [Apparently a marriage arrangement for his son William.]
1671, Exchange “Of lands in Hanging Well Close and White Rocke Close for 3ac. in an eight acre close near Berriall Farm between Richard Stacy of Wells and William Coward of Wells.”
1671, “Wells St. Cuthbert parish lease. William Coward.”
1677, William identified as elder son in the will of his father.
1681, Letter from William Coward at Wells to Thomas Lovell, mayor of Axbridge, Som. “Clipping of money” by Thomas Bevan of Axbridge, Som. and drovers of cattle and pigs between Wales and England.
1681, “Wells St. Cuthbert parish lease. William Coward.”
3/22/1682, Bridget, aged 43, died. (S) Mural monument in St. Cuthbert church.
1682, Information relating to: “1] William Coward of Wells, … 3] Dame Rebecca.
William 2nd married Philippa Annesley, d/o Arthur, Earl of Annesley, widow of Charles, 3rd Lord Mohun.
1699, “Wells St. Cuthbert parish lease. William Coward.”
1704, William named as a Somerset “west-country MP”. (S) The House of Commons, 1690-1715, V1, P76.
4/12/1705, “William Coward, Sergeant at Law and Recorder of this City, from Chamberlain Street” buried at St. Cuthberts, Wells. (S) Church records.
6/18/1705, “Will of William Coward Sergeant at Law Wells, Somerset”, will probated.
4/28/1724, “Madam Coward, widow, brought from London” buried at St. Cuthberts, Wells. (S) Church records.
(S) UK National Archives.

Family notes:
• St. Cuthbert Church has a floor slab in a Latin inscription commemorating William Coward, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn, Recorder and M. P. for Wells, who died 8 April 1705, the monument being erected by his son William Coward. Another shield, much like the former in style, has these arms, Per pale of three: 1, Coward, as before; 2, Hall, as before; 3, Paly of six arg. and az., a bend gu.

Children of William and Bridget:

i. William Coward, baptized 4/16/1666 in England. (S) St. Cuthbert Church record.
William married Katherine Dodington. (S) See his father’s 1670 arrangement.
1707, “Wells St. Cuthbert parish lease and counterpart. William Coward.”
1707, “Wm. {William?} Coward of Wells, esq., s. and heir of Wm. {William?} C., serj. at Law (who was bro. and heir of Chris. {Christopher?} C. of Ditcheat, D.D.,decd.), to Wm. {William?} Collier of Middle Temple, London, gent. [Recites: Mortgage for £300.”
1715, William wrote his will.
1716, William died. [The History and Proceedings of the House of Commons, V8, publ. 1742, indicates he was deceased in 1715.]
Bridget Coward, born ?.
“ … settlement after the marriage of the Hon. George Hamilton and his wife, Bridget, only child of Wm. Coward, both of Wells, 1730 … also relate to the family's mansion hse. and other hses. in Chamberlain St. in Wells, …” (S) UKNA.

ii. Catherine Coward, born 2/28/1668 in England. (S) St. Cuthbert Church record.

iii. James Coward ( 1856), born aft. 1668 in Wells, Somersetshire, England.
[Note: St. Cuthbert Church records appear missing for 1669-1701.]
[Some genealogies give James as the s/o Philippa – but this is not supported by the timelines.]