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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bond 3714 & 3715

3714. John Alloway & 3715. Dorothy Walters [VA]

~1650, Dorothy born in [likely VA], d/o 7430. Roger Walters & 7431. Elinor ?.
1667, John emigrated from Bristol, England as an indentured servant.
John Alloway, Sr. and wife Dorothy deed tract of land on Totusky Creek to Hezekiah Collidge of VA. Totsusky Creek runs into the Rappahannock River. (S) DB7, P50. [Hezekiah was daughter Mary’s 1st husband.]
Bef. 12/1669, John married Dorothy.
1669, Roger Walters bequest of a calf “To Dorothy, now wife of Jno Alloway”. [Her father.]
7/2/1672, Dorothy Alloway to John Yates.
1/18/1674, land record for John Alloway. (S) DB5, P397.
8/5/1674, John Alloway from Quintillion Shuman, (S) DB6, P456.
2/26/1677, John witnessed the will of Matthew Willcocks in Rappahannock Co., VA.
12/1/1682, John Alloway and wife, Dorothy, to John Howell. (S) DB7, P57.
7/3/1683, “These present witnessed that I Dorothy Alloway wife John Alloway of the County of Rappahannock do constitute and appoint Ralph Gayden my lawful Attorney in my stead and place to acknowledge a parcel of land sold by above said husband John Alloway as by deed of sale from and under our hands and seals will appear unto John Howell ratifying and confirming… hereunto set my hand and seal this 3 July 1683.” Dorothy /D/ Alloway. Witnesses Nicholas Yates and Richard Lawson. (S) Old Rappahannock Co., Deeds, Wills, Inventories ... 1682-1688, B7, P58.
11/5/1684, “William Yeats volluntarily enters himselfe as an apprentice with his Uncell, Jno. Alloway …” (S) Old Rappahannock Co., Order Bk 1683-5, P48.
1695, land gift from John Alloway and wife Dorothy Alloway to “daughter Priscilla Tillery, now wife of Thomas Tillery”. (S) Richmond Co., DB2, P130.
1696, John Allaway and Dorothy his wife of the County of Richmond and Parish of North Farnum … selling land to John Morgan on Totuskey creek … wit: Gabriel Allaway.
3/3/1698 N. Farnham Parish, Richmond Co. A fact finding period was granted to Mrs. Elizabeth Newman, Executrix of Capt. Alexander Newman, in her complaint against John Alloway. (S) VA Court Order Books, 1699–1713.
6/8/1699, Elizabeth Newman was awarded a suit against John Alloway, award of 500 lb tobacco & costs, in a judgment made because he did not appear or give testimony.
1703, John died in Richmond Co., VA.

Family notes:
• There is a “John Alloway” at this time closely associated with William Penn who was a Somerset Quaker and involved in shipping between the colonies and England.

Children of John and Dorothy:

i. Mary Alloway ( 1857), born 1670 in VA.

ii. Gabriel Alloway, born 5/28/1672 in VA.
(S) Birth in Register of North Farnham Parish.
Bef. 4/29/1695, Gabriel married Elizabeth Hinds.
1/23/1741, Gabriel wrote his will.
John Alloway, born 1695.
Judith Alloway, born 1703.
Alexander Alloway, born 1706.
Gabriel Alloway, born 1713.

iii. Priscilla Alloway, born 5/28/1678 in VA.
(S) Birth in Register of North Farnham Parish.
8/13/1695, Priscilla married Thomas Tillery.

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