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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bell 46172 Knyvet-Howard

46172. Sir Thomas Knyvet & 46173. Muriel Howard {Bell}

~1480, Thomas born in England, s/o 92344. Sir Edmund Knyvet & 92345. Eleanor Tyrell.

1486, Muriel born in England, d/o 92346. Thomas Howard & 92347. Elizabeth Tilney.

Muriel 1st married John Grey, 2nd Viscount Lisle.

9/9/1504, John Grey died, buried at Abingdon Monastery.

Bef. 7/9/1506, Thomas, of Buckenham, Norfolk, married Muriel a lady-in-waiting of Queen Katherine.

5-6/1507, Thomas, a squire of the king’s body, jousted in tournaments.

6/23/1509, Thomas created Knight of the Bath at Henry VIII’s coronation.

7/27/1509, Thomas made Bearer of the King’s Standard.

2/22/1510, Thomas made Master of the Horse.

7/4/1510, “Common recovery, Sir Thomas Knyvet, Sir Thomas Boleyn, …, Sir Philip Tylney, … against Thomas, Earl of Surrey re the manor of Thetford.” (S) UKNA.

Thomas, Master of the Horse and Standard Bearer. (S) 1/2/1514 UKNA Record.

8/12/1512, Thomas died as Captain of the “Regent”, the largest ship in the Royal Navy; killed in action at sea off Brest in a battle with the French. The Regent grappled the Cordeliere, the largest French ship. The Cordeliere caught fire and both ships burnt. According to one report, Thomas was killed by gunfire before the fires.

12/14/1512, Muriel died at Lambeth in childbirth. The children were sent to live with their paternal grandmother.

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Children of Thomas and Muriel:

i. Edmund Knyvet, born 1508 in England. [Heir]
Edmund married Jane Bourchier, d/o Sir John, 2nd Lord Berners, & Katherine Howard [half-sister to Edmund’s grandfather.]

ii. Henry Knevet (23086), born ~1510 in England.