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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bell 46174 Pykering-Lewknor

46174. Sir Christopher Pykering & 46175. Jane Lewknor

1485, Christopher born in England, heir & s/o 92348. James Pickering & 92349. Anne Moresby.

1503, Jane born in England, cohier & d/o 92350. Sir Robert Lewknor & 92351. Eleanor Tuchet.

1498, Christopher, age 13, heir to his father.

Christopher’s mother Anne married 2nd Humfrey Conyngesby.

3/2/1508, “Humfrey Conyngesby, and Anne his wife, of the one part, and the said Christopher Pykering esq., son and heir of James and son and heir apparent of Anne, on the other part, it was agreed that whereas the feoffees were seised of the said manors of Killington and Thurbank, amongst other things, to the use of himself and his heirs, …”.

3/15/1508, Christopher Pykering by his charter granted and confirmed to Humfrey and Anne, Ambrose, Anthony, Robert Lassels and Gilbert the said manor of Barbron. (S) New Hutton, Records relating to the Barony of Kendale: V1.

Christopher wrote his will. [Undated – wife Jane and mother Anne named, brother Thomas, uncle Robert Moresby; no mention of his daughter who was born a little over a week before he died.]

9/5/1517 a Saturday, “Sir Christopher Pykering, Knight” died.

8/27/1518 Inquest: “Christopher was seised at his death of the manor of Barowhalle & 3 messuages, 100 a. land, 10 a. meadow, 100 a. pasture in Kirkby Kendale; and 2 messuages & divers lands adjoining, late of Geoffrey Middilton, lying in Thurbank; and 1 messuage with lands adjoining in Orton.” … “Anne his daughter is his next heir and is now aged 1 year and 4 days. James Pykeryng, brother of the said Christopher Pykeryng, is next heir male of James Pykeryng, father of said Christopher and James, concerning all the manors, lands and tenements which are entailed to heirs, if there be any such, and he is aged 28 years”.

Jane married 2nd Sir Arthur Pole, knt.

1536, Arthur died. [Jane took a vow of perpetual chastitiy - did not last long.]

Bef. 1539, Jane married 3rd William Barantyne.

12/15/1540, Jane & Williams marriage declarded invalid due her vow of chastity. [In 1543 their two sons were legitimized by parliament.]

1543, Jane, age 40, died.

(S) Parishes: Newton-Regny - Ponsonby, Magna Britannia: V4: Cumberland, 1816. (S) New Hutton, Records relating to the Barony of Kendale: V1, 1923. (S) The Hist. & Antiquities of the Counties of Westmorland and Cumberland, 1777, P263.

Child of Christopher and Jane:

i. Anne Pickering (23087), born 8/23/1517 in England.