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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bell 46210 Blagrove-Bellame

46210. Thomas Blagrove & 46211. Joan Bellame {Bell}

1534, Thomas born in Lamborne, England, s/o §Richard Blagrove.

~1535, Joan born in Clerkensell, Berkshire, England, d/o §William Bellame.

~1558, Thomas married Joan.

12/3/1589, “A lease renewed to … Thomas Blagrove, … parsonag of Chadleworth in the countie of BerK.’” (S) Acts of the Dean and Chapter of Westminister, Knighton, 1997, P134.

6/18/1590, Thomas died in Clerkensell, Berkshire, England.

Family notes:
• This family line, widely published, is unsubstantiated. Graves researchers are performing DNA studies of these families.

Child of Thomas and Joan:

i. Joan Blagrove (23105), born 1560 in England.