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Monday, April 5, 2010

Bell 938 & 939

938. Euclydus Longshore & 939. Alice Stackhouse {Bucks Co. PA}

1692, Euclydus born Philadelphia, PA; s/o 1876. Robert Longshore & 1877. Margaret Cock.
1694, Euclydus’ father died when he was 2. His mother remarried.
10/5/1701, Euclydus’ mother died when he was 9. He is named in her will and received her Kingsessing plantation. He probably was raised by his mother’s relatives. His Uncle John, brother of his mother, contested his mother’s will.
4/1/1699, Alice born in Middletown, Bucks Co., PA, d/o 1878. Thomas Stackhouse & 1879. Grace Heaton.
1/8/1715, Euclydus married Alice in Middletown, Bucks Co., PA. “Euclydus Longshore, of Middletown Tp., Bucks Co., cordwainer, m. 8th day of 1st month, 1715, Alice Stackhouse, dau. of Thomas and Grace Stackhouse, of said tp.” (S) Bucks Co. PA Church Records of the 17th & 18th Centuries, Middletown Monthly Meeting, P231. [Cordwainer – a person who makes shoes from cordovan leather].
1731, Euclydus appointed to represent Middletown Friends at the Quaterly meeting. Euclydus became a member of the Middletown Friends’ Meeting as a young man, and took a prominent part in its affairs.
7/9/1731, Euclydus witnessed the will of John Johns/o Newtown, Bucks Co., PA. (S) Wills: Abstracts: B–A & 1 : Bucks Co, PA 1685-1739.
9/11/1731, Alice died in Middletown, Bucks Co., PA.
6/9/1732, Euclydus signed a document associated with a legal dispute: Penington vs Croasdale. (S) An Inventory of the Jane W. T. Brey Collection of Family Findings, 1682-1894, Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College.
1733, Euclydus appointed to represent Middletown Friends at the Quaterly meeting.
1736, Euclydus appointed to represent Middletown Friends at the Quaterly meeting.
1739, Euclydus witnessed the will of Joseph Wildman of Middletown, Bucks Co., PA.
12/1/1741, Euclydus named executor of his father-in-law’s will and given 5 pounds. (S) See No.1878 Family notes.
1742, Euclydus witnessed the will of Daniel Doane of Newton, Bucks Co., PA.
1744, Euclydus mentioned in the will of Henry Nelson.
4/3/1744, Euclydus witnessed a deed of William Huddleston of Middletown. (S) East PA Land Records, Minute Book “G”, by Wm. Henry Egle, 1893, P430.
4/1745, Euclydus complained to the court that his half-brother-in-law Joseph had not settled Thomas Stackhouse’s estate [father of Alice]. (S) Bucks Co., PA, WB2, P37 .
1752, Euclydus appointed to represent Middletown Friends at the Quaterly meeting.
12/23/1756, Euclydus witnessed the will of Alice’s Uncle John. (S) WRS 1907, P54.
11/8/1760, Euclydus of Middletown, yeoman, wrote his will: mentions wife Alice; sons Euclides; Robert; Thomas; daughters Margaret Atkinson and Alice Lamb; grandson Isaac Pearson. A house and ground near Four Lanes End adjoining George Walker’s lot, is ordered to be sold for the benefit of the estate. (S) Abstracts of Bucks Co., PA, Wills, 1685–1785.
Bef. 10/8/1764, Euclydus died in Bucks Co., PA. (S) will proved.

Family notes:
• “There was also a road at the top of “BucktoHill,” which ran by way of Euclydus Longshore's to the Bridgetown Mill. This Euclydus Longshore had a road to Four Lanes End mostly through his lands, that came then through the hollow, crossed on the breast of “Tunis Dam,” whence it came out on the Durham Road near the “Arch Bridge.” When at his death he divided his land by “conic sections” to his eight children, and later the land coming into other hands, this road was closed. It was not a public road in the sense we now understand it, but was used for “public convenience.” (S) Delaware Valley Advance, 1929. “It was called “Four Lanes Ends” for many years, [because four roads ended there.] When the present name, Attleborough, was given to it is not known.” (S) Hist. of Bucks Co., see No.1878.
• In 1891, Thomas Ellwood Longshore wrote the following about his great-grandfather: “Our great-grandfather Euclydes, whose Mother was a Swede, one of the light haired Norsman or Scandinavian stock, who from long centuries of residence in the cold northern clime, have much of the darker skin, etc., of more southern latitudes bleached out. He from a less robust constitution or some other local cause, left the occupation of his clan or family, took to shoemaking, became a Cord-wainer, and followed his trade where he settled in Bucks County, Pa. He must have been a rather quiet, humble, simple minded, honest man, not proud, ambitious, self-concerted and aspiring to distinction as a leader, or to move in the highest society.”

Children of Euclydus and Alice:
[Birthdates from Middletown Monthly Meeting records.]

i. Robert Longshore II, born 10/13/1716 in Bucks Co., PA.
1740 in Bucks Co., PA, Robert married Ursula Jolly, born 1730 in PA.
11/8/1760, Robert mentioned in his father’s will.
11/1776, Robert died in Lower Makefiedl Twp., Bucks Co., PA.
Jolly Longshore, born ? in PA.
12/12/1782 in NY, NY he married Rachel Bowlby, born 1757 in NJ.
1850, Jolly died in PA.
Alice Longshore, born 1742 in PA.
12/10/1767 she married John Paist in Dutch Ref., Churchville, PA.
Phoebe Longshore, born 1744 in PA.
12/1/1768 she married Joseph Smith in Upper Makefield, PA.
Levi Longshore, born 1750 in PA.
He married Sarah Sutton.
1793 he died.
Robert Longshore, born 2/7/1753 in PA.
1777 in Bucks Co. he married Hannah Drake.
1795 he died in Allegany, MD.
James Longshore, born 3/28/1758 in PA.
He married Frances Winder.
3/9/1829 he died in Bucks Co.

ii. Grace Longshore, born 2/24/1719 in Middletown, Bucks Co., PA.
8/16/1726 Grace died as a child.

iii. Thomas Longshore, born 11/13/1721 in Middletown, Bucks Co., PA.
11/8/1760, Robert mentioned in his father’s will.
6/10/1742 in Middletown Thomas married Joanna Vance.
Bef. 2/13/1777, Thomas died in Bucks Co.
Thomas Longshore Jr, born 1744 in PA.
Cyrus Longshore, born 1745 in PA.
1825 he died.
Euclydus Longshore, born 1748 in PA.
5/11/1780, he married Sarah Gillam. (S) Middletown Marriages 1685–1810.
Elizabeth Longshore, born 1750 in PA.
4/23/1771 she married Randolf Hunter.
Margaret Longshore, born 1752 in PA.
9/1776 in Issac Hicks Docket she married Thomas Wiley.

iv. Margaret Longshore, born 6/21/1724 in Bucks Co., PA.
1742 in Newton township Margaret married Robert Pierson.
1818 Margaret died.
Issac Pierson, born 1743 in Newtown, PA.
Alice Pierson, born 1745 in Newtown, PA.
Margaret Pierson, born 1746 in Newtown, PA.
Crispin Pierson, born 1748 in Newtown, PA.

v. Alice Longshore ( 469), born 9/4/1726 in PA.
(S) “Alice Lamb” in her father’s will.

vi. Mary Longshore, born 12/13/1732 in Bucks Co., PA.
10/14/1735 Mary died as a child.

vii. Euclydus Longshore Jr, born 4/27/1735.
1760 in Middletown Euclydus 1st married Susannah Van Horn.
11/8/1760, Euclydus mentioned in his father’s will.
5/11/1780, in Middletown Euclydus 2nd married Sarah Gilliam, d/o Lucas & Anne Dungan.
(S) 1782 Middletown Tax Records. Euclydus with 95 acres, 1 horse, 3 cows.
(S) 1785 Middletown Tax Records. Euclydus with 95 acres, 1 horse, 1 cow.
6/14/1804, Euclydus died in Bucks Co., PA.
Sarah Longshore.
Margaret Longshore.
Mary Longshore.
Euclydus Longshore, born 1781 in Bucks Co., PA.
He married Sarah Cox, d/o Issac.
10/31/1838 he died in Bucks Co., Pennsylania.
Abraham Longshore, born 11/06/1785 in Bucks Co., PA.
He married Rhoda Skelton, d/o Joseph & Mary Carey.
1/12/1855 he died in Bucks Co., PA.
Joseph Longshore, born 11/24/1788.
He married Joanna Kelly.
Grace Longshore, born 8/31/1790.
Rachael Longshore, born 3/20/1792.
1811, she married Valentine Dickerson, s/o John & Mary Sweeney.
Thomas Canby Longshore, born 6/21/1794.
He married Jane Gaines.
James Longshore, born 10/17/1797.
He married Sarah Roberts.
1861, he died.

viii. Benjamin Longshore, born 1737 in Bucks Co., PA.

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